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  1. If he sent your referral to the options program then once you complete all your requirements (Weight Loss, Options classes, Psych eval, support group etc.) then you meet with the surgeon and if you meet everything ur good to go... Nothing else once i started options came from my primary doctor he just had to send the initial referral for me to start options.
  2. I do go to the Kaiser in fontana... thats the closest hospital to me but we have an office in the high desert for regular appointments... Everything else is in fontana... I did all the classes and everything there....
  3. I live in the High Desert so I had Dr Owen as my primary..... Muralli is my Bariatrician.. ( i think thats how you spell his name)
  4. I would call 909-609-3000 to see if u could schedule it if it's been 2 weeks....... U can also email ur primary Dr on kp.org and see if everything was sent over
  5. They say actually it could take about a year from start to finish... and i know if i didnt call for cancellations i wouldnt be as far as i am..... My original psych eval wasnt until next month.
  6. Well i had my first appt with my primary doctor in may..... so im assuming its gonna be a couple weeks to pre op from here so about 6 months or so
  7. I am done with all the options classes and 2nd bari appt and today is my psych eval after that they refer me to preop If you like you can read all my steps so far on my surgery story on my profile ive documents most steps I thought i would be helpful for others going through the same process on here
  8. yes they will call you to schedule you an orientation...... you can also call them to see if they received your referral 909-609-3000 just see if you can speed up the process
  9. If anyone is interested in the kaiser process in Fontana CA i have documented all my steps thus far and continue to do so as things happen... Its all under my surgery story on my profile if anyone is interested
  10. Inkdoll

    Kaiser Sleevers, I Need You!

    I was told 1200 is maintenance, and that your carbs should be low and focus mainly on protein..... IDK if its even physically possible to get 1200 at 2 weeks out
  11. Got a cancellation for my Psych eval so now its TODAY!!! after that its referred to preop :))

  12. Options Classes are done!!!! 2nd Bariatrician Appointment DONE and Psych eval is scheduled for november :))

  13. Inkdoll

    Getting Anxiety

    THats great!!! hopefully your dad will find a job through the union and his medical will stay active so you wont have to worry about it... Ill say a prayer for you
  14. Inkdoll

    Ca Healthplans ...please

    Im in southern CA and i go through Kaiser im not sure how much kaiser will charge for monthly medical though because we get most of it covered through work
  15. Inkdoll

    1 Week Post Op

    Yay for you!!!! that is great!!! Glad you are feeling better about you and where you're at with everything
  16. Options Class 6 tonight which means im half way done with classes WOOHOO!!

  17. Inkdoll

    New! :) Orange County Kaiser

    Hi.... I added you to my friends... I am going through Kaiser in Fontana and am on class 5... On my profile i have updated my journey weekly so if you would like to you can read my story it will give you a little insight up to this point and if you have questions please feel free to ask me
  18. During our classes they have told us it is preferred and ultimately up to the surgeon... But this is a life change and i started my life change now and am aiming for the 10%... In northern CA where my sister had it done it is MANDATORY......but really the 10% isnt that bad if you are truely serious about the life change which is why the choice of getting the surgery was made in the first place..... I think its best even if you lose just a little so you are showing you are serious about the change for life
  19. I agree with Katie713 - Veggies are your best friend also cut out some carbs that will make a big difference.... im at 13 lbs so only 10lbs to meet my 10%
  20. Today is my week 6 class in fontana
  21. Losing some weight and feeling great!! :) Options Class 5 down 7 more to go :)

  22. Inkdoll

    150 Lbs...can It Be Done?

    I would think as everyone else is saying... as long as you stick to good eating habbits and gets some exercise in it is absolutely doable.
  23. Tomorrow is my first options class :)) excited its finally here.... Hate that things are taking forever but excited that it will eventually lead to great things :)

  24. Inkdoll

    My Journey So Far With Kaiser

    Can you choose different locations? I was reading some people going to San Diego. Do they let you know what locations are not so far behind?? Hopefully they will call you soon..... the waiting is a killer lol Have you been to the Los Angeles Site to see how it is?
  25. Inkdoll

    My Journey So Far With Kaiser

    Thats no good :/ Have you completed all the other requirements? What all have the required of you?

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