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  1. Mimi1980

    Recovery after band removal

    I've been going through this since I got my band. I can't tolerate any fill at all and even empty my band tends to tighten up so much that I can't even get liquids down for days at a time. I have a neuro disorder that flares up if I'm not properly hydrated so this has been a nightmare only 8 months post band. All my tests come back normal -- no slip, no erosion, swallowing looks fine, but doc still put me on levsin for esophageal spasms as a last ditch effort before it comes out. I'm on liquids now and in queue for removal surgery in the next few weeks.
  2. I'm not super strict with my eating, but I have way more control than I did in the past and I exercise like crazy most days so it balances out.
  3. Mimi1980

    January 2013 Bandsters!

    Your progress is amazing! 41 pounds!
  4. Mimi1980

    January 2013 Bandsters!

    I've only lost 17 lbs since surgery on 1/23 (31 lbs since pre-op diet/49 lbs overall). I'm reeeeeally struggling. I was filled with 4cc during surgery and because of some bowel issues, Water retention (which caused me to itch nonstop) and bloating which caused made it impossible for me to take my medication, my surgeon removed about 3.5 cc two weeks post op. Since then I've been hungry as hell. My food choices are bad, not terrible, but bad. I'm making way better choices than before but I know I'm not on the right track. The only thing that has kept the pounds off is exercising 50 minutes per day and drinking a lot of water. I had a 2cc fill 2 weeks ago and I go back for another one on April 3. Help! If anyone has been where I am now, please tell me how you were able to get back on track.
  5. Mimi1980

    January 2013 Bandsters!

    I got banded on January 23rd. My first fill is scheduled for February 27th. I have quite a bit of restriction with the bit of fluid that is currently in my band. I haven't been really hungry at all. I'm forcing myself to get in three meals and when I do, I feel too full. With that being said, I was down 14 pounds since surgery (28 since the pre-op diet and 46 down from my highest ever), but I've gained 4 pounds since starting soft food on Wednesday?!?!? So annoying
  6. Mimi1980

    January 2013 Bandsters!

    Please keep us posted. Feel better!
  7. Mimi1980

    January 2013 Bandsters!

    Yay babykins! Welcome to the other side. I'm glad you're feeling well!
  8. Mimi1980

    2 days post op and sad

    I totally feel your pain Annie. I was banded Wednesday and was miserable until just a day or two ago. I was in tears because the pain was so bad and I was questioning my choice. It does get better. Make sure to drink, walk and breathe.

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