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  1. pretty-pink

    Pre Pre-Op Diet

    I've been having regular food funerals the past few weeks also! But since I've set my mind on wls surgery, & especially since I set my date, somehow it doesn't taste as satisfying. Unfortunately, can't say the same for my pepsi addiction! Ready to quit and found a FULL CASE!! Can you say OMG?!? dumped several down the drain, and "forcing" myself to drink the rest this week. No more after Monday, I promise!
  2. Frisco Texas? I will be driving by there on my way to Eagle Pass. Unfortunately we don't have a Vitamin Shoppe in central Arkansas. :-(
  3. pretty-pink

    Anyone Here Have Dr. Alvarez?

    I am scheduled for Sept 25!! Counting down the days! I looked last night but could not find a thread for Dr Alvarez. Would it be good to have one for all of Dr alvarez's patients?
  4. pretty-pink


    What's the scoop on Nioxin? I saw some Nioxin cleanser and conditioner at my local TJ Maxx. Should I scoop it up? I am pre-op & scheduled for 9/25. Thanks for your help.
  5. pretty-pink


    Thanks for the input!! Heading out to buy some this morning.
  6. It feels good to get that checklist worked through. Good luck!! Had to laugh at being cut off on your DP fix. In the same boat - planned to quit pepsi this week and found an unopened 12-pack!!! So... Will retry quitting next week, lol!
  7. I also am appreciating this thread! I am scheduled for 9/25. I worry about the emotional aspects that helped me become obese and how well I will deal with them after surgery. fortunately I started therapy early this year specifically to address these issues. BUT, I haven't decided if knowing about these problems before hand is helpful for me or not! Definitly adds to the worry list. Lol.
  8. pretty-pink

    Spanx Armband?

    Oh good. Been waiting to hear exactly what to use for these bat wings! Lol.
  9. pretty-pink


    Totally agree!!
  10. pretty-pink

    Feeding Tube With Revision

    A feeding tube, or nasogastic tube, usually runs from nose down to your stomach. It can drain out stomach contents OR be used as a vehicle for liquid nutrition. It sounds as tho you will still have "food" in your stomach so not understanding the why's of this.
  11. Continued best wishes for your healing!
  12. pretty-pink

    B-12, How Much?

    What brand of B-12 do you like?
  13. Been a cardiac nurse in a specialty hospital for 13 years, a progressive care unit. Scheduled for Sept 25 with Dr Alvarez. Planning on 6 weeks. They don't do light duty anymore at my hospital (too many people took advantage :-(( I do a fair to large amount of lifting and pulling, especially since my patient population is in the 70-plus year old range. I see the direct results of obesity and bad choices in my patients daily. I don't want to be in the same boat as I age. My feet hurt from the moment I hit the floor, my back will ache for hours after bending over to do vent baths or lengthy dressing changes. God forbid running to a code. So I am definitely looking forward to getting my "oomph" back. Hope we will continue to stay in touch through our journey. I think it's great to have a support system WITHIN a support system. Best of luck to us all!!
  14. pretty-pink

    Belly Band

  15. pretty-pink

    Im Scared Of Aliens

  16. pretty-pink

    Need Puree Ideas

    I LOVE taco soup!! Although I'm pre-op right now i have some inthe freezer. I'm wondering if I purée it all will it be ok for the soft / purée stage? I put lots of beans, some corn, tomatoes & olives and ground turkey or venison. Whatcha think?
  17. pretty-pink

    Belly Band

    Is using a belly binder new after WLS? It seems to have become a big topic lately. How well is it working for people? Long term results?
  18. I too have an addiction to soda - full sugar Pepsi, Coke if that's all that is available. Love the feel of carbonation on my tongue plus the sugar & caffeine combo keeps me going some days/nights. I also find it interesting how many of us share this addiction. Because I personally worry I won't be able to handle "sips", (pre-op, scheduled for 9/25) I am gonna quit ONE MORE TIME. Starting next week...
  19. pretty-pink

    Any September People

    There are going to be lots of us on September 25!
  20. pretty-pink

    Any September People

    Me too!!
  21. pretty-pink

    Feel Horrible

    So sorry this happened to you!! Would you feel better to postpone surgery a month or so? Physically AND emotionally.

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