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  1. Hi, I also was sleeved on July 17, 2012. It is crazy how fast the year flew by - you will be very happy with the decision you have made (once you get past the first week or so ;-}). Good luck on your journey to a new YOU!!
  2. soccermomx2


    Hi - I know things can seem fustrating at times. I just hit my 1 yr mark yesterday. The first month or so for me was hard as your body is having withdrawals from everything. For me it was a mental thing - just continue doing what you are doing and the weight will come off. As it was explained to me - your body drops weight and then pauses and then another drop and so on. You lost an incredible amount of weight in 1.5 weeks so your body needs a moment to reset. It was the best thing I have ever done for myself. You are doing GREAT!!! Keep up the good work and you will be amazed at how fast the year will fly by and next thing you know it you will be looking at a very different person in the mirror!!
  3. soccermomx2

    Easter Challenge

    HW 278 SW 267.6 CW 195 GW 187 8# to go!!!
  4. Love challenges!!! HW: 278 SW: 267.6 (7/17/12) CW: 195 GW: 190 for 3/20/13
  5. I'm in !!! Highest weight 278 Surgery weight 267.6 (7/17) Current weight 195 Goal 185 Wow can't believe I just put my goal at 185!!! Only 20# to 1st goal (dr suggested 175#) but 45# left to 2nd goal of 150# (my goal) but will see how low I can go!!!!
  6. soccermomx2

    Rash on belly

    I did...it was a reaction from the adhesive strips. It was very itchy & red sort of like hives. Benadryl & anti itch cream helped a lot. Hope it clears up quickly!!!
  7. soccermomx2

    Need help with understanding insurance letter

    Great to hear your getting closer!! One of the best decisions of my life...loving my sleeve!!
  8. soccermomx2

    Valentine's Day Challenge 2013

    Well better late then never. Finally hit my Valentine's Day goal on 2/23!!! My major stall broke and dropping at a faster pace again. It is completely surreal for me to continue to see a "1" at the beginning of my weight!!! On to the Spring challenge!!! HW = 278 SW (7-17) = 267.6 CW = 195 GW = 195 :-)
  9. soccermomx2

    Need help with understanding insurance letter

    Let us know what the dr's office & insurance company say. Hopefully, the dr's office will be able to schedule your actual date very soon!!!
  10. soccermomx2

    Need help with understanding insurance letter

    Yes, mine was similar but was good for a 30 day period with surgery falling in that time frame. So that would mean you are authorized for surgery on the 8th or 9th of March. Congrats on getting approved!!!
  11. All of those things you are questioning are normal. You just have to decide if the pros outweigh the cons for YOU. For me, I was scared and had many of the what ifs you had but am so glad that I got this tool to help me get healthy. My surgeon's office has a mandatory pre-op class with the surgical nurse and NUT to go over the entire process in addition to the initial seminar with the surgeon. The part about your surgeon does concern me. I had to meet my surgeon two times pre-op as well as his PA. It is also mandatory to see him at my 4 & 9 month visit. The other times I have the option of the nurse practioner or the surgeon. If I were you I would want to know WHY he won't meet with you pre-op and post-op unless you have complications.
  12. soccermomx2

    Hey July Sleevers

    A big milestone on Monday....finally hit onederland!!! I was in a stall for 3 weeks and now I couldn't be happier!!! I knew that I would get there but never imagined just how GOOD I would feel once I hit that mark. It has been 20 years since I have seen a "1" at the beginning of my weight. Wishing everyone else continued success!!!
  13. soccermomx2

    Valentine's Day Challenge 2013

    GREAT JOB!!! I'm hoping my stall breaks soon. Congrats on reaching your goal!!!
  14. soccermomx2

    Valentine's Day Challenge 2013

    Update...1/29 Major stall...been back & forth for 3 weeks now. Very frustrating but I'll just keep going!!! I haven't been this low in almost 20 years.... I think my body is fighting me a little bit. 2.5 weeks left so I'll keep my fingers crossed. HW = 278 SW (7-17) = 267.6 CW = 200 GW = 195 Still 5 more pounds to go!!!!
  15. soccermomx2

    Amount of hair loss...

    I will be 6 months tomorrow and the loss is slowing down...started at about 3 months. At first it was awful but is getting less and less as time goes by...I take all of my Vitamins and get my Protein in. I personally think it hasn't been too bad plus it's winter so hats are in!!!

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