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    NenaLinda reacted to SensationallySassyT in May   
    You look amazing! I can't wait to see your transformation~ Only a few more days~}}}}
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    NenaLinda reacted to aroundhky in 3. 144   
    You were sexy then too!
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    NenaLinda reacted to welittle1 in week0.JPG   
    You are shaped just like me only I think I might be shorter...5'...please let me know how your journey is going!
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    NenaLinda reacted to kellyw74 in Loving life :-)   
    Look at you!! WOOH HOO!!
    kelly ;)
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    NenaLinda reacted to sleeve 4 me in Loving life :-)   
    Looking good girl
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    NenaLinda reacted to ouroborous in lizzi619   
    This is an amazing change; you've made such tremendous progress!
    Not only are you much slimmer than your "before" pictures, but you look younger, too -- isn't it weird how that works? I know that most people seem to drop 5-10 years when they drop the weight, and you're no exception.
    Keep up the great work!
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    NenaLinda reacted to simplyQuel in 2007!!!!! 186lbs   
    You look great at this weight ..Dont worry you will be back to this size in no time

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