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  1. Laceyloveland

    August Sleevers:d

    If u look in the forums there is one for Aug. Sleevers! I'm Aug. 22. Two weeks to go! Text me anytime. Laceyloveland@gmail.com. how are u doing? What's ur pre op diet?
  2. Hi all! I'm a podiatrist in private practice and am planning on eleven days @ home post-op. I am busy @ work but have a great assistant and put off doing surgery for a few additional weeks. I'll just be seeing patients in clinic. Do u think I'll be ok? (assuming no complications!). Thanks for your input & thoughts.
  3. Laceyloveland

    Fitbit Anyone?

    Looks like a good device for activity tracking but I like mynetdiary for food & water tracking. Anyone have a fitbit? Do u like it?
  4. I'm so sorry u have gone thru so much. Thoughts and prayers with u. I'm glad u have family support.
  5. Laceyloveland

    11 Days Off Work Enough?

    My pre op is Tuesday but I kind of had to plan out time off in advance, surgery is 8-22. Were u having pain or really weak @ 11 days? Can I ask what kind of work u do?
  6. Please share your pain issues/management/meds?! Is pain pump common in hospital? Thank you!
  7. Laceyloveland

    Sleeve Research

    Sx. 8-22. Happy to help if that works for u.
  8. Hi! I'm Lacey, responded to ur other post. I'm in Eugene. We should meet!
  9. Laceyloveland

    Oregon - Eugene specificially

    Hi! My name is Lacey and I live in Springfield and work in Eugene. I'm having surgery 8-22 in Portland. Love to meet u! Email me @ laceyloveland@gmail.com. I saw ur other post, sounds like u have a lot going on. I'd love someone to talk with. Hope to hear from u!
  10. Laceyloveland

    Toddler Silverware?

    I ordered mine on Amazon. They are plastic, tho. But not expensive @ all &complete set w cups, bowls,plates.
  11. Laceyloveland

    Having Staples Removed

    I'm a surgeon. Staples are absolutely a fine option compared to sutures, and they shouldn't hurt coming out but may pinch a tiny bit. When I am a patient I will have no preference. Sutures may leave a tiny bit less scar, and staples shorten time in the or by a tiny bit (negligible on both accounts) . Both are good options. Good luck!
  12. Laceyloveland

    Today's Good Thing

    Stayed on pre op diet in spite of pneumonia and an incredibly difficult day @ work! Good subject! Need to stay positive!
  13. Laceyloveland

    Surgery Tmrw!

    So glad she is doing fine now!!
  14. Laceyloveland

    Feel Horrible

    Wow. I'm so so sorry for what u r Going thru. PleAse don't be so hard on urself. U had a rough time and will probably be fine next time, sounds like a fluke. My Dr. Has only one day of pre op liquids, so I bet ur surgeon will say it is fine. You will get thru this! I can understand how it must be overwhelming. Stay strong...thoughts and prayers w u.
  15. Laceyloveland

    Surgery Tmrw!

    Re tracey, I know some pain and swelling is normal but I question what exactly is going on to keep her in icu? Abnormal swelling? Was there a complication? Don't be afraid to ask questions until u feel satisfied w answer. Sounds like something more is going on, but I'm not really in a position to say. Just my opinion. Please keep us all updated . Thoughts and prayers w u.
  16. Laceyloveland


    Thank you!
  17. Laceyloveland


    Wow! U r looking so different in such a short time! Congrats! Awsome work! I am pre op and hope my weight loss goes like urs!!
  18. Laceyloveland

    August Sleevers?! Where Ya's At?

    Carlab51, thoughts and prayers with u. Please keep us updated on ur status. I'm so sorry u r going thru so much. Hugs.
  19. Laceyloveland

    August Sleevers?! Where Ya's At?

    If all goes as planned, august 22 with Dr Emma patterson in Portland Oregon for me!!
  20. Laceyloveland

    I Am New!

    Welcome! People on this site are so supportive and nice, glad u joined. Congrats on ur upcoming surgery! I'm pre op as well.
  21. Laceyloveland

    Depressed :-(

    I haven't had surgery yet, but from what I read on this site it sounds like it gets easier by the week, and u will be able to eat small amts. Of a lot if the things u r missing. I'm on pre op diet (before pre op liquid phase). Good luck!
  22. Love this! U r so right!
  23. I understand & agree with u on that. I do a lot is charity medical care for people w very low paying or poor insurance. It is my choice to do so, but it can be frustratung when the cost if providing the care is more than the reimbursement, or ur only real choice is to give something away if it is critical to patients care. Again, I don't mean to complain because it is my choice to accept some of those patients and it has its own rewards. But sometimes I feel patients rarely see that side of things. But I agree about ur particular charges.
  24. I'm a Dr. & I would just like to remind u that what gets billed is NOT the same as what gets paid to the hospital/surgeon. There is usually a huge difference, and the physician & facility must accept the contracted rate. It's frustrating for patients and care providers both!

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