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  1. Xena - I want to ask about your arms. They look amazing now & I know they will continue to look better and better with time! How tight is that incision? With the incision down to your elbow, did he pull loose skin up from your forearm, or just from around the elbow? Up from the upper boob/arm pit area? And, of course, how painful was it in comparison with your other incisions? Especially, range of motion, daily activities, getting up/down? I'm about 10-15# away from goal. Need arms, BL/BA, TT, thigh lift. May go ahead and do a face lift while I'm at it! Lol! I'll be unrecognizeable! Thanks to you and Michelle for posting all this helpful info!!
  2. pretty-pink

    Personal Trainer?

    I started with my personal trainer at 6 weeks post op. I lucked out finding her by going through the phone book & calling different places. My personal trainer has been in the biz for about 30 years, PLUS she also has her Master's in nutrition. Because I had my surgery in Mexico, that was important to me. She is a store-front operation with a simple layout (recumbent bike, elliptical, spinning bikes, cable machine, bands & LOTS of free weights). Once a month she weighs & measures my progress. I know that she is there waiting for me, which holds me accountable, yet if something comes up, there is no recriminations for cancelling that session. I thought I would just stay with her for a few months, but it's been almost 11 months - I'm down 135# and have lost over 55". Although I do have some sagging skin, it is so much better than people I know who have not worked out consistently. I may not need plastics when I am at goal!! If that's the case - my personal trainer will be the best money I have ever spent!!
  3. pretty-pink

    tummy skin removal- scary pain?!

    Cowgirl - do you mind sharing the ps forums you are on? I find forums very helpful in the educational process. thanks!
  4. pretty-pink

    Plastics in Brazil?

    Can y'all ask your family there to inquire & get recommendations?
  5. I used my tax refund for the surgery itself. I had some in savings and borrowed a little against my 401k for living expenses while I was off work recovering.
  6. Well I've looked for the chart I did last year, but I guess I knew I wouldn't need that info again, so threw it out! Lol! I had data on how long @ Dr had been doing bariatric surgeries, what types of surgeries, how many VSGs he had done, if he was fluent in English, where the surgery was performed (I wanted in a full service hospital), cost of course, and most importantly to me, complication rates. Complications I tracked were: leaks, bowel infarction, liver problems, blood clots to lungs, INFECTION, & deaths. I am a nurse & I had my personal priorities - there may be different data that is important to you. I trust my instincts, and in this case, I feel I made a great decision. Not to say others didn't make great decisions for them! I gathered a lot of info off this site & Obesity Help, then called each Dr or his coordinator to see how well the info meshed. I chose Dr Alvarez because of his very very low complication rate, the full service hospital & his fluency in English. After surgery, I have come to really appreciate his dedication to weight loss surgery education and also how easy it is to communicate with him & get fast answers to my questions. He also helped us out of a jam during my stay there that went WAY WAY above my highest expectations for ANY Dr I have ever known! That really sealed the deal for me. My suggestion is research each Dr you are considering, looking at posts from his patients over a long period of time so you can get a feel for his results. You will know when you've found the right one for you. Best of luck in your journey!!
  7. I made a chart comparing Mexico surgeons last summer. Ended up going to Dr Alvarez. Down 120# so far, in 9 months, and have had no problems.
  8. pretty-pink

    Breast lift!

    I also would like more info on plastics in DR.
  9. pretty-pink

    September 25Th Sleevers!

    Haven't been on in quite awhile. Surgery 9/25 in Mexico with Dr Alvarez. As of 3/25, I have lost 100#. Weight loss has slowed to 8-10# average per month, but have not had any stalls. Did not have any problems with recovery. But it is still difficult to get all my protein in. Cannot stand the strongly flavored protein products, eggs taste yuck, & sick of chicken. BUT, have lost cravings for Pepsi's & sweets! Yay for that!! Was working out 2+ times a week until the end of February when I found out I had a hernia. Had it fixed along with my gallbladder removed, 3/20. Can't work out for a couple more weeks! My hair started falling out at 3 month point exactly, lasted for exactly (!) 2 months & now back to normal pattern. So it's still thin, but not too horrible. My skin is not too bad either. Thighs are the worst for sagging, upper arms are flopping, but overall I don't think it's too bad. Maybe because I'm not losing super fast? Still have 50-60# to lose and hope to be at goal by our one year anniversary!
  10. pretty-pink

    Disliking foods

    Meant to add that this is a common thing after surgery. It will improve!
  11. pretty-pink

    Disliking foods

    At 6 months out & down 100#, I still have foods that I used to love but now taste peculiar. Used to LOVE Pepsi but these days, after just a few sips, it tastes "off". My taste buds also seem more sensitive to salt and other strong seasonings. But I've noticed everybody is different in this department. Good luck!
  12. pretty-pink

    Inner thigh lift and tummy tuck

    I am 2/3 of the way to goal. Keeping an eye on this forum as preliminary research. Names of surgeons, good AND bad, is very very helpful.
  13. I think if you have ambivalence, wait a few months. Sounds like you have a few issues to sort out about vanity, "natural beauty", etc. The right answer for YOU, is within, and you may need some time to figure out what that right answer is. Your body will still be there. Lol!
  14. pretty-pink

    Hernia after sleeve surgery?

    I am 5 months out & down 90# from VSG. Saturday evening I had severe abdominal pain that lasted several hours. Had a CT that showed an umbilical hernia and a gallstone. Tuesday morning the pain returned even worse, ultrasound showed gallstones! So I see a surgeon on Tuesday to decide what to do. I have NEVER hurt so bad in my life. I'm guessing the pain is from the gallbladder...? Good luck to you!
  15. pretty-pink

    not a good cook

    Used to cook for a family of 6, these days cook as little as possible. Lol! I do bake tilapia with a spoonful of salsa on top, wrapped in foil @ 350 for 25-30 minutes. Love Michaelangelo's chicken picatta (at my Walmart). Chick-Fil-A's grilled chicken nuggets. Greek yogurt for breakfast. Frozen turkey meatballs. Outback Special 8 oz steak is a meal for 3+ days. In a pinch Pure Protein protein bars. Food has totally lost it's appeal!
  16. pretty-pink

    Anyone out there an RN?

    I do cardiac progressive care. Since I was restricted on how much I could lift for 6 weeks I took the full 8 weeks and it was great. It gave me a chance to cement new eating habits and I started working out with a trainer at 5 weeks. I went back to work refreshed & renewed. I am 4 months out and have lost 75 pounds!
  17. pretty-pink

    Some red meat tastes funny now...

    I used to eat lots of frozen diet dinners. Now they taste "off". My tastebuds have sure gotten lots more sensitive.
  18. pretty-pink

    I don't like protein shakes but I like this...

    I am addicted to my flintstones gummy vitamins. I wish there was something small & chewy that was full of protein & tasted good!
  19. pretty-pink

    Your favorite foods post op?

    I've had this salad, sometimes with variations. Yummy!!
  20. pretty-pink

    Not Telling People....

    I spent 7-8 months considering & researching WLS. Prior to surgery I told a double handful of friends & family. I took 8 weeks off after surgery & lost about 55#. When I returned to work, it was obvious I had lost weight. I have many co-workers that range from heavy to morbidly obese. By being open about my surgery, I feel like I am giving them helpful info about this life-saving tool. It makes me feel good when my co-workers ask, "how much have you lost so far?" along with the compliments. It helps keep me accountable. If by being open about my surgery it helps just one obese person to consider surgery for themselves, it's worth it to me! I'm proud of having the sleeve!! My surgeon sent me a pic of my removed stomach. I have no shame showing that pic to anyone who'll look. Lol.
  21. pretty-pink

    Carbs,sugar ,junk...yummmm

    It's amazing how a "little" nausea, or even vomiting, will take care of some cravings! Lol It'll be a long time before I eat another onion ring.
  22. pretty-pink

    Funky Tastes!

    I thought I was the only one too!! Even toothpaste left yucky taste for hours. I'm 7 1/2 weeks out and smells & tastes are still very off but not as bad the first month, thank goodness!
  23. pretty-pink

    Can I Ever Have A Diet Soda Again?

    It does get easier!
  24. pretty-pink

    Can I Ever Have A Diet Soda Again?

    It does get easier!

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