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  1. I had surgery 2/8 and I can keep liquids down and am fine but I have this pressure and pain in my back right between shoulder blades. Directly behind the area between my breasts. Is this telling me I over did it?
  2. I just had be revision this morning ing from Sleeve to RYNbypass. He also fixed a hiatal hernia. I am walking amd sitting in chair, no drain but omg the headache I would when I got out of Anesthesia wasddeadle, started in neck and took over full head. They have only given me Tylenol and to radial for ( like super inprofen) pain since I woke up from surgery. It has been 4.5 hours now amd I am worried that pain will hit me and I will not be prepared, they said they will give me morphine pill if pain gets bad. What should I do?? Headache is killing me. They did give me zophrane for naseau so I am goood there. They said I will be discharge at 11am unless something occurs. Oh and they just took my blood sugars and it is 179 so they have to give me insulin but I am not a diabetic???? So confused???? HW 324 Lowest 159 Current 229 Goal 154
  3. I have started a support group on facebook for all of us February 2021 gastric bypass peeps. Message me and I will add you. My surgery is 2/8/21.... tomorrow😀
  4. I have started a private group on Facebook for all of us February revisions to connect and support each other. Message me and I will add you.
  5. I am going from sleeve to gastric on 2/8. Had sleeve in 2012 and am a bit nervous for Monday.
  6. Anyone having revision surgery this month?? I am Monday, 2/8 and would love to get a group to help accountability like I had in 2012 when I had the sleeve done. Let me know!!!
  7. aug62012

    February 2021 bypassers?

    I have surgery on Monday 2/8!!!!
  8. aug62012

    Any Va people here

    Hi everyone! I had surgery last year 8/6/12 with Dr Brengman, I had the surgery at St Mary's. it was the best thing I have ever done. Love Brengman and Dt Mary's. I have lost 130 pounds in one year. If you have any questions I am happy to answer. I wish you each the best.
  9. aug62012

    August Sleevers?! Where Ya's At?

    I have lost 96 pounds and 86 from surgery date which was 8/6/12. I can't believe it has been 6 months, sooo happy. I do not drink any calories unless I put skim milk in my coffee. I have a protein breakfast bar got breakfast. Meat and cheese stick for lunch and for dinner meat and vegetable. If a have a snack I have turkey pepporoni, beef jerkey, protein chips or apple slices.
  10. aug62012

    Any Richmond,va Sleevers?

    I had surgery at St Mary's with Dr Brengman 6 months ago!!! Best thing I have ever done for myself.
  11. aug62012

    Richmond Virginia Sleevers Around?

    Hi all! I have not been on in a while. I had surgery on 8/6/12 and am 5 1/2 months out from surgery. I have lost 89 pounds!!! I live in Chesterfield and Dr.Brengman did my surgery. He was great. He used to be with Commonwealth Surgeons but has opened his own office with his previous partner. I went to the support group at St Mary's and think it is good. I really hope that each of you is doing well, maybe we can all meet up sometime.
  12. aug62012

    Do you ever regret your surgery?

    I have not regretted it, not even the day after surgery or when I woke up in the recovery room in a lot of pain. It has been 5 1/2 months since surgery, I am down 87 pounds. 10 were from the 2 week preop diet. I am off my cpap machine and blood pressure medicine. I can shop in the regular section for clothing and feel great. I LOVE my sleeve.
  13. Surgery- 8/6 Start weight 308, weight on surgery day 294 Current weight 240 Feel fabulous, not too hungry Need to drink more liquids Losing hair I have not started doing exercise yet, need to get motivated and start walking. I love my sleeve and am so happy!
  14. aug62012

    What Am I Doing Wrong?

    I was sleeved in the same day as you!! My doc said to never eat more than 1/2 a cup of food at a time, eat only 3 times a day, and do not drink any calories. It has worked for me, I am down 42 since surgery and he is happy with the loss.