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    Born and raised in Dallas, TX. I'm hispanic and that would explain my obesity. Good food! LOL! I enjoy spending time with my family.
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    Guitars, motorcycles, flea markets, garage sales and SHOES!
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    Media Support Rep
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  1. xsentrick

    Got my boots!!

    Looking great!!
  2. xsentrick

    50 Pounds Down And Into Onederland!

    Awesome!! I'm 51 pounds away from onederland and hope to be as successful as you!
  3. xsentrick


    I don't have problem with egg beaters, but prefer some good ole farm fresh brown eggs.
  4. xsentrick

    Explain It To Me!

    To me it sounds like he doesn't understand how the band and your body work together. It seems that his expectations as to how much weight and how quickly you lose it are a little on the high side. Just try talking to him and educating him on how the LB works as a tool to assist you and what to expect as far as weight-loss goes. Knowledge is power!
  5. xsentrick

    What Would You Wear If You Lose Weight?

    Brawny Band-man!! LOL..I love it! The next con is this October, but i have no idea what to dress as. Need to get on the ball though. I was thinking maybe Wolverine. I need to start growing my chops out now though....lol
  6. xsentrick

    Any Bikers With The Band?

    My son and his mother going on their first ride together. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  7. xsentrick

    Camp Morning Wood

    Private Parts reporting for duty!
  8. xsentrick

    Riding While Fat?

    I love riding my vintage 1977 Yamaha XS750 triple! Restored and runs like a banshee...She'll be even quicker the more weight I lose. I don't think I'll ever let anything get in the way of my riding. It is my escape, my freedom, my addiction. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  9. xsentrick

    Right Size Smoothies

    Sounds good to me!! Good luck and let us know how they work for you.
  10. xsentrick


    everyone should have a ball!!
  11. xsentrick

    Fresh Caught Seafood!!

    I'm so looking forward to it, especially since it will be my first time having shark! I'm very excited. Thanks for the tips!
  12. xsentrick

    Question From Women To Men

    That sounds just like me 11 years ago. You're welcome. Let me know if I can do anything else to help out.
  13. xsentrick

    Fresh Caught Seafood!!

    Sure thing! You can bring the tartar sauce!
  14. xsentrick

    What Kind Of Job Do Tou Have?

    I'm a digital media technician. I watch and QC HD movie trailers and commercials before they are distributed to the TV stations. I sit at a desk most of the day. I took off 3 days + the weekend so 5 days total.
  15. xsentrick


    Well wishes for a speedy and smooth recovery!

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