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  1. I had my surgery 9/25 too! I am on clear liquids until Thursday, 2 weeks of full liquids, then soft/ pureed for another week. Fortunately, I am doing great getting enough in and have not had any problems swallowing my drinks! I have one sore incision that is today so much better. BUT, head hunger has ahold of me and it is really hard. Had to go to the grocery store today - boy, EVERYTHING looked & smelled yummy!! Went straight home to have my broth & Popsicle - disaster averted!! But there are some Macho Doritos that I would SO love to lick!!! I am concentrating on just my fluid intake this week & will start on my protein at the next stage.
  2. pretty-pink

    Explain Your Name!

    My favorite color is pink. I love roses, especially pink ones. Plus I will look better in pink when I reach goal! Basic, but dumb!
  3. I'm post op day 1 today and doing great! Dr Alvarez did my surgery. All my caregivers have been great! Getting scheduled meds for pain (torodol) & zofran for nausea. Small bit of pain at largest incision - sharp twinge when I move funny. Started ice chips this am - yummy!! Very happy so far with the whole experience! How are you other 9/25 sleevers doing?
  4. Let me tell you guys having trouble with your protein shakes that these syrups are a godsend!! I am still pre op, but I add 2 tablespoons to my protein powder & whatever mixing liquid I'm using, and usually one other flavoring item (fruit, PB2, etc) and so far they are a breeze to get down! My favorite so far is peanut butter & banana, but I made a chocolate English toffee that was pretty yummy and fruity slushy-type using cherry & pineapple syrup with strawberry protein powder and some frozen raspberries - delish! They have been a huge help for me pre op!
  5. pretty-pink

    September 25Th Sleevers!

    I am the 25th also in Mexico with Dr Alvarez. I worked last night and drove halfway thru Texas. I think I have EVERYTHING! broth, Popsicles, Isopure's, mio's to help the Isopure's, baby spoons and little dishes, mug warmer, heating pad, Biotin, gas-x - I feel a little OCD!! I am nervous but excited in a tummy rolling mix! Best wishes to everyone for fast painless healing!
  6. I started my process mentally last January and decided to go self pay route in Mexico in May-June. My surgery is this Tuesday, 9/25. I needed time to prepare myself and that included several food funerals! I know that puts my weight up some before my surgery, BUT I am now completely at peace with never having another pepsi or junk food again because of those food funerals. And I am happy to say I have lost 20# from my pre op full liquid diet! :-)
  7. BrickHouse- Looove it! OTR- what a great idea! I'm adding it to my new "recipe" file! I was a HuGE pepsi addict but I was able to wean myself by gradually substituting crystal lite drinks made a little stronger. They fill my mouth with the type of intense flavor I got from the pepsi minus the carbonation and caffeine. I am proud to say I have not had a pepsi in about a month now AND have NO desire for one!
  8. pretty-pink

    Workout Dvds

    Does your college have a fitness center? That would be convenient and maybe you could go with some friends too!
  9. pretty-pink


    It REALLY does get easier! I am in my third week of my 2 week full liquid pre op. I won't lie and say I wasn't hungry at times and I have had some crazy cravings for carbs, but overall I have done ok AND I am down 20# with 5 more days to go! You can do it!
  10. pretty-pink

    Pb2 Is Awesome In A Protein Shake!

    If you use the sugar free Torani banana flavored syrup it makes a delish peanut butter & banana shake! It's one of my favorites so far!
  11. The sugar free Torani flavored syrups are life savers for me! I make a peanut butter banana protein shake with the PB2 & banana syrup which I LOVE, yesterday I made a choc English toffee shake which was good & today a raspberry/strawberry shake with a small splash of pineapple & cherry syrups. It's fun experimenting with flavors! And I don't taste the "whey" in them :-)
  12. Nursgirl - who did your surgery in Mexico?
  13. OMG! Me too! I just welled up over a car commercial! :-p I am scheduled for next Tuesday also - I don't know how I will handle this next week and my rollercoasting emotions! Is it the low carbs or is estrogen already seeping out of my cells? I wish I could spend this next week in bed with the covers pulled up. Lol.
  14. pretty-pink

    Disgusted By Others Eating

    A few weeks ago, I was getting report on my patients for the night from a skinny young kid. He referred to one of the patients as "Jabba the Hut". Turned out, the patient was undergoing workups in preparation for WLS. You never know where people are on their journey. If someone had watched me during one of my frequent food funerals I know they would have been disgusted, I was (just a little :-)) too. But I needed that in my process. I think it is like the pregnancy thing - we are paying so much more attention to food now than probably any other time in our life so that we are hypersensitive to food & eating around us. All of us on the WLS path are SO very fortunate that we have choices. I know that not everyone has these choices available to them. There but for the grace of God...
  15. pretty-pink


    I am wondering if anybody that went to Mexico for their VSG has had any problems with infection? If so, what kind and where? Is this even tracked by the surgeon since so many people come from the US/Canada? I am still trying to determine my surgeon and this is probably the biggest factor in my decision. Thanks in advance for any input!
  16. What about some Ginger tea? Ginger helps with nausea, so maybe sipping on a cup while getting ready for work would help. Good luck!
  17. pretty-pink

    How Long To Take Off Work?

    I work 7p to 7a as a floor nurse in a cardiac hospital. There is a lot of heavy lifting & pulling of patients. I am taking 8 weeks so that I am prepared mentally as well as healed physically.
  18. I am a self-pay going to Mexico. I have an appointment with my PCP later this week. I want lab drawn as a baseline so I will know how I am doing down the road. What do you or your doctor check 3, 6, 12 months out from your surgery?
  19. I am going to Dr Alvarez in Piedras Negras on September 25! :-) :-)
  20. Being so flexible I can actually BE a contortionist! Lol!
  21. I'm going to assume most people mean well. For some, that means mentioning weight loss. For others, they aren't comfortable bringing it up. I think they are uncertain how the recipient (us) will take it, so they'd rather say nothing and be "safe".
  22. pretty-pink

    It's Official - I Am A Member

    I am so happy that you are so happy! :-) I am looking forward to being where you are in a very short time!
  23. pretty-pink

    So Sad I Cannot Breathe

    It is very possible she is taking drugs. Nurses DO have access and the impaired nurse is a big problem in the profession. I agree she needs evaluating. Good luck getting that for her. Praying for your family!

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