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  1. with in the first 6-9 months i went from 20 to a 2 im more of a 6 now, i have huge muscular thighs that dont fit in skinny girl clothes
  2. Congratulations!!! you look great I am 4.5 years out and my BMI is under 25...... i dont meet too many ppl with wt loss surgery keep the wt off long term. i have broken my leg 2 times since WLS so its been hard to maintain. I was 37% muscle mass before my recent broken leg. but proud to say I am 29% muscle mass today keep up the great work sweetie!
  3. Before pic 247lbs NOW pic 146lbs
  4. motochic

    Central Valley Ca

    there is a monthly wls groups at the sutter bld in mc henry village i think its the 2nd wed of each month, sutter bld is in back of the mc village
  5. motochic

    But I Do Wanna Be A Size 6

    i am almost 5ft 4, i am currently wearing size 4 some 2's my wt is 147lbs. but when i lost down to 130-135 and stopped exercising I still wear the same size. except i have **** load of muscle now and my thighs and butt and boobs got bigger, no fat gain. but this is how i was when i was in my 20s a hard body. my profile pic was taken last saturday
  6. motochic

    aug. 2-013

  7. if wt loss is important to you then u need to start making time for yourself and your needs. other ppl dont understand your needs (now). just get your book back out and start following the food plan. you need your b12 and a multi vit and a B50-B100, get you Protein Powder, and eat meat like chicken and steak the real stuff fills u up quick so u can eat other not so good stuff. rid the house of junk foods. carry high protein/low carb bars with you, carry nuts stuff like that for when u need to eat but aren't home. start walking, or riding a bike, don't go out and kill yourself, do something you enjoy and work your way up to a good pace and distance. if you doing like going to a gym starting a gym will be a waste of money, i like to cycle and walking. and i love riding my motorcycle. i'm at dr goal wt, ( size 4) i am feeling great and i eat great food, and exercise regularly. if its want you want you can do it
  8. i would suggest stop eating sugar/ carbs..... the sugar/carbs make your blood sugar rise and fall fast, if you eat high protein and a good source of carb like veggies, oats/or grains, you BS won't rise as much or fall as fast and the protein will hold the bs for longer, my bs is between 80-100 most of the time
  9. motochic

    Tablets causing the nausea

    i noticed the b100 complex gave me nausea, i stopped taking it and nausea stopped, i have started metformin 850 2x day about 6 mo ago and it was for ovary cysts, i notice if i just take it once a day i feel better, but i have been feeling nausea more in the last 3 months that i did the first year after surgery, i did some reading after i was in hospital for heart attack like symptoms and light headiness nausea, chest feeling like u been running when u jsut sitting, are all heart attack related things that lead up to heart attack. so for me it explains alot, i got nausea with or without metformin
  10. are you checking you blood sugar before u take your meds? after a few days of low calories u might not need as much meds, u can talk to dr about that. your having the surgery because of your mortality so having a high a1c wouldn't affect having the surgery, now if your EKG came back with issues then u would have a problem.. everyone is put on a 2 week pre op diet. wiht the sleeve you wont fell hunger after the operation. i am 15 months out and still dont feel hunger, i feel dizzy light headed fading feeleing, thats when my blood sugar is low
  11. low blood sugar doesn't keep the wt off or make u thin. my lowest wt was 130 lbs, i am about 140lbs now, 130 was to low for me, at 130 i felt sick, weak, and tired, now at 140lbs i ride my mountain bike at least 30 min a day,at about 14 mph, and i am active, i don't take naps all the time like i used to,, i'm not sick as much now, i feel healthy. i have to stay on top of the blood sugar because it makes me feel bad. even thou i am a healthy wt i am active, i have a mostly hard body from cycling now, i have damage from being diabetic ( since 1998) i have neuropathy, my blood pressure gets real low, my pulse races sometimes, i was in hospital with what felt like a heart attack, my pcp has recommended a angiogram. he thinks that my chest pain is sign of a heart attack to come. now like i said the damage has been done from being diabetic, i also had high cholesterol since i was 20 yrs old, my father died at 40 from heart attack and diabetes, i believe my VSG will extend my life and i will have a better life now than if i stayed fat. and i look great in size 4 pants after they shrink
  12. motochic

    I'm at my goal size!

    Oh I see her last post she weighed 230 n is happy at 200lbs well unless she is 6ft6 she hast meet doctors goal good luck to all this thread put smile on my face this morning
  13. motochic

    Eating too Fast

    We have to make changes, I dont have bad foods in my house. If I have a craving, I love ice cream, I go to yogurt place n get a child size eith nuts on the side. Some thing I did was watch the clock for eating time. If I felt down cause I cant eat much I tell myself I get to eat every 2 hrs. So sticking to my 2 to 3 oz in the beging made it easier for me I no longer feel deprived and I feel more satisfied with healthy food choices Finding what works for you is half the battle Good luck
  14. motochic

    I'm at my goal size!

    Omg you ladies crak me up. As I was looking over this thread, this person spoidbrat makes one coment then sits back and laughs at the festhers she ruffled and waves she made. I think this was a pratical joke thread. Just think about it. After jusy 30 lbs lost there is no sag. Heck I have lost 80lbs and have almost no sag or flab. But you lsfies did give me a good laugh Have a wonderful day

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