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    Kraze Gamer Girl reacted to DanaInNewOrleans in What has changed to speed up my weight loss?   
    I really enjoyed reading your post. Very interesting!
    With regards to fats...Dr. Atkins, who was THE low carb guru loooong before the latest craze in the last 20 years, always stressed that low fat / high carb diets were the road to obesity. Of course, everyone's body is different. For me, low carb was the my answer and my salvation 12 years ago. I lost 160 pounds on Atkins and I believe that had I been informed about it 20 years before that, I would not have had the struggle with morbid obesity that consumed my life.
    I have kept the majority of those 160 pounds off, I believe, because I never went back to a high carb lifestyle. In my normal everyday life I avoid carbs. Yes, I have gained back about 60 of those 160 pounds over the last 6 years but I really attribute it to body set points, hormones and not being quite as strict with my low carb way of life. I feel like the gastric sleeve will be an additional tool for me along with my low carb philosophy.
    Congratulations on your success! My surgery is the 21st and hope it will put me back on the road to losing weight.

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