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    lindabug reacted to Melissa41 in July Bandsters....lets Here You....   
    Hi Friends,
    I hope all are well! I have been looking at all of your ticketers and it sure looks like there is progress being made! I know it isn't as quick as we'd all like to see but it seems as if most have lost 20 or 30 lbs since July. That's pretty good!
    I am pleased to report I finished the Nike Women's half marathon in San Francisco last weekend. I participated in team in training and raised money for cancer research. It was inspiring to be with 30,000 other women of all shapes, sizes, and ages along the race course. I was SLOW but I ran a bit and walked, too. I posted a few photos on my Facebook page. My full name is Melissa McCabe Gombosky if you'd like to friend me and take a look!
    Back to work today. I am already ready for the weekend! Keep up the good work everyone!
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    lindabug got a reaction from lucy2.0 in July Bandsters....lets Here You....   
    Hello everyone. How are you all doing. I feel like I'm at a stand still. This weekend was very busy, had my kids here and my youngest daughters new boyfriend came to visit (he lives in GA) He is super nice and so far everyone likes him a lot! It's good to see her smile again after such a rough year. She is still looking for a job in her field but she has been working at Buffalo Wild Wings in the meantime. She does have an interview next week but it's in Ga. I hate the thought of her moving away but if she's happy I guess I'll learn to deal with it. Hoping she will get another interview this week at a place she had an interview with here last week.
    Now for me, I've blown it this weekend and the scale (yes I know I shouldn't get on it that much) has gone from 1 pound up down and back up again. Well then once again I get sick, this time I think it may be a case of food poisoning. Yesterday I had to go get my license renewed and went to lunch at a deli, had a turkey wrap. I was feeling really good yesterday and after such a great (yes it was great) weekend was on a high then last night it hit me and I've been up since sick. Not the way I want to lose weight but I'm better now, called in sick to work which I NEVER do so I'm just going to try to get some sleep.
    I had wanted to be down 40 pounds before my trip to Disney which is the week after Thanksgiving but if I don't start watching it better it's not going to happen. I really need a fill and to exercise more!!! It's my own fault but now that the weekend is over I'm determined to get back on track.
    How are all of you doing, I haven't been on much I've been trying to focus on the family more so I'm a little out of touch here.
    Today is my oldest daughters 8th wedding anniversary, I can't believe it's been 8 years!!! How time flies.
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    lindabug reacted to Trisaddi in Have You Nicknamed You Lapband Yet?   
    I was banded 9-19-12. I chose to name mine "Towanda" who is an amazing Amazon warrior woman ready to take on what ever comes her way. From "Fried green tomatoes"
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    lindabug reacted to ☠carolinagirl☠ in Have You Nicknamed You Lapband Yet?   
    cough cough cough gag gag.......lil b**** is more like it....but lil sexy is just fine
    band 3's rule
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    lindabug reacted to Melissa41 in July Bandsters....lets Here You....   
    Linda- I am glad you are feeling better. It sounds like a pretty bad couple of days! Jeesh. You are ready for a stretch of good days. Kim- I hope you are enjoying your visit with your parents. Enjoy the family time! All is well here. We have two football games and homework to get through. We're having beautiful northwest weather so its nice to be outside this weekend. I am slowly progressing with my weight loss. I am now in the 180"s and don't want to ever move the other direction. The progress feels slow but when I look at the overall number I am pleased.
    Best wishes everyone!
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    lindabug got a reaction from A New New Dawn in July Bandsters....lets Here You....   
    I went to a family party yesterday. My sweet aunt had an amazing salad bar set up mainly for me with all types of lowfat dressing and goody's. Everyone commented saying I looked great even my uncle claimed my new haircut makes me look so different and thinner. Um not the haircut but it helps. Anyway it gave me the extra push I needed to keep going. I have an appt Wed, I think I'm ready for a small fill. Still not getting enough liquids but I'm trying.
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    lindabug reacted to kkccmom in July Bandsters....lets Here You....   
    Linda...YES, you must ignore that scale!!! Put it in the BACK of your closet or something - out of sight, out of mind! It is also tempting for me to hop on it daily...but I just don't. It is THE ONE THING that can set me back (mentally!) so easily...that number IS important, YES, but it cannot rule the day (or week!).
    So, let's make a pact that we WILL NOT weigh ourselves more than ONCE EACH WEEK!! C'mon...you CAN do that! Obviously that doesn't mean it'll tell you what you want to hear, but at least you won't be obsessing about it all day long.
    Those social settings CAN be trecherous. The worst! But I guess we have to have a RESOLVE that we'll do what we know is right for this new 'thing' and then stick to it.
    I'm getting a fill today!! Really ready for this. Feeling little-to-no restriction. And as I've said before, evening is my worst time of day. I do pretty good all day long - maybe just a Protein Bar in between, but supper time...oh my. And yesterday was not a great day, either.
    I had lunch out with a couple friends. We had chinese (one of my faves)...I did eat only 1/2 of my lunch portion (and really, I could have eaten it all!)...but brought it home.
    Then last night I took my boys out for a "Groupon" deal that included playtime in an arcade and pizza...I had one slice of the pizza...but could have eaten two.
    That seems to be the problem...room for MORE. And if I am not careful, MORE goes down the hatch. Certainly I feel icky later, but the "now" seems to drown out the "you'll pay for this later" later. Make sense??
    In that regard, as I said in a previous post, most of the time this just feels like a diet. I'm ready to feel the BRICKWALL when it comes to portion. I NEED to feel that brickwall...or I just keep going.
    We ate out on Friday last week...I had ribs and some fries. The fries got stuck and boy did that hurt. I didn't eat many...and did leave 3 ribs (my son had one and I brought 2 home and ate them the next day).
    Needless-to-say, the scale has gone NO WHERE. I kinda dread getting on it at the clinic today b/c I know it hasn't moved much...and its like this guilt trip that I'm not doing my part...which I'm not....so I feel like a child who's gonna get in trouble. Know what I mean? (KWIM?)
    But I need this fill so I'm ready. 1:45 today (eastern time).
    I will shout out, tho, that I bought a new pk of undies yesterday - A SIZE SMALLER than last time!! Took a chance that they would be fine, and they are! LOL Funny, I know, but I know you all KWIM! haha And today, I'm wearing a shirt that I have not worn for a couple years - too snug. Today, it fits nicely. Not baggy (which I don't want), but "nicely" = comfortable. Its one of my favorite shirts, so that's a plus.
    I'm still walking 2m/day...but think its time to take it a little farther. So tonight I might aim for 2.5 or so, keeping the same pace. Time to ratchet-it-up a bit.
    Anyway, LINDA, hide the scale!
    LUCY - did you cut your hair??
    MELISSA - How is your week going? Any more big social events to prepare for!?
    MARIE - How's it going out your way??
    ANYONE I'VE FORGOTTEN (please forgive me!) - WHAT CAN YOU SHARE THAT'LL HELP YOU, HELP US, or just need to VENT???
    Have a good Thursday, girls. Here's hoping for better progress for all of us. MAKE GOOD CHOICES. It'll pay off, and that's what we want, RIGHT???
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    lindabug reacted to kkccmom in July Bandsters....lets Here You....   
    Has anyone else noticed how we all sound like "Weight Watchers" members? I am worst of all...worrying about my "weigh-in" - and here at home, I strip down to the skin to weigh. No sense adding insult to injury! ha...
    If I let myself think about it, it can seem a bit depressing. This whole "diet" thing was really what I was trying to get away from...but its still a stone around my neck (or my waistline). I wanted to NOT be hungry (like I often was on WW, or any other diet)...I wanted to FEEL FULL after eating only a LITTLE bit...
    NOW, I DO understand that this is not JUST about food itself. It IS about the whole thing - food, emotions, timing, social settings/situations, etc...I get all that. But right now, its more about the FOOD (for me) than anything else. I don't want to feel hungry. I don't want to feel unsatisfied w/ a smoothie, or 1c of food. I want to be comfortable and relaxed...something I NEVER was on any diet.
    Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Where is your BRAIN in all this??
    I wanted to find THE TOOL that would help me rely less on what I "felt" and more on the "truth" about my eating habits - both in food choices and the timing of making those choices.
    Certainly, EVERYONE is going to eat more than their body needs, at times when they shouldn't eat, THINGS that are "bad" for them...it is never going to be a perfect, low-fat, low-carb, high-protein, plenty-of-water, no-sweets, kind of world...at least where I live. BUT I am learning what this all means. SLOWLY, I'm learning.
    I just am already weary of worrying about it all all the time. Know what I mean? I mean, there's Melissa...who hosted a grand gathering and was worried about over-enjoying the wonderful food...I just think there's got to be more to all this than that worry. I'd love for you, Melissa, to have been able to enjoy exactly what you wanted, in a portion that was satisfying and to be able to NOT WORRY about what the scale will say this morning. That's what "I" signed up for...
    So, sorry to be Debbie Downer today, girls....I'm just reflecting on this today thinking about what I expected and what I am feeling (both physically and emotionally/mentally).
    I hope each of you are finding your rhythm with your band...please share your thoughts on this. It would really help me to know how you are processing the expectations with the realities...the joys and the disappointments...I KNOW that my walking every day is good - no doubt...but I just wonder how this band is REALLY helping me do more than just "DIET" - considering that's exactly what it feels like. That just means this has been THE MOST EXPENSIVE diet I've ever been on!! Ugh.
    Here's hoping you find JOY in your Friday...enjoy what you eat today...naturally, be mindful of what your body SHOULD be saying and what your mind knows is right! I promise to do the same...oh, and DRINK YOUR WATER! (Linda! lol)
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    lindabug got a reaction from kkccmom in July Bandsters....lets Here You....   
    I had a day like that Sunday. Our Country club (and it is a COUNTRY club) makes amazing cheeseburgers and I was craving one so my sweet hubby said he would go get it. When he got home I was like a kid in a candy store as I took a big bite I realized I couldn't eat it so off came the bun, ended up just eating the meat and cheese with ketchup but man was it good and I'm over it now.
    I can't get enough Water down, any suggestions?
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    lindabug reacted to lucy2.0 in July Bandsters....lets Here You....   
    Hi everyone!
    I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one having problems with my "diet" this week, I'm still at 25 the scale hasn't move in 2 1/2 weeks but I know it's my fault, well at least for this week, I've been eating like there's no tomorrow lol in small portions but foods that I know I'm not allowed to eat.
    I want to call my Dr. and ask for a fill, but some days I feel very restricted in what i can eat, maybe I just need to stick to my diet.
    About the popcorn, I tried it and nope not an option for me, it gets stuck
    I'm thinking of doing a liquid diet of 2 or 3 days to get back on the diet, maybe this will help and I don't have to get another fill, I have a 4 cc band and already have 2 cc in it, so I'm afraid that it will fill up and don't lose weight.
    This past two weeks have been really chaotic, my husband found a job (thank God) so I had to send my daughter to preschool, she’s doing really well, but I’m running around like crazy all the time with all the new things that I have to do now, so I haven’t been able to go on my walks and I think that’s another reason why the scale is not moving.
    Well I hope everyone have a great day and “just keep swimming” lol
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    lindabug got a reaction from kkccmom in July Bandsters....lets Here You....   
    POPCORN?????? I can have popcorn? Oh happy day!!
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    lindabug got a reaction from kkccmom in July Bandsters....lets Here You....   
    Had my flouroscopic xray today they found my port and were able to get the fill in. HALLALUAH!!! I have a major headache but that's probably from stress of the last few days. I have lost a couple more pounds so I feel like I'm on my way now
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    lindabug reacted to kkccmom in July Bandsters....lets Here You....   
    Marie...I eat 'some' popcorn...only a few bites. Doesn't seem to give me any trouble...my youngest son is 8 - he is a popcorn HOUND (just like my dad!!)...I will have a couple handfuls from his bowl, but that's it. My philosophy: have SOME, just don't over do it. Works for me.
    Lucy...girl, getting stressed will NOT be a good thing here. While I am NOT a doctor (don't play one on TV and didn't stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night!)...it seems like an awful lot of pressure for your Dr to be putting on you. Unless your band is REALLY restrictive, then this is akin to starving yourself.
    Focus on eating RIGHT...STOPPING when you feel the hunger go away...that's what I've been doing. Then just GET AWAY from the table/kitchen. OF COURSE I could eat more - that's why I am where I am today - but you have to learn to HEAR what your tummy is telling you. Sounds kid'ish I know, but its what I have to tell myself. "You ARE full enough..." and remind me that I will eat again, something I like, and this is enough.
    Do whatever it takes to get yourself talked into making those good decisions...I say DO THE RIGHT THINGS and the RIGHT THINGS WILL FOLLOW!! Of course its not easy - but none of us expected it would be.
    If it were me, I'd be eating myself silly w/ that kind of pressure. We eat because we're stressed and we're stressed because we're eating. Foodies can't seem to get out of that cycle - until something SNAPS and we just do it.
    NOW IS YOUR TIME. Do what you know to do...and if the scale doesn't move 15 more lbs in 3 week (that's a ton)...then Celebrate where it does move...because odds are, IT WILL MOVE DOWNWARD...and THAT, my dear, is worth celebrating - I don't care who ya'are!
    Enough lecture for one morning!! We're behind you and hate to think any of us are worrying ourselves sick over this weight loss...IT WILL COME. Faster for some than for others...I'm trying to focus on the BIG PICTURE...that yes, this TOOL will work WITH ME, and the weight WILL come off. Its just not going to be overnight - nor should it be...I'm trying to be kind to me and my body. The faster it comes off, the less likely my skin will re-bound. And frankly, I'm pretty sure plastic surgery is NOT in my near future. I don't want to have to fold up 5 yards of sagging belly-droop...ugh. So, the slower and more gradual - the better!!
    Hugs, Lucy!!
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    lindabug got a reaction from kkccmom in July Bandsters....lets Here You....   
    Thank you so much!! Melissa & Kim-great job!!!
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    lindabug reacted to WASaBubbleButt in Share ideas, What did you eat today ?   
    I don't want to chew and I don't want to cook.
    Breakfast: 2oz Tuna/Lemon-Pepper 45 Calories
    Lunch: Protein shake 120 Calories
    Dinner: Protein Shake 120 Calories
    Snack: Protein shake 120 Calories
    405 calories
    (No, I'm not suggesting this is good, the medical term for this behavior is LAZY)
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    lindabug reacted to kkccmom in July Bandsters....lets Here You....   
    Melissa!! THAT IS AWESOME! What a great feeling, eh?? Oh my goodness. I'm right there with you...I "allowed" myself to step on the scale, fully prepared to see the same "207" and 1/10s... but it was 204.8!! YIPPEE!! So, if we round DOWN, I'm at 20, too!!
    Wearing a pr of capris today that were off limits all summer long!! Now, they're not "loose" by any means (YET!), but comfortable. Its so great to SEE it, isn't it??
    Linda, I'm praying for you, too...so now you've got two more "pray-ers" on your side! And I just know the Lord is at work!!
    I echo Melissa...HAVE A GREAT DAY!
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    lindabug reacted to kkccmom in July Bandsters....lets Here You....   
    Linda...HALLELUJAH, indeed!! This is great news! I'm sure you're right about the stress headache...it would affect me like that, too!!
    So here's lookin' at you, kid!! :-)
    You're on your way!!
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    lindabug got a reaction from kkccmom in July Bandsters....lets Here You....   
    Had my flouroscopic xray today they found my port and were able to get the fill in. HALLALUAH!!! I have a major headache but that's probably from stress of the last few days. I have lost a couple more pounds so I feel like I'm on my way now
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    lindabug got a reaction from kkccmom in July Bandsters....lets Here You....   
    I just bought one for $7.00 woohoo!!!!!!!!!
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    lindabug reacted to kkccmom in July Bandsters....lets Here You....   
    Oh, Linda...bless your heart...how frustrating and confusing, to be sure!! Oh wow...
    Here's where I am on this experience: I was in on Tuesday for a fill. I am certain my appt was missed in their books - I was called last week to see if I could move my 8:45am to 2pm. Sure.
    I show up before 2 and the receptionist was clearly scattered about me being there. She asked my name a couple times (new girl - not the usual gal who knows me)...but she assured me it was all fine.
    Forty minutes later, I went to the desk and said, "Do I need to reschedule?" No, someone would be right now.
    The nurse came and got me, asked me a check-list of questions, then the surgeon came in.
    He was CLEARLY in a hurry, but asked me the routine things and proceeded to agree that I needed to get some Fluid back in there, since he'd removed 2cc a few weeks ago. So, he gave me the numbing shot, then DID NOT WAIT for it to take effect, but began prodding around, stuck the needle in and sort of dug around, and I could tell he was injecting the Fluid.< /p>
    And in under 3 minutes (i'm guessing) he was out the door.
    Yesterday and today, I feel NO different than I did before I went. I wonder if he didn't get the saline into the band at all??? I, too, was sore and slightly bruised...but it sounds like NOTHING like you've experienced.
    I'm guessing that because I carry lots of my weight right in the middle, that finding the head of the port IS challenging, but it sure seems it should not be impossible...
    Oh, Linda, I hope they get things sorted out for you, dear. Hopefully the 'attaching' part of the procedure was done correctly during the surgery and that the thing isn't just rattling around in there!! We'll pray its not so -- just that it has shifted slightly and that the fluoroscope settles it once and for all.
    Hang in there...stay focused on good things (not food!!) and keep looking up! You are in my prayers!
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    lindabug got a reaction from kkccmom in July Bandsters....lets Here You....   
    I'm going to Amazon now and looking her up, thanks I'm excited about that and yea Water I'm not getting enough.
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    lindabug got a reaction from kkccmom in July Bandsters....lets Here You....   
    I just bought one for $7.00 woohoo!!!!!!!!!
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    lindabug got a reaction from kkccmom in July Bandsters....lets Here You....   
    I'm going to Amazon now and looking her up, thanks I'm excited about that and yea Water I'm not getting enough.
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    lindabug got a reaction from Cooper123 in Need Advice   
    I really don't expect miracles. Probably just need that extra push to get me to where I need to be physically and emotionally. I am dealing with a lot of personal stuff (as most are) on top of this. The day after my surgery my daughter who has lived away for 7 years moved back in with us and as much as I love her being here it's been a challenge along with this. Yes I have to get on with the band wagon and exercise more, I was doing pretty well with my walking and then the rains came and I think it will rain forever but there are other things I can do now that I have almost completely healed. I have definitely seen some differences and others have to, I just need someone who's been there to remind me of how, why and when.
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    lindabug reacted to 2muchfun in Need Advice   
    Another starry eyed bandster meets reality.
    Many bandsters ignore the warnings and advice of the doctors, nutritionists and support goups, in favor of the utopian ramblings of the very very few who meet extreme success immediately after surgery?
    I somewhat recall a year ago as I was going through the seminars, doctor visits, support groups and reading this forum that the weight will come off slowly. But I don't recall anyone mentioning "Bandster Hell"? I've commented on BH numerous times and probably will in the future.
    I lost 12 lbs the first 30 days. Then nothing for the next 3.5 months. It took me 6 fills and 6 months to finally get to the green zone. I started losing weight again in my 5th month. Slowly, very slowly losing weight. 40-50 lbs of weight loss by November is unrealistic for most of us. If you weigh 350 lbs, it's possible to lose that much but only because you're carrying around about 40 lbs of excess fluids trapped in your fat cells. So you can lose weight but not necessarily fat.
    Your band is not tight enough most likely and won't be for a few fills. It happens to almost all of us. You will have hunger problems until you get some restriction. B-52 is a forum member and he always says: "Until there's restriction, it's just another diet"! This is so true.
    So, almost all of us have been where you are and many of us were disappointed the band didn't start to work miracles immediately. I know I was. Brace yourself for a long journey but a journey worth taking. Hang in there, it will get better, slowly.

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