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  1. I loved Whataburger and probably would have stalked my poor family had they walked in the house with that during Preop. But if you noticed I use the past tense in my love for them. I had some hardcore drive through fast food love and I just don't feel that way anymore. I've even taken apart the lovey little cheeseburger and had just the patty and cheese (I'm 2 mths post op). It truly was not good to me anymore and frankly made me a little nauseous. Ditto Wolfgirl and OTR. It's hard to believe Preop, but it's soooo true!!!! I think I miss my personal memories of certain foods, but when they're in front of me now, they're a "turn off". For my future success, I hope it stays that way. I am a foodie at heart and am so happy to be preparing good guality nutritious foods for my self and family. They are very happy about it too! It also means that I have fabulous little lunches, Snacks and quick dinners "for days". I may need another freezer soon!
  2. Janedeaux3

    hi im megan and im a skow loser...

    (raises hand) Yep, that's me, a slow loser. I literally weighed the same, to the very ounce, for 6 days! I do feel changes in my size and clothes and will have to be happy with that.
  3. Janedeaux3


    Halloween is also my favorite. I look for a reason to have a costume! Thinking as I get smaller, I can have even more creative costume fun! I'd like to be Jessica Rabbit one day!! Have fun as the Incredibles! I think it's an awesome family idea!!!!!!!
  4. Janedeaux3

    Any June Sleevers?

    Our stats are so close! Surg June 25 SW 243.8 CW 216 I imagine the day I see 199 on the scale. I want to see that scale # begin with a "1"! I am pleased with my physical changes and smaller sizes. Trying not to be impatient. Best wishes!!
  5. I'm seven weeks post op and I have been living in a variety of maxi dresses! I bought several on clearance at "Ross" before surgery. I wear scrubs to work and have already gone down one size. I happily pull those draw strings tighter each week. I did have to buy a pack of panties and wearing the "as seen on tv" bras that someone mentioned above, or sports bra. I figured between the maxi dresses and scrubs, I could go for a while before having to buy new clothes. Trying to extend the budget as long as I can. Although, I can hardly wait to go shopping and really like it in the months to come!
  6. Variety of really good aged cheeses from Fresh Market/Whole Foods. Low carb, high protein and calcium rich! Mmmmmmm...
  7. Janedeaux3

    What I Ate Today!

    Break - 35 gm Protein shake lunch - 2 oz Meatloaf w mozzarella Snack - 1.5 oz French Brie dinner - Crabcake Water, herbal tea, Powerade zero, low carb milk MVI, B12, Ca++, Biotin
  8. Janedeaux3

    Disapointed In My Pcp

    ...His poor attitude obviously blinded him to how terrific you look and how you're making great strides to improve your life! Hope the drip clears soon. Can't have that taking up the room in your skinny new stomach!
  9. Best wishes to both of you! Much success and happiness to you both!
  10. In response to Gas-X not helping: Most will agree that the referred shoulder pain is likely caused by the inflation w gases during surgery and physical manipulation involved. Let us not forget that anesthesia, narcotics, and abdominal surgery cause decrease in peristalsis (natural movement of the intestines). That decrease can allow the build up or collection of gas in the bowel. We go home with more narcotics for pain and very little oral intake. The bowels may not be very quick to resume normal activity under these circumstances. While I agree Simethicone will not address nerve pain, it may address other sources of gas that can also cause referred shoulder pain. And please.... I mean no disrespect to anyone, with or without medical background. We all have opinions and most only want to offer our experiences to try and help others. I can't speak for everyone, but sometimes all it takes is a really cool looking bandaid to make some feel better.
  11. Most likely what is called "Referred Shoulder Pain", caused by gas. Very common after surgery. Your best treatment is walking, to get things moving. The body will reabsorb and pass the gas. Try drinking warm tea (soothing to the bowels), warm showers and Gas X. I found peppermint tea to be very soothing and helpful. Best wishes to you!!
  12. Janedeaux3

    Weight Loss Simulator

    That was so cool! Thanks!
  13. Janedeaux3

    Peppermint Tea

    Still enjoying my Twinings Brand peppermint tea @ 5 weeks out. mmmm

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