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  1. lessofmeismore

    Started 'Couch to 5k today' Anyone keen?

    Definitely don't want to get you started Was just sharing is all I'll make sure not to do that again
  2. lessofmeismore

    Pocket Scales for Eating on the Go

    Love your YouTube videos Grace! Great job, doing good!
  3. lessofmeismore

    What does the new "full" feel like?

    I have that problem too I have to really work on my bite sizes and try and chew more. It's a challenge but we can do it!
  4. lessofmeismore

    Started 'Couch to 5k today' Anyone keen?

    My feet tend to pronate which cause hip problems so my orthopedic dr will not let me where the cool new shoes like BTB I think they are so awesome looking But he has me wearing New Balance as they offer the most support for my feet and help reduce my pain and help improve my hip and back alignment
  5. You're awesome too! Look forward to hearing more from you!
  6. lessofmeismore

    What does the new "full" feel like?

    It really is!! And I've seen so many people who get the same full signal.
  7. lessofmeismore

    The great thread killer......

  8. lessofmeismore

    The great thread killer......

  9. lessofmeismore

    Pain in left shoulder after I eat.

    I was told if I experienced unrelenting serious pain to call the surgeon. You should call so he can help you. I hope you feel better soon!
  10. I drink it daily.. I do drink the low sugar kind Trop50 is good. It helps to prevent kidney stones
  11. Oh ok. You're so close to soft foods! Day 21 will be here before you know it! Just stay on track, you can do it!
  12. lessofmeismore

    I need friends!

    Hehehe I saved that drawing to my pictures! Love it lol I think I'll put it in my gallery as a before picture
  13. I'm not sure the exact science to it. I was on full liquids for three weeks post op then week 4 thru 7 purée then week 8 thru 12 soft foods then finally reg foods after 3 months. What are your guidelines post op?
  14. lessofmeismore

    I need friends!

    I recognize people by their avatars too... It always catches me off guard when someone changes their pic... It is exciting watching everyone update their photos... Everyone is so happy! Now Martin you're not trying to lure people in to eat their babies are you?
  15. lessofmeismore

    I need friends!

    I had to think who is the Aussie with the shaved head and then I was like oh our Aussie police officer!!!

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