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  1. ChristyLove

    H Pylori

    I am so sorry. That is a bummer.
  2. I will have my test tomorrow. Do you think the results will hold up the results
  3. I have to have this test also. Is there anything about this test that may delay surgery? I am having my test tomorrow and my surgery next week.
  4. ChristyLove

    I Am 12 Hours Post Op

    How do you feel? What's your enegry level like? Is it to soon to tell if you feel smaller?
  5. ChristyLove

    July 2Nd Is My Day! 29 More Days But Who's Counting

    Last day of school yeahhhh boy
  6. ChristyLove

    Calling Fellow Teachers!

    I hoping the same thing. However, if it doesn't work out I am just going to say I am on a liquid diet to lose some weight. It will be so busy when school starts a protein shake will help me to eat better anyway. This pre-op diet is hard, hard , hard. I use to be more focus , What happened to my will power. LOl
  7. ChristyLove

    July 2Nd Is My Day! 29 More Days But Who's Counting

    I am July 3rd. I just started organizing my house and doing last minutes projects to keep me busy. I am excited but I am also praying all goes well. This is a big decisison I am to be focus. I can't seem to get this pre-op down packed
  8. ChristyLove

    Calling Fellow Teachers!

    today was my last day 13 more days for surgery
  9. ChristyLove

    Protein Bars

    The Oh Yeah! is my favorite brand protein bars
  10. ChristyLove

    Counting Down

    Congrats! When you have a chance can you scan it and post it.
  11. ChristyLove

    July Sleevers

    2 school days left for me
  12. ChristyLove

    July Sleevers

    I have been looking for the same book. I tried downloading it, No success. I guess I will have to order it.
  13. Well , I finally got approvaled and did most of my pre op testing today. Sonogram tomorrow, and camera down my stomach next week.
  14. ChristyLove

    Protein Bars

    My favorite protein bars are the Oh Yeah! brand
  15. I am doing the liquid pre op diet. I start tomorrow. What has been your biggest challenge on the liquid diet?
  16. ChristyLove

    July Sleevers

    Wow that is great! I start my pre op tomorrow
  17. ChristyLove

    Always Hungry

    I was told that sometimes your body mixes up being thirsty with hungry. Next, a lot of post op people said the hunger turned out to be stomach acid and the doctor put them on an anti-acid.
  18. ChristyLove

    July Sleevers

    The count down has begun. 14 days 23 hours and 15 minutes left to the big day.
  19. ChristyLove

    How Can People Not See It?

    sometimes people are sensitive about their weight so others don't mention it. I have gained 69lbs over the last school year only a few mentioned how much weight I have gained. Others didn't mention it at all which has made me feel much better. Take it as a compliment that they may want to respect your privacy. Or maybe they don't want to acknowledge your success.
  20. ChristyLove

    Milk Of Magnesia... Eeww!

    I was told to check in at 11:45am for 1:45 pm
  21. ChristyLove

    Milk Of Magnesia... Eeww!

    I will have a late surgery and I afraid of waiting all day without eating.
  22. ChristyLove

    July Sleevers

    I have 3 days left until school is over. Thank goodness

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