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  1. No :-( ((hug)) I had the hardest time quitting. It is rough right now, but it DOES get better, I promise!
  2. JenniJune

    Fair Food

    If your tummy is ready for it, turkey legs are usually a good choice :low carb, high protein, and relatively low fat. Sounds like you made a great choice, though!
  3. JenniJune

    Early Soft Foods

    We come to this site for support, and support comes in many forms. I think the concern is, no matter how you look at it, the OP DID go against doctor's orders by introducing soft foods early. If she had talked to him before hand and gotten permission, that's one thing, but she didn't. That is something that frightens a lot of us because of all the complications that can follow. It ended well for her, thank God, but for some it doesn't. And yes, there have been deaths linked to leaks that occur as a result of proceeding the diet too early. I cannot post these as I am on my phone, but feel free to google the subject. Yes, respect is important, but sometimes support isn't sugar coated and isn't a pat on the back but a dose of reality. I urge anyone thinking about advancing early to speak with your doctor or nut first. Guidelines are there for a purpose.
  4. JenniJune

    Sample Menu

    I'm on soft foods, so my typical day is like this: B- Protein shake S- Babybell cheese L- Seafood salad or tuna/chicken salad S- Protein Shake or yogurt D- Moist meat and soft veggies I try to eat something every 2-3 hours.
  5. JenniJune


    HA!!! I can't wait for that too!! LOL
  6. JenniJune


    I just shaved my legs. I haven't shaved my legs in 3 years. That is all.
  7. JenniJune

    Anyone Regret It?

    Some days I do, but those feelings are based on my own food addiction. But I am less than a month out, and this is when things are hardest: you can't eat what you want, some days it's hard to eat at all. BUT, every week it gets easier. So I know that week 5 will be better than week 4, and week 12 will be better than week 11. So with that in mind, I know that there will be no regrets: I'm losing steadily, and my husband has even noticed a difference. I am getting healthy.
  8. Best advice I can give you is to check with your surgeon: they all have different rules and guidelines so what info you get here may be way different than what your doc says. Mine wanted to make sure I was on birth control before he did the surgery (I'm on mirena).
  9. I'm very surprised about being on regular food to that extent as well. I'm 4 weeks and struggling with the soft foods! And I was told no fresh fruit or veggies for at least 6 weeks. I would lay off the carbs: that may trigger more loss. Wrap a string cheese in a piece of ham and dip it in the mustard. Good luck!
  10. JenniJune

    Whats Wrong With Me?

    Unless you're gaining, don't worry about it. Think about this: WITHOUT the sleeve would you be losing at all? You're doing everything right and the scale WILL move.
  11. JenniJune

    Cooking Smaller Amounts..?

    Thank you guys! Those are some great tips!
  12. JenniJune

    Cooking Smaller Amounts..?

    I love to cook, and my husband and I are planning on cooking healthy meals together. Since my kids won't eat half of what I cook anyway, we need to make about 1/3 of what I used to cook. Any tips on how to do this without wasting things like pre packaged veggies, meat, etc?

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