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  1. pretty-pink

    Dr. Alvarez

    So I was wondering about the ice there. Susan said we drink bottled Water at the hospital, but what about the ice chips post op? I'm at the point where I am having all kinds of random questions in my head! Lol!
  2. pretty-pink

    Dr. Alvarez

    So who is going to be in Piedras Negras the last week of September? My date is Tuesday the 25th. It's getting so close!!
  3. pretty-pink

    The Stuff They Don't Tell You

    Butterthebean - you may have been having bladder spasms & that's why you had problems going.
  4. pretty-pink

    Macho Cheese Doritos

    What great ideas you all come up with! I am now working on the "shart-proof" undies and eye bleach to take to the Shark Tank! LOL!
  5. pretty-pink

    Man Gettingfrustrated

    How much coconut oil do you take?
  6. pretty-pink

    Finally Got A Date!

    IPrincess- congratulations & best of luck to you! We are same day!
  7. Thanks Liss! that makes me feel better!
  8. pretty-pink

    Day 3 Post Op

    Iggychic - so sorry you have had a rough time! Hang in there, it will get better. What happened that you lost so much blood?
  9. Lissa- how soon after your surgery did you start working out? I am scheduled for 9/25 and am trying to do more walking but as my weight has gone up my feet hurt more and more.
  10. pretty-pink

    Personal Trainer

    Good for you!! Have fun!
  11. Lovenox injection needles are very small. It doesn't hurt, more like a pinch if you do it right. Thumb & forefinger about 2-3 inches apart, pinch up the skin FIRMLY (that kind of numbs the spot), clean & inject. It may burn a little after but DON'T rub or scratch the spot. It also helps to take a deep breath and exhale as you inject. Good luck!
  12. pretty-pink

    Finally Got A Date!

    Princess- who is your surgeon?
  13. pretty-pink

    Chia Seeds Are Da' Bomb! Literally :)

    How soon after surgery can you start the chia seeds?
  14. pretty-pink

    This May Be Inappropriate, Forgive Me :)

    Had a patient once who referred to the area as her "precious". Gave a whole new perspective when I saw "lord of the rings"!!
  15. WOW!! thanks for some great & helpful info! It can be very confusing protein shopping. OTR - you have helped me more than you know as I am standing in the store aisles! :-))
  16. pretty-pink

    Scheduled Dates For Sept

    September 25 with Dr Alvarez in Piedras Negras!
  17. A good friend had her sleeve done by him in mid-April. She is down about 60#. Best of luck!!
  18. pretty-pink

    Need Puree Ideas

    Thanks MK!
  19. pretty-pink

    Egg Drop Soup?

    Thanks Robyn!
  20. pretty-pink

    Any September People

    Me too!! Who is your surgeon? I am using Dr Alvarez. September 25 will be here before we know it!!!
  21. pretty-pink

    Pre Pre-Op Diet

    LOl!! LOL!!
  22. pretty-pink

    Scar Creams?

    Anybody have comments on Bio-Oil? Their ads say for scar lightening.
  23. pretty-pink

    Egg Drop Soup?

    Why no corn starch?

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