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  1. LDallas

    Rochester, Ny

    Hey ROC sleevers!!! How are you??? Let's update!! I have been off boards for a while now...depressing seeing some fast loser stats when my loss seems slow...! SW 10/25/12. 300 CW 225 5'10" 50/F No regrets with my sleeve. I can eat almost anythng. I was very sick in hosp for 24 hrs aft surg and wondered what i'd gotten myself in to. Re HH, it's been ok but i dont like the fact that u never see the actual surgeon again. The PA is nice but bungled some things (like calling in pain meds aft surg), and cant answer simple surg Quest like what size bougie did the dr use? Lastly, PA told me to eat 1200-1500 cal a day at my 6 mos visit and NUT says 1000-1200. At 1500 i could not lose a pound so now am on 1000 cal and startng to lose again. I hope to get to 190 lbs by surgiversary date. Hope everyone is doing great!!!
  2. Since my surg I get sleepy during the day and take a nap. It might be anything from 10 mins to an hour nap. I have the luxury of not working, so it's not a problem in that respect. Just very weird, because before surg, there's no way i could fall asleep during the day. The feeling hits me pretty quick and its overwhelming. My vit D is slightly low but everyhing else ok. My prot intake is good, too. Have any of you experienced this?
  3. I didnt know there was a Current thread!!
  4. LDallas

    Anyone else get sleepy?

    Thanks to all for posts. Actually, i was taking B12 3x week, they told me to up it to daily abt 3 wks ago and i did. They've said nothing abt Iron, but I started it today because this sleepiness reminds me of when i was anemic many yrs ago. Hopefully that will do the trick. Thanks again! SW 300 (10/25/12) CW 228 F/51 5'10"
  5. I'm not in the 60's but love is thread!!!! I'm a Jack Russell mommy. He's my 4th one. I adore JRT!! He's 14 and runs the house.
  6. LDallas

    Any success stories for the 50's group?

    Down 75 lbs. HW @dr ofc 303. VSG 10/25/12- SW 300/ CW 228. Want to lose abt 40 more and hope to by my 1 yr surgiversary! Wearing size 16/18/ L, Which is shocking to me. Back in early 2000's, i wore 34 pants and 4x tops. Lost around 80 on my own and kept it off, but needed VSG to take it the rest of the way. I wish i'd had surgery much earlier in life, but so glad i finally did it. Better late than never! If you're contemplating VSG i say GO FOR IT. F/51. 5'10"
  7. LDallas

    3 month update

    Wow you're doing great! You can sure see you're shrinking!! Keep up the good work.
  8. LDallas

    The easy part might be over for me

    Grace, hang in there. Don't get discouraged. I'm a slow loser too. As of june 25 will be 8 months post surg, i've lost 76 lbs as of today. Not complaining..but stalls have been very long, and now that food tastes good again, tummy holds more, Its dangerous! I still do a shake per day, and try to follow plan. Sometimes i cant even read these boards because i feel bad that i've not lost 100 by now like other people. Everyone is different! In the beginning i fantasized that i'd be at goal in 6 mos and its just not in the cards for me. Oh well! Slow but sure, i'll fnish the race. You can too!! Good luck! F/50 5'10" Sw 300 (date 10/25/12) Cw 227 Wearing sz 16/18 pants, 14/16 or L tops. Woo hoo!
  9. I told hubby, brother and two friends. I didnt want to explain it all, my history, struggles..didnt want people analyzing me or my meals, etc.. So now closing in on 8 mos mark, i'm down abt 75 lbs have no regrets. People started noticing at 45lb mark, and now those that haven't seen me cant believe the change. Of course they ask How? My reply is, i eat really small amts every two hours. Kind of a a half truth, because no way i could do it w/o the Food Police living in my tiny tummy. Its a personal decision to tell or not. I chose not. Good luck.
  10. LDallas

    Who can eat everything?

    I can. The only thing that does not taste right is pasta. Fruit like oranges, apples dont sit well. Otherwise, so far so good, no problems with food, esp crap food. Be careful!!
  11. LDallas

    coffee drinkers?

    coffee (& other things) tasted very weird to me for a few months. In the early days Tim Horton or Dunkin decaf went down well. Now, back to normal. I drink coffee every day, sometimes i freeze it in ice cube tray then add to choc prot powder in blender! Yum! Oh, warning to newbies! My husband accidently brought me a cup of dark roast coffee early out, and after second sip i was in big trouble. I got very sick, vomited abt 5x, nothing would stop it. That brew of coffee was just too potent and i havent tried it since! Sw 300 (10/25/12) Cw 230 F/50 5'10"
  12. I had dr forbes. I think they all lean towards GB, but i pushed for VSG.
  13. SW 300 (10/25/12) CW 230 ish F/50 5'10" -70. Wish it was more, but i'm happy with what progress i've made. Now wearing 16/18 pants and 14/16 or L tops!
  14. LDallas

    Damn you, pasta!

    Pasta is one thing that still tastes very weird to me. Used to eat it once a week. I guess this is a good thing!! Sw 300. 10/25/12 Cw. 230 F/50/5'10"
  15. LDallas

    6 Months out/losing again

    Interesting. Thank you for the detailed post. I'm stuck at around 230 and have been for weeks or months it seems. Thinking about going back like you did. Sw 300 on 10/25/12 Cw 230 50/F 5'10"
  16. It seems i am either starving or stuffed all the time, since about three mos out. It's annoying! I probably don't drink enough liquids though, and just today started back on prilosec to see if that helps. Good luck. SW 300/ CW 230. Surg 10/25/12 5'10 F/51
  17. Tmyers..try logging foods etc on My Fitness Pal. You may be surprised. My doc said if i eat less than 1300-1500 per day my wt loss will stop.. Since u are working out a lot you may need more cals. Also try to drink a lot of water. Good luck!!!!
  18. My surg was 10/25 and I am down about 70 lbs. I spent a couple mos just losing and regaining 3-5 lbs, which is so frustrating. I noticed i was grazing a lot on bad things, the dr said make sure you are eating 1500 a day (for ME). Sure enough i wasn't. I'm still on 1 shake a day, sometimes 2. Hair continues to shed but seems better now. I'm not on the boards much because i get down at others stellar progress! But will check in sometimes. Wishng everyone the best! Oh, i started at size 22/24, now the 18's are getting loose. Yay! F/51/sw 300/cw 229...ht 5'10
  19. LDallas


    Mine started falling out at month 3 and still is at month 5. I cut it about two wks ago, from well past my shoulders to barely skimming them. Google KELLY CARLSON...to see the cut. Note! I do have little new hairs sticking out everywhere, but still get a lot in hairbrush and shower. My hair is thick so no one can tell it's coming out. 50/F, I have lost 65 lbs since Oct. Dont worry about cutting!! It's Spring! Time for a new look!!!
  20. I take two Calcium Citrate Petites per day, along with 4000u vit D3 and two One a Day Petites for Women. My vit d and prot were low on last labs so i have to re do them in a couple weeks.
  21. LDallas

    Bye-bye Lane Bryant!

    Goodwill rocks! I got some beautiful gray slacks for $6.99- and the tag was still on them from Coldwater Creek @ $64.99!!
  22. LDallas

    Bye-bye Lane Bryant!

    Ok girls don't jump ship so fast!! LB runs out of mid sizes quickly, and you can find "smaller" sizes on clearance! I just ordered 18's, all on deep discount!
  23. LDallas

    Mammogram NSV's

    Thank you Ladies!
  24. Today i had my annual mammo. I was escorted to a dressing room. There were several rooms in a group, doors open, and my tech was looking into each one. Finally she stopped at one, said, "ok, go ahead and change, gown open in front, come out when you're finished changing. Bring your purse, leave your clothes." a clean pink print gown lay folded in the chair. I sadly smiled, said thanks, all the while thinking, " ah ok, she was looking for the room with the special, BIG gown in it". I put the gown on, and it fit. All the ties inside and out tied. There wasn't volumes of heavy material wrapped around me, skimming my calves. Hmmmm this is weird. When i stepped out, i see other women stepping out, all " normal" size women, and we were all wearing the SAME PINK GOWN!!! I was wearing a "regular size" gown. Not the XXXL gown, which is a dull white or gray blue color. OMG. I am wearing a normal gown. It was shocking to me. Off to the xray room we go. Again, my pre conditioned thought was " i'll have to wait while she gets the bigger plates" (you ladies know what i mean!!) nope. Normal standard glass mammogram plates. She wasnt having to use both hands like before, one positioning the boob in play, while the other shoved fatty extra tissue from the OTHER side out of her way. When i went back to the dressing room, i peeked into the open dressing rooms. Some had clothes, hanging from hooks..and the rest had clean pink print gowns folding neatly in the chairs. The tech had only been looking for an open room, not a king size gown. I shed a few tears before i left that dressing room. I'm still stunned. Maybe some of you can relate, or at least know that you'll soon have a day like this, too. All my best to each of my sleeve sisters!!! SW 10/31/12: 300 CW 238 50/F 5'10"
  25. LDallas

    October Sleevers! Announce Yourselves

    Hi! My sleeve date is October 25 2012. Sw 300/ CW 239 = 61 lbs down. I only lost 7 lbs from Jan 25 to Feb 20! ugh. I've gone back to 2 prot shakes a day, cut way back on grazing and trying to get vitamins in. Scale slowly moving now, but long way to go. My body is shrinking but boy is it sagging! Oh well..! 50/F