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  1. Hi everyone! My surgeon asked if I wanted to have my VSG with a single incision vs. the multiple small incisions. He said there was a slightly higher risk of a hernia with the single incision through my belly button, but that it was up to me. Is anyone else having this? Or, has anyone else had this with success? I'd love to know if you had complications, how you felt, etc. I did a search and found a few people who had it done, but didn't see a ton of comments about it. Any help would be appreciated!
  2. Birdy18

    Minor Set Back

    Wow - well said.
  3. I'm trying to stay calm. Four days away from surgery and have completed all of my appointments and received insurance approval... also well into my liquid diet. My PCP requires my preop tests to be done not more than 10 days before surgery so I had my EKG, Xray, uninalysis and blood tests done a few days ago. I was told that my liver enzyme levels are a bit high and my PCP asked if I had pain in my abdomen wondering if I had gall bladder issues. I asked my coordinator if things were ok and she said she'd check with my surgeon to see if I needed to squeeze in another blood test in the next 3 days. I checked in with her again and she said the nurse "didn't think it'd affect my surgery Monday but that the doctor was thinking about having me test again but wasn't sure." So I have to wait until tomorrow to hear back about what this all means and I'm just a nervous wreck. I've gone through all the hoops and have mentally and physically prepared myself for a Monday surgery in addition to necessary time off at work. My biggest fear is that this will prevent or delay my surgery... has anyone else had issues with high liver enzyme levels and know what this means?? My coordinator was confused because my pre op diet should help that, if anything. Thanks for letting me vent. I'm sure there are people who understand how prepared you are for a specific date and the fear of something impacting that has terrified me!!!
  4. Just heard back from my coordinator and they said I was fine and good to go for my Monday surgery! What a huge relief. Thanks Ready4Success for checking in!! Monday morning and I'm in. Apparently, no need for other tests.
  5. No, I didn't. When my PCP office called and asked me if I had any abdominal pain and I said no, then they said I wouldn't have to have the ultrasound but they were thinking about it. I guess I'm just concerned because I'm dealing with all these different people and groups and no one has a definitive answer or knows anything for sure so I feel like I'm in no man's land. Why else could they be high?
  6. I can't stop thinking about pancakes. Oye!

  7. Tracey - Ha! Great minds think alike. Of course it was stories like yours that made me feel more sane, so it makes sense that you're responding to this thread too! I love how supportive this community is. I'm all full of warm fuzzies. Annie - No problem! I have been (recently) where you've been and the perspective really helped for me too. Good luck!
  8. You're not alone in feeling that way. I have gone through questioning every little thing, being almost TOO addicted to these boards. However, I recently posted a question that received three pages worth of responses. I simply asked, did anyone have a normal recovery? The responses were overwhelming. Several people smartly pointed out that not many post saying, "having a normal boring day feeling like myself!" when of course the bad stories stay in your brain. No one can answer for you whether it's right or not, but if you want additional perspective to balance out what really are the less common complication stories, I'd check out this thread: http://www.verticalsleevetalk.com/topic/47767-anyone-have-a-relatively-easy-recovery-story/
  9. Birdy18


    I'm on the liquid pre op too and the first 4-5 days I had horrible headaches and felt completely outside of my body. I had to leave work early to go home and lie down. Now that I'm on day 9, I feel a ton better. I do sleep REALLY well at night but it's not anywhere near the lethargy I felt in the beginning. I won't say I've been perfect though. I've cheated a few times with grilled chicken and cottage cheese! You can do it! I have 5 more days to go.
  10. You all are amazing - thank you so much! I'm so appreciating the "smooth sailing" nonupdate-updates! I'm on day 8 of my liquid pre op diet and I won't lie, I'm hating every second of it. 7 more days to go until I hopefully have a boring smooth sailing recovery story.
  11. Birdy18

    Completely Given Up

    Also, I've seen a list of "equivalents to lbs lost" shared often on the good ole world wide web. Here's what the equivalent is for 40 lbs lost: 40 pounds = a 5-gallon bottle of Water or an average human leg Granted, it sounds nutty but can we stop for a second and think.. a human leg!!!! Or how much a 5-gallon jug of water would weigh!? That's permanently off from your body - nothing to sneeze at!
  12. Birdy18

    Completely Given Up

    I am so so so sorry you feel discouraged, but please don't! I haven't been where you've been, I am on the pre op liquid only diet now and my surgery is next week. However, can I just say that so many people on these forums have inspired me and motivated me, and you are one of them! I would kill to have 40lbs lost under my belt. I think it's totally normal and expected to have ups and downs with this - and I think your'e entitled to your frustration. But stick with it - know that even at a slower pace, that's still FORTY POUNDS gone from your body - not added. It will continue to go down. You can do it!
  13. 6 more dreaded days on this liquid diet, 10 lbs gone!

  14. Can't wait to not hear "...but you have such a pretty face" said to me directly as if it's a compliment! Can't wait to rock the fashion and styles I truly love and that's fitting for a trendy 28-year old girl! Can't wait to not be the "fat friend".
  15. Hi, everyone! My surgery's on the 20th, so a few days after most of you. This pre op liquid diet is THE. PITS. Now that it's the weekend, I dont' trust myself to be out with friends (dinners and bars) and resist temptation. I have 9 more days to go. My NUT recommended the low carb SlimFast shakes and it is horrendous. I've found other shakes that are better, but if I never have one of those again, it'll be too soon. I'm jealous of those of you that get an egg and cheese a day! I'm all liquid for 14 days. The headaches of days 1 and 2 are definitely gone but on day 5, I still would just love a sandwich. I love that the silver lining (for most it seems) is that this is one of the hardest things of the whole journey which in itself is a comfort. Every day on this pre op diet is an absolute struggle for me - one day at a time!!
  16. Birdy18

    Am I Able To Do This?

    This comment just made my day more than you could know. I'm on day 4 pre op, 10 to go (fmla;lsdfjsldfkj), currently floating outside of my body.. I. Want. A. Sammich. But somehow knowing others are supportive, that this could potentially be the worst of it all things considered, and that my few grilled chicken "cheats" in day 1 and 2 isn't the worst things in the world.. makes me feel better. Keep the giggles comin'.
  17. Birdy18

    Starting Liquids Today....

    You're doing so well - great job!! I'm on day.. (where am i?).. 4. The mornings are always easier for me in terms of how I feel. I make my own shake with ice (Shakeology) and am ok until around mid-day. Then the mental fog sets in. I heard around day 4 that you're supposed to feel a ton better, and I'm not sure that I do yet. I feel like I'm outside my body, not really present. Yes, I am aware that I am speaking like a complete alien, but I feel that way! Ah! The first two days I had the worst headaches (carb withdrawal, luckily cut out caffeine months ago). And I already "cheated" with a few bites of grilled chicken each on those first two days. Every time I'm having a particularly tough moment with the all liquids, I come to this forum. It does help, but I feel like I'm struggling so much more with the pre op than other people have mentioned. I guess my will power and addiction to food (both physically and emotionally) are just coming to a head. I'm just willing the 10 days I have left to pass by as quickly as possible but I admit that this is really really hard for me!
  18. Wow. As someone on day 4 of a 14-day liquid diet, what I wouldn't give to have that doctor and pre op right now! Oddly enough, I'm craving a piece of grilled chicken or fish - anything solid. I've previously read about people disliking Protein shakes because they were too sweet, which I didn't understand until now. I really have to bite the bullet and get those things down! The pre op is so much harder than I thought it would be! Thanks again to everyone for sharing your amazing "normal" stories. It helps my head.
  19. Birdy18


    I know what you mean, and feel exactly the same way. I've lurked here for a while and thought about surgery for years. I went to my first seminar just last month and have my surgery scheduled for Aug 20 exactly. I'm on day 3 of my pre op liquid diet and just have to have my pre op tests (EKG, etc) with my PCP on Friday, then it's all waiting time. Only a month really has gone by though. When you know, you just know! Keep us updated on your surgery date. I could always use more mid August surgery buddies!
  20. Birdy18

    2Nd Day Pre Op Cheater!

    Thanks for sharing your positive support! I laughed out loud when I read "or hit the floor." I'm on my 3rd day and am thrilled that it's almost 2 pm and I dont' have headaches yet. The latter part of the day (especially night) is the worst, but I know that once I get through this first initial hump these 3-4 days that the side effects (carb withdrawal from my crappy "normal diet") can go away.
  21. Birdy18

    2Nd Day Pre Op Cheater!

    Thanks for the tip! Every bit helps. I actually cut out ALL caffeine a few months ago, so I really think its' the carb withdrawal more than anything!
  22. Birdy18

    2Nd Day Pre Op Cheater!

    You have no idea how relieving it is to hear someone say this! I'm on day two (really, it's only been two days?!) of pre op too and I snuck bites of plain tuna and had pieces of grilled chicken (no skin) yesterday. I'm in a constant mental haze and fog, and the headaches are pretty unbearable. Just thinking about your comment and knowing that beyond hopefully days 3 and 4, it'll get better. Don't even get me started on the BMs...
  23. Day 2 pre op diet. Wishing days 3 and 4 would come already so the headaches and withdrawal symptoms will stop!

  24. Wow! When was your surgery? What was the biggest annoyance recovery wise? Any tips?
  25. Oh! Didn't notice you were Chicago too! I'm having my surgery done at St. Joseph's in the Lakeview area with Dr. Frederik Tiesenga. He also works with Dr. Lutfi and they both offer single incision as an option with the sleeve.