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    1 year ago today I was being rolled into the Operating room thinking that this is my last chance to change my life. This is the last chance I have to get healthy and make a change for the better. This is the last chance for me to for me to stop just existing and start living. Growing up I was always the largest kid. In high school I went from being a 5 foot 8 kid to being 6 foot 4 man wearing a size 15 shoe. In high school I was athletic and worked out daily. After high school my family moved to Atlanta so my sister could receive better treatment for her MS. During my time in Atlanta I started to gain weight .I was sedentary and but still eating like an athlete. My sister lost her battle with MS and it affected my family severely. I started eating and packing on pounds , and me working a call center job working second shift did not help. In early 2011 I started looking for a way to get healthy. At this point I had not been weighed in at least 3 years. I went to the doctor and stepped on the scale and it read 540 pounds. My mother started crying uncontrollably at the doctors office, she saw 540 pounds and then saw me in a grave next to my sister. That was the day I decided that I have to have WLS, I had did diets and lost weight but it always came back. I started my journey at 540 pounds with back and joint pain, High blood pressure, borderline diabetic, and un-diagnosed sleep apnea. I was able to get down to 490 the day of surgery. I am down to 330 pounds as of today with a total loss of 210 pounds. I still have about 40-50 pounds to go but I am more than happy with my results. My life has improved so much in the last year. Physically I am able to walk for 10 minutes without my back being in knots and my joints screaming in pain. I am able to get a full nights sleep and not wake up tired. No more high blood pressure, no more back or joint pain, no longer borderline diabetic. Mentally I have become a different person also. My outlook on life is positive. I have become a stronger person inside and out. I no longer let negative people or issues get me down. I was just diagnosed with MS October 15th. Usually this would get me down especially since my family has history with this disease( my deceased sister), but I just started living again, I will not let this control my future. I am not going to stop living until I am dead- and I am not dead yet. I will you leave you guys with a quote that I live by. Stay strong and stay positive everyone.
    "Now we are the masters of our fate, That the task which has been set us is not above our strength .That it's pangs and toils are not beyond our endurance .As long as we have faith in our cause and an unconquerable will-power Salvation will not be denied us ! "- Winston Churchill
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    Week 22
    Last week’s weight – 199.4
    This week’s weight – 198.4
    Total weight lost this week – 1
    Beginning weight – 246 lbs
    Total weight loss since surgery – 47.6 lbs
    Average weekly weight loss since surgery – 2.1 lbs
    Excited that I lost 1 lb this week. My next goal is to be down 50 lbs by the time I hit the 6 month mark in a couple of weeks. That means 2.4 lbs in 2 weeks. Fingers crossed I can do it. Crossfit should help. I’ve been to two official classes and while things are greatly scaled back for me I still find it a challenging workout.
    I am going to have to stay vigilant this weekend. I have an anniversary trip I am taking with my husband and that will involve a disruption in routine, eating out, and drinking AND I am getting my period.
    On the clothing front, I bought a pair of size 18 khaki jeans at Walmart and have to wear them with wedge sandals due to the length. The combo of the long jeans and higher shoes makes me look thinned out. I got a ton of compliments today as a result! I also walked by Cato (a clothing store) and was so excited I could purchase clothes on the nonplus side of the shop. I even fit into a cute pair of size 16 black dress pants (that of course I bought).
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    I know I have not been my cheerful self lately and I am trying to figure out why. I lowered my dose of anti-depressant from 60 mg to 40 mg but I’d like to stay at the 40 mg for …Continue reading →