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    RIYAHSMOMMY reacted to jennifer1 in Almost There   
    best wishes on your journey. i have a love/hate relationship with my band, but we're on good terms right now! lol
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    RIYAHSMOMMY reacted to Ivowtodoit in Almost There   
    Best wishes I hope everything go okay, I'm going for my first siminar on Monday
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    RIYAHSMOMMY reacted to waitnsee in Almost There   
    Wonderful, I was banded 3 years and I love my band. It's only a too, but it sure has been worth it. Have you seen my video. If not let me know and I will send you my video or info on how you can view it. Make sure you get a good multivitamin. I have been taking mind since 2009 and I do some other all natural stuff. I can tell you this will change your life for ever, it will be work so stay connected lady. Enjoy the journey. Val
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    RIYAHSMOMMY reacted to waitnsee in Surgery Date Set   
    Girl you will be fine. I wish you the best. No matter what stay in the race. I have lost 108 pounds so if I can do it you can to. go to youtube, and type in youjuswaitnsee, just like that and look at my video. That is my journey. Still working on it. I take a lot of all natural stuff that has truly helped me with this wonderful tool. I only had 3 fills in 2 years, I put it in my mind and GOD has given me strength to stay in the race. Peace and Blessings. Hey can you get on the chat. Something is going on over here.
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    RIYAHSMOMMY reacted to downhomechik in Day 1...here Goes Nothing   
    I had a problem with any powdered form of protein. They all seemed to have an after taste? I like EAS drinks and they are cheap but only if really cold; prefer the vanilla but the strawberry is not bad.
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    RIYAHSMOMMY reacted to ☠carolinagirl☠ in Day 1...here Goes Nothing   
    you will do fine. i use whey isolate from walmart. i like the cookies and creme and the chocolate. i put mine in freezer (and use fat free skim milk) and its nearly like having a milkshake.
    how are you doing otherwise??
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    RIYAHSMOMMY reacted to abivins in Day 1...here Goes Nothing   
    You will be fine beleive me I thought that I could not, But you will surprise yourself and Walmart has lots of good choices for reasonable that taste great:0)
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    RIYAHSMOMMY reacted to ImMaria01 in Day 1...here Goes Nothing   
    You can do it! Just remember the reason for the pre-op diet. Not only so your liver won't be harmed during the operation, but think of the diet as a dress-rehearsal for the important post op diet. I'm almost two weeks post op and can tell you that it is sooo worth it! Good luck to you and let us know how it goes.
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    RIYAHSMOMMY reacted to RahRahRah in One Day At A Time: Day 1   
    Im so glad you joined, Traci!!
    I read your blog post and I can feel all what you are saying because I am there myself. I hope you stay excited and when things get you down, know that you can turn to people on LapBand Talk to listen.
    Keep blogging! I want to know more about whats going on with YOU!
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    RIYAHSMOMMY reacted to dee257 in Buddies Apply Here!   
    Good Luck to you....I to woke up with a great out look on it all....I told myself if i want to loose faster..I have to work harder...so I set my alarm for a hr early and I went for a good fast walk ( with out the kids) and I am going to work extra hard on portion control......OOO i use fitness pal and logged it out early in the night and told myself...I was done no going back and adding to it....fingers crossed it worked....God is Good !
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    RIYAHSMOMMY reacted to Lady Sith in Day One Pre Op Diet   
    My first day was hard. My liquid diet is 1 Premire Protein for breakfast and 1 for lunch. Dinner I can have soup. Lots and Lots of water in between. This was very hard for me because I was used to just eating anything and everything. My 2nd day was better not by much but I know as the days pass it will be better. Today is my day 3 and I'm feeling great! Jumped on the scale this morning and lost 4 lbs. I know its only 4 lbs but I'm headed in the right directions. Keep Strong and best of luck to you!!!

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