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  1. BunnyFoodRocks

    Spicy Food!

    Love spice and I tolerate it well!
  2. BunnyFoodRocks

    Scar Tissue With The Band?! :(

    Each surgeon assesses the viability of doing the revision in one step or 2. Often they are unable to make the determination until they are removing the lap band and can view the scar tissue, possible damage from the band, etc.
  3. BunnyFoodRocks


  4. BunnyFoodRocks

    I Was So "disappointed"

    You go girl!
  5. BunnyFoodRocks

    Breadless Blt

    It's super good with Turkey Bacon too!
  6. BunnyFoodRocks

    Another Rant About Husbands/spouses

    When you both have some quiet time to think about it, you may want to let him know that the journey you are on is and will be a challenging road for you to navigate. There will be times when you will want and need him to hold your hand and listen to your hopes and fears and share his hopes and fears as well. It is likely hard for him to envision what you are feeling and may not know how to express himself. Partners can develop insecurities of their own when they see changes and while they love us and are proud of us, they may fear losing us as we become healthier, more confident and forward looking...when you explain to him that you understand his concerns and while you are considering plastics when you reach goal it is to continue to improve your self esteem and that many people choose to complete their journey in that way. You sound like you have a good head on your shoulders and you'll raise it with him when your ready to share and I bet he'll receive in a more understanding way :0)
  7. BunnyFoodRocks

    Emilybites Cheeseburger And Lasagna Cupcakes

    Yum, Yum, Yummy Yum!
  8. BunnyFoodRocks

    Creamy Guacamole

    Sounds super good!
  9. You Rock! That is the best non scale victory I have ever! Beautiful :0)
  10. BunnyFoodRocks

    Not Alone, Or Am I

    It takes courage to share our personal pain and stories. You have demonstrated strength and bravery by reaching out. Be proud of the steps you are taking and soon you will see that each step forward provides rewards that will give you a sense of pride and increased confidence. While we attach much of our self worth to the size on our clothes, the number on the scale and the opinions of others...it can be difficult to believe in our own self worth. When we work on believing in ourselves, separate and apart from our weight and Celebrate our strengths in other areas we gain the confidence to lose. You sound like you are so ready for positive change. That is the first step to a healthier, happier, more confident you. I know how it feels to want to crawl under a rock and hide from the world. I also know it feels so much better to sit on that rock and watch the sun set after a hike through the woods with my friends :0) Know that you are not alone and it will get better.
  11. BunnyFoodRocks


    I had never heard of this Ap before. I just loaded it and will give it a whirl. Thanks for the tip, it looks like a fun, motivating way to keep the positive energy flowing!
  12. BunnyFoodRocks

    Tickers And Photos On Ipad App

    I will give that a try! Thanks so much.
  13. BunnyFoodRocks

    First Business Trip Post-Op...ugh

    I have tried many natural unflavored Protein powders and the one I use is absolutely incredible. I put it in everything. I purchase it online at canadianprotein.com It is 100%pure whey protein isolate. 1 scoop is: 121 calories 1 gram of fat 1 gram of carbohydrates 1 gram of sugar 27 grams of protein You can order bulk in a big box, or in the 2 or 5 pound bags. Every morning I start my day by putting 1 scoop in my coffee cup with a tablespoon of Benefiber, a teaspoon of cinnamon and 1/4 cup of Silk True Almond unsweetened, mix it up with a spoon until it is creamy, then I add my decaf. coffee and stir again, it dissolves completely and adds no flavor, just low carb, low fat, low sugar, high protein! My surgeon allows Benefibre and 1 cup of coffee per day, so make sure you check with your Surgeon first as all of our plans are unique to each of us.
  14. BunnyFoodRocks

    To Vlog Or Not?

    I absolutely understand the whole exposed, vulnerability component associated with blogging on YouTube. I have been contemplating moving forward with vlogging as well. I did initiate the first step by creating a YouTube account. My chanel is Happytrails4ever. I have posted my story and will be updating soon. I did complete an initial One True Media slide show of photos as a first step. I have also subscribed to several vloggers, including gastricsleeve4me, our friend here on the Forum, and have thoroughly enjoyed the connections, support and information sharing. I will be moving forward with updates and videos shortly. Feel free to subscribe to my channel and I will subscribe to your and we can support each other throughout our challenges and Celebrate our successes together! :0) I can't figure out how to update my Youtube channel or share pics and what not with my iPad yet, so I am working on it! Just a bit of a techno spazz learning how to use my new iPad at times! :0)

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