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  1. Awesome!!! You are even more gorgeous now!! Congrats on the wonderful journey you have had!!
  2. Grammyterri

    Melba Toast & Greek Yogurt Question

    When you try Greek Yogurt.. make sure you get something like Chobani.. the Yoplat is awful.. the pineapple is my favorite!!
  3. You go girlie!!! You looked fabulous before and even more fabulous now!!! Thanks for putting pics to give us inspiration!!!
  4. Grammyterri

    Sinus Issues

    Wow.. this is so funny... I have been telling my husband that I do not know what in around my insision area that would be connected to my sinuses but something seems to be out of wack!!! LOL...Since my surgery I sneeze all the time and have to blow my nose all the time... I have been taking Zyrtec twice a day per my primary doctors suggestion....however, I went to the pharmacy yesterday and picked up some liquid childrens Benadryl and that seems to help. But I don't want to be dependent on it.. I hope some of the "Older Sleevers" can tell us if they had the same issues and can hopefully tell us when this will end.
  5. Grammyterri

    At 8 Weeks What Were You Eating?

    I am right at 8 weeks and I eat pretty much what I want... just in a lot smaller portion than I used to... don't get me wrong.. no junk food.. but I try to stay with no fry and a lot less carbs... just make sure you chew really well...that is the most important part..and not to fast... hope this helps.
  6. Grammyterri

    Terrified Of Anaesthesia!

    You will be fine.. I too was terrified... I had never been put to sleep either.. and had a fear of waking up during and not being able to tell them I was awake and feeling everything.. I told everyone around me who would listen..LOL..so when they came in to get me ready for the OR.. they gave me a "Margarita" as they called it.. thought this is nothing.. don't feel a thing... got to the OR..moved over to the "teeny tiny" table.. I remember one nurse loosely strapping down one arm as the other said.. "OK,..here is your second Margarita".. that was all I remember.. they really had me under.. took 2 hours to get me awake!!! But was the best sleep I have had in a long time.. so just think about the great sleep you are going to have!!!
  7. Grammyterri

    Hey All

    You go girlie!!! I am so proud of you for what you have accomplished so far... Can not wait to hear more!!! Keep up the good work.. you are doing Fantastic!!!
  8. Grammyterri

    What's Unique About Being A 50S Sleever?

    I too decided to have surgery now because of medical mostly.. and physical so I could keep up with my grandchildren along with having fun again and not worrying if I can fit in a seat somewhere....I will be in 52 in Nov.. and hope to be at a major milestone by then.. for those of you who have not had your surgery yet.. I will tell you that the day I went in the hospital I was a diabetic taking 4 pills a day and was taking a water pill to relieve the swelling in my legs.. I had my sleeve surgery on April 9th and on April 11th when I left the hospital.. I have not taken any more diabetic meds or water pill.. I have seen my primary doctor and he is thrilled to say the least.. Heck.. I am thrilled... so the weight I am going to be loosing is just icing on the cake.. so hang in there and I just know all of you will be thrilled too.. Monday will be 7 weeks and I am down 47 lbs... my next "hump" that I am going for is my CPAP machine!! I want it gone!! So hanging in there until then!!
  9. Grammyterri


  10. You look awesome!!! I am so proud for you!!! Thanks for sharing your pictures.. I am always curious as to how much people have changed during their journey. Keep up the good work..
  11. Grammyterri

    Lunch Meat On Soft Diet?

    I had my surgery on 4/9/12. I went back to work on 5/7/12. I got Sara Lee low sodium deli turkey sliced thin (wanted Jenny O but our Walmart no longer carries it). I also got light Laughing Cow cheese...different flavores. For my lunch I bring 2.5 oz of turkey and 1-2 wedges of cheese. I spread the cheese on the turkey and roll it up and it is very delicious and I am getting my protein in. It is very easy to chew and I even got the buffalo style and had no problems with it. Hope this helps.

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