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    Rosikah reacted to Grek79Ital in I Need Help And Im Very Sad   
    I use Proti 15 http://www.protifoods.com/#
    Everything of theres has 15grams of Protein. I also purchase stuff from my surgeons office.
    it all taste pretty good. They have shakes, puddins, cold drinks, Hot Drinks with 15g of Protein in them
    I was sleeved on 9/18.
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    Sweetie, that's not bad in the weight loss! So now you've learned and will move on. Please forgive yourself and stop beating yourself up (that's part of the journey we have to learn - I believe we ALL do this to ourselves and used to use food as a solace, perhaps even a punishment in a way).
    I like the ready to drink Protein shakes (RTDs as they are called). I am not a chocolate fan (except usually certain times of the month, lol). My current "fav" is OH YEAH brand in vanilla cream. Strawberries and cream is good in Oh Yeah's too! Oh yeah's are 220 calories/32 g of Protein and usually about 2 g of sugar per 14 oz bottles. They also have an 8 oz bottle for the vanilla creams that is 130 calories and 18 g of protein per bottle, fyi.
    Pure protein is another brand that I enjoy. They come in actual cans but fyi the protein they use is a blend of whey and caseinate which some ppl say isn't as good as whey protein (but it's really how caseinate protein is absorbed, it takes longer to absorb in your body supposedly). Those cans are generally about 170 calories/35 g protein and about 2-4 g of sugar in each maybe 11 oz can. I like the Cookies and cream kind in that brand and the bananas and cream is ok as well (didn't care for their strawberry and the mint Cookies and cream got a bit minty half way thru the can).
    Also, Premier Protein in vanilla is a good IMO too (that's 160 calories/30 g of protein and maybe 1 g sugar). They are 11 oz per container.
    Maybe I'm lazy, but I like the RTds - easy to grab and go and you know exactly what carbs/sugar/etc are in there as well as calories and protein.
    Hope that helps you! I do have some shake recipes if you want the old fashioned blender versions too!
    Just pls forgive yourself and move on... it's a learning experience hon. You are rocking it with 50 lbs in 5 months - AND you won't have saggy skin from loosing too fast (it's all about perspective lol) Best of luck! xxx
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    Rosikah reacted to missmeow in I Need Help And Im Very Sad   
    When you are short and/or have less to lose, you lose slower. I'm in your same club (hobbit sized) and I think you are doing great. Maybe instead of focusing on eating less, or eating more low calorie fake foods, exercise more and boost your metabolism. It might be enough to kick your system into losing.
    Think about it this way, you're about 20lbs from your goal in 5 months. That's 10lbs a month! This is good!!!
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    Rosikah reacted to UK Cathy in I Need Help And Im Very Sad   
    Typical day:
    1 Protein shake
    Breakfast: 100g Greek yoghurt & fresh raspberries
    Lunch: ham, cheese, Tomato, coleslaw
    Dinner: chilli(made with ground turkey), cheese, gem lettuce - make chilli wraps using the lettuce
    SF jelly
    I use my fitness pal to work out Protein, cals etc. I have 1000-1100 cals and average 100g of protein
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    Rosikah reacted to klscott74 in I Need Help And Im Very Sad   
    I have been using the herbalife healthy meal shakes to increase my Protein intake (this is a Meal Replacement shake). Also my dr and dietician have told me to avoid fruits as much as possible since they are high is sugars. Down 77 at 6 months but probably started at a much higher weight 107 total.
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    Rosikah reacted to millboh in I Need Help And Im Very Sad   
    I use isoflex brand Protein mix. We have a store called absolute nutrition. (Alabama). I mix a scoop with my coffee every morning. About 18 oz. They have several different flavors all 110 calories a scoop. I'm hooked on this daily!
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    Rosikah reacted to UK Cathy in I Need Help And Im Very Sad   
    6 months out and 57lb.
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    Rosikah reacted to Threetimesacharm in I Need Help And Im Very Sad   
    You might consider adding some other fruit than banana which is very high in sugar, carbs. How about berries: strawberries, blueberries, raspberries.
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    Rosikah got a reaction from BJGOODY in I Need Help And Im Very Sad   
    Thank u all I felt do bad I just now need to start looking for something healthier to drink I'm my mornings
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    Rosikah reacted to Forensikchic in I Need Help And Im Very Sad   
    I drink the banana muscle milk exclusively.. I love the cake batter too but the banana RTD is awesome. Its lower in carbs too. I have had no trouble with my loss and I have used it in the mornings for about a year now. Quick, convenient and sold in GNC and HEB if they have that store where you are! Good luck and you are doing great! Dont get discouraged!
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    Rosikah reacted to bean406 in I Need Help And Im Very Sad   
    I tried MANY kinds of shakes and finally found one I like...it's called Chike. http://www.chikenutrition.com/. I understand your frustration with feeling like it's coming off slow--I'm in the same boat. Tomorrow is my 5 month mark as well and I have been stalled for the past 5 weeks. I have definitely let sugar and other bad things creep back into my diet...not on purpose of course but--well, old habits are really tough to break.
    On a positive note, our weight is going in the right direction. Keep on truckin' and doing your best and good things are bound to happen.
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    Rosikah reacted to chitowngirl in I Need Help And Im Very Sad   
    If ur having such a hard time finding a healthy Protein Drink, I would suggest you try to reach your Protein goals without the drinks. I'm 6 months post op and while I will have an occasional 1-2 shakes a week. I do get all of my protein from food. It is challenging, but it can be done I was at 800 calories for 60g but per my doctors request I am now at 75g and about 950 calories.
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    Rosikah reacted to delta_girl in I Need Help And Im Very Sad   
    I love the Banana Cream Isopure Protein Powder. To me it tastes more like banana flavor than other products made to taste like them. I really, really like banana flavor, so it works for me so well that I usually have them 2x a day.
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    Rosikah reacted to SouthernSleever in I Need Help And Im Very Sad   
    You are 5 months out, why are you still doing shakes? Those won't keep you full as much as solid foods. I'd go more low carb and if you insist on doing shakes Premier Protein is the best.
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    Rosikah reacted to O.T.R. sleever in I Need Help And Im Very Sad   
    Judging from the ingredients in the shake in your original post I'd recommend Chike banana flavor and a bit of PB2. I'm sure it won't be a perfect match and it is a bit higher in calories that I prefer, but it does have that rich taste you'll like & it is prodomanantly a whey Protein isolate. As far as anybody claiming any shake is the "best", the best is a pure whey protein isolate. Anything else might be someone's "favorite" but it is assuredly not the "best".
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    Rosikah reacted to Supersweetums in I Need Help And Im Very Sad   
    First of all, you have done great! You have lost 10lbs a month, which is fantastic. You can't compare yourself to others, there are just too many variables.
    Secondly, if you like your Protein powder, I would stick with it. Everything in your shake is healthy (if you are using plain PB). If you want to try and cut a few calories from it, try the powdered Peanut Butter like someone else said (PB2) or you can buy Peanut Butter flavor Torani sugar free syrups. I might get flack for this, but I believe there are healthy carbs and unhealthy carbs. From day one, I never cut out food groups to cut carbs. I knew I couldn't go the rest of my life never eating fruit or drinking milk. It is the refined carbs that are killers (think white). You need to find something that works for you!
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    Rosikah reacted to makemyownluck in I Need Help And Im Very Sad   
    I love muscle milk, french vanilla rtd is great and i can add things for flavor. I like chai powder (found a sugar free mix at world market) or i also do coffee extract for a cappucino flavor. Ive also added sugar free raspberry Syrup. World market has a huge selection of sugar free turano syrups.
    Also, muscle milk has a banana cream flavor that is very banana-y. Banana isnt my favorite bit i like it enough to have once in a while. They also make Peanut Butter extract if you really like that flavor combo. A couple drops of extract goes far and adds 0 calories or carbs!
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    Rosikah reacted to allnewme in I Need Help And Im Very Sad   
    For me any ready to drink shake is nasty, way too sweet! I use only Unjury Protein powders, they are top quality medical protein. You can order canisters or packets. If you leave out the banana, and use PB2, you should be fine. Add some banana extract ( you can find it in baking supply stores) and they have tons of other flavors. You can make something similar but cut way back on the calories and carbs.
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    Rosikah reacted to Mini Me Wanna~Be in I Need Help And Im Very Sad   
    I was having a problem with protien shakes also when I was trying to lose weight, but I found one that I actually like. I'm not normally a"vanilla or chocolate" person but I found that EAS has a chocolate fudge drink thats really good it has only a few carbs 1g of sugar and more protien than slot of the nasty tasting shakes. I get mind st my local Sams club and they are very affordable. Its worth a try. Good luck in your venture :}
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    Rosikah reacted to Charlotte in I Need Help And Im Very Sad   
    Here is a list of drinks that help me get my Protein. I hope you find one that you like I think there are 198 shakes on it.
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    Rosikah reacted to Kathy's New Life in I Need Help And Im Very Sad   
    I have a milk allergy and can't use most of the Whey Protein Shakes. I love the Jay Robb Egg Protein shakes, all flavors. They are great with Water, soy milk or almond milk.
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    Rosikah reacted to Ella_LaFlame in I Need Help And Im Very Sad   
    Protein Shakes can be so gross. I do Protein Bars found some that range from 15-30 grams of Protein a bar. much better than nasty shakes.
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    Rosikah reacted to Jenhort in I Need Help And Im Very Sad   
    you could try PB2 it is a Peanut Butter powder only 45 cals per serving. It helps when you crave that peanut butter taste. I add it to my shakes or plain greek yogurt or even spread it on a lo cal bread.
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    Rosikah reacted to takroom in I Need Help And Im Very Sad   
    I like the Pure Protein Shakes (ready to drink) from Walmart. I take the Vanilla flavored shake, add half a banana, a few drops of vanilla extract, add ice & blend. They are low calorie & taste good. Hope this helps