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  1. anais02

    6/18/2012 Surgery Date!

    you are so lucky, if you don't mine asking what is your bmi?
  2. anais02

    Pre Op Diet

    Its good to hear that all you guys are doing it..... I am diabetic and even though i haven't start mine yet, i know is going to be hard. When i got the diet from my cordinator i try it for one day and it was bad, i got so sick and drepressed that i gave up. my sugar levels when down it was such a bad feeling that i was not able to do it. The sad is part was that i try to contact my doctor and no luck the cordinator was not able to tell me what to do, even worst.... The good new was after no luck on my prior doctor or cordinator i decide to look for another doctor, I did and this doctor told me that i only have to do it for 3 days, i con only do yogurt any kind, protein shakes and suger free yello which i think is going to work for me.
  3. Hi all. Can any one share there experience with Dr. Ponse de Leon?
  4. thank you candyman, is good to know that dr. ponce takes cc.
  5. You can paid with credit card? or does it have to be in cashiers check?
  6. Hi all, I can't do this, today was my first day for my pre-op diet!!!!! and I was not able to do it. During the morning i was great I drank my shake good, by 2pm i finish a 1 Litter water bottle witch in my hole life i have never dont it. By 3pm OMG i was sick, i was feeling shaky, i was in a bad mood, i have a big my head was hurting, by 3:30 i felt i was going to faint if i didn't eat. ( i wash shaky and sweety ) So I had to run to subway i bought my self a 6" ham sand with all the veggis. I didn't eat the bread but i eat the ham, lettuce, tomato, OMG that help...... This is only my first day and i already feel like a looser. I am afraid that i am going to be able to make it, the whole 2 weeks. man iam a big looser
  7. Thank all for your respond. I have e-mail my doc, it may sound funny but i don't have his number good thing i found his e-mail. You may wonder why i don't have his number ( i have set up my surgery thru a (broker) witch i have send her and e-mail and let her know how i felt. I waiting for her respond.) I am having my surgery done by Dr. Garcia if any one who has done the surgery??? and have his number a will great appreciated if they can post it. Thank you
  8. Thank you sophie. YES Accourding to my diet list I can only drink 2 protein shakes during the day and a chicken or egg salad for dinner! I am type 2 diabetic, I have never felt all the things i felt today. It makes since that by not eating my sugar just drop.
  9. anais02

    Flying To San Diego At 4Am

    pryers are on your way.....
  10. Hi, What agencies (cordinators) are u working with?
  11. Hi to all. I am not a sleeve yet an i am shooting for June 25, 2012 but I have 2 dilemas 1. what Dr. Do I choose Dr. Fernando Garcia (witch i had the opportunity to meet back on May 5, 2012 and he took his time to explain the surgery) or Dr. Kelly which i have read so many good feed back...... 2. I need a good cordinator. Can any one give me their feed back???????
  12. anais02

    Almost Done With Full Liquid...i Want Food!

    OMG. I am not a sleeve yet till june 25 and i have not started my diet. But after readying all this post my mind is asking me are you sure you want to do this??? I'm going to be able to do it? I know the surgery will save my life but still my mind is ?????????
  13. anais02

    Pre-Op Lab Work

    LOL..... you be fine.
  14. anais02

    Pre-Op Lab Work

    That was the same question that i had too. Here is the USA they do the labs at lest 1 week before surgery, But in MX it looks like they do everyhting on the same day. I am guessing that they have the lab with the hospital and they get all the results with hours. N here they had to send you blood some where else.
  15. Nothing. funny but you're traying to stay a wake and less then 2min you are out. When is over you just hear people calling out you name and telling you to wake up that is over. Only in one of my surgery i felt when they took out the tube out of my mounth. I had many surgery in past. So don't worried cz you won't feel a thing
  16. anais02

    First Blog...ever! :)

    That is great!!! I know what you mean when you said that your husband did agree... Be we have to think that is us carring that weight and we are doing for us and our kids.
  17. anais02

    Alvarez Price Vs Us?

    finding myself.... when is yours?
  18. anais02

    Alvarez Price Vs Us?

    In Los Angeles Area your are looking at $20k to 35K and this doesn't include the labs or ekgs. For me I'M only 3hrs away from Tijuana and paying at a lot less with Dr. Garcia, which based on the reviews he has a lot of experience and all the reviews here are great. Good luck
  19. Hi. Does that are having surgery or had surgery with Dr. Garcia how much di you guys paid?
  20. anais02

    Surgery Today

  21. anais02

    Self Pay Usa

    Usually yes, Here in california I met with my doctor and the amount he gave me ($20,000) this include surgery, 1 night at hospital, all his fee. The only think i had to pay at was for the nut witch it was $250 at front and $500 for the therapist, but they the $750.00 i was paying at front i was able to deduct from 20k. The only thing that the 20k dint include was the all the labs and ekg. Now the 20k had to be paid 10 days b4 the surgery. do to all this I decide to do it in Tj. witch include everything for $5,000.00 I hope it helps. .
  22. How nice, I am a June 25 with Dr. Garcia
  23. Nice to see that I am not alone, Is any one going thrua alighterme? is they are can they share their experice? Can any one tell me if Dr. Kelly is working with them?