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    Finally made the right choice to get a new wardrobe. :)
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    Art, lumberjacks, Olivia Newton John, PEZ dispensers, laughing
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  1. XanaduMe

    Regrets Anyone?

    Thank you for the link to your blog ... I just read the whole thing and signed up to get ur updates. It has helped me with a lot of my nagging issues swirling around in my head - so thanks! Congrats on ur progress - u look marvelous!
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  3. XanaduMe

    Regrets Anyone?

    Hello all! I am so glad I found this forum! I am scheduled to have my sleeve done on July 5th, 2012 and I am nervous about EVERYTHING. Can I do the preop and post op diet? Will I remember to eat? Will I eat too much? Will I make sure I eat the RIGHT foods? Will this help my depression or make it worse? Will I miss eating? Will I lose all my hair? Will I be able to still be social with friends and go out to eat but not really get to eat? Will ppl think less of me because I went this route and didn't just "eat better and exercise" (heard that one already - sheesh), Will I become a drug mule, without me knowing it since Im having it done in Tijuana? But then I try and think of all the POSITIVE things that will come with it. That's what I am trying to remember ... and lemme tell ya, I have laid in bed at night - crying my eyes out - cuz I know I need to do this, but have my hand on my phone ready to cancel it. (Lorda mercy - just thinking about it now makes me wanna barf.) Happy to see that the majority of you are extremely happy with your decision and only wish you had done it sooner. Let's hope that will be my case too.

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