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  1. I have Aetna and was approved first time they submitted. They required 6 months of weight.
  2. Toni Day

    I Wonder What Celebrities Are Sleeved?!?

    Lisa Lampanelli and her husband was just recently sleeved and she has lost over 50 lbs.
  3. Toni Day

    Hiatal Hernia

    I was diagnosed with one in my endoscope they fixed mine when they did my sleeve.
  4. Toni Day

    Recover Time..

    I just took 8 weeks FMLA from my job. My position was saved and I got 100% pay. It's one of my benefits. I work for a payroll company.
  5. Toni Day

    Nutrient Counts

    My nut says not more then 16 grams of fat per serving.
  6. My doctor put me on the schedule before I was approved. My surgery was a week after the approval.
  7. As long as your doctors office send in all the required information you should be fine. I had to have six months of weights showing BMI of 40. That was it.
  8. I have Aetna. No diabetes, no hypertension and a BMI of 40 and was approved first time within 5 days.
  9. I have an 8 and 12 year old and I explained the process to them. They now look out for me and help me stick to my diet.
  10. Toni Day

    An Adult Drink?

    Skinny girl makes all kinds of low fat alcohol beverages including wines. None of them are carbonated.
  11. Toni Day

    When Did You...

    We did it 2 weeks after and used a position that avoided my stomach.
  12. Toni Day

    Anyone From New York?

    I live in farmingville and used Dr Ahmad in Port Jefferson.
  13. Toni Day

    Libido After Vsg

    We waited 2 weeks and did it in a position that would not put pressure on my stomach.
  14. Toni Day


    I had 5 incisions and I took 7 weeks off of work. I didn't want to go back till I started to eat normal. It was easier to make meals at home and not explain why I was eating broth. Although I had no complications I still get low on energy and take naps in the day.
  15. Toni Day

    Im Worried About Surgery

    Let me start by saying how fortunate you are to get this amazing opportunity at such a young age. I was over weight my whole life and didn't have this opportunity at your age. I had to wait till 43 years old to start my journey. This will change your whole life for the better. You can do this and in a year will look back and be amazed at how well you feel and look. We are all here to support you with questions and concerns. Your age is on your side. Good luck!

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