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  1. Wow what a difference!!! You look great.
  2. LDallas

    My enemy food.

    9 mos out here. Can't do apples, oranges, or thankfully...any type noodles or doughy bread.
  3. LDallas

    Effects of Protein Shakes

    I can only drink Lactose free or almond milk, with whey ISOLATE powder. The big tubs of powder that are not "whey isolate" bother my stomach even if mixed with lactose free milk. All the pre mixed bother me, too. BTW this was not the case before my surgery. Newbies beware..the almond milk has no protein! I like it now though, because of the low cals. VSG 10/25/12 SW 300 CW 220 51/F...5'10" Sz 22/24 to 16/L
  4. LDallas

    Best money i have ever spent

    Pattygee..yes i used my cuisinart immersion blender every day. Pureed foods and mixed my shakes. I wore it out so now using my regular blender if i do a shake. I miss my stick blender though. Esp like the other night when i made lentil soup!
  5. LDallas


    Mine was falling out mos 3-5. Nothng stopped it, but i took biotin and i think it helped grow new hairs. Good luck.
  6. This is scary! Excerpt from an article on GMA.yahoo Safety experts say seats are built for adults who weigh 180 pounds. It's unclear how much Esparza weighed, but Texas Giant does not have a weight restriction.
  7. Oh my gosh i didnt hear the part about her arguing. Regardless...it was the Park's responsibility to turn her away. Wen i saw her pic on tv the first thing i thought was "she didn't fit for that bar to come all the way down". I've been on RC at that park and i was much smaller than her (years ago) - and the bar BARELY clicked down and it was totally digging into me the whole ride...like to the point it hurt. I never rode again. Bless that family...
  8. LDallas

    Hate my NUT

    Misty, not at all. Take out the size comment and nothing abt the personality changes. I brought it up because she honestly makes frowny disgusted like faces when looking at my food diary or when answering a question or most any time i interact with her. I realize if someone is interested enough in nutrition to get a degree in it, then they most likely have lived and do live a healthy lifestyle. That's great and admirable. But it's also evident in my case, that she's never had a wt problem or struggled with food to a point of dealing with obesity and having 80% of her stomach removed to deal with it. It's like having a WW counselor that's never been overweight. I'm sure there are lovely, understanding, thin NUTS out there. And lovely, patient, understanding NUTS at have a few extra lbs on them. I dont judge ppl by their size, it was merely descriptive commentary like ("tall", "pretty" etc). A B is a B, no matter what size they are.
  9. I searched but did not find this topic. Can anyone tell me when to take my vits? Example of what i'm asking.. multi with dinner, iron in morning, D3 at bedtime?? My NUT is kind of snarky so i decided to pass on asking her anything unless it's vital. Just want to make sure i'm getting the most benefit. I heard you're not supposed to mix some things. Thanks in advance for your assistance.
  10. LDallas

    The BEST Pre-op shake recipe

    Sounds good! What is coffee extract and where do u get it?
  11. LDallas

    Hate my NUT

    I'm so glad i'm not the only one that dislikes my NUT. Same story here...grumpy, snooty, tiny, armed with pre printed crap and plastic examples of " portion sizes". Her answer to EVERY question is: "you should be following the Lifetime Meal Plan". Yah...no sh*t.
  12. Omg Lisa u look amazing!!!! Just perfect.
  13. Hi Holly! You're doing GREAT!! I love your posts! I'm back on track and slowly losing again. I'm doing abt 6 lbs a month but it all adds up. I hope to be in the 190's by Nov 1. Keep it moving Holly girl!!! You inspire me! VSG 10/25/12 SW 300 CW 222 F/51 5'10" From sz 22/24 2x/3x to 16/L
  14. LDallas

    51 and Getting Sleeved 8/8 !

    I had surg in Oct at age 50. My lifetime of obesity has left me with loose crinkly skin on my thighs, arms and a little under my chin. I don't mind though!! BP is super low now without meds (115/65) and arthritis is better. Wish i'd had this surg earlier in life. Best wishes to you. SW 300 CW 222 F/51 5'10" Sz 22/24 2x-3x to 16/L
  15. LDallas


    I want a skinny outfit frm Chicos, like that brunette lady in the commercial is wearing!!
  16. LDallas

    Celebrex - HELP!

    Teacher...was the no to cortisone because u had VSG or some other reason? I've had two injedtions in the past 2 weeks.
  17. LDallas

    Celebrex - HELP!

    My surgeon said the only NSAID i can take is Celebrex, because it's easier on the stomach. I've been on it almost daily for two mos, with no problem. Call your surgeon if you're unsure what you can and cannot take. I'm 8 mos out. PS: at one of my follow up appts early out, i ran thru a list of drugs and vitamins with my surgeon's PA, to see what was ok and not ok. These drugs were basic thing i may need down the road and i didnt want to be wondering at 10 PM standing in my kitchen, feeling crappy.. wondering if i could take something or not. These drugs, for example, were alka seltzer, pepto bismol, iron tabs, Tums, imodium, fish oil caps, Rx's like muscle relaxers, etc. Believe me it's helpful to have this info ready when you need it. I won't supply the answers yay or nay that i was given because your doc may say something different than mine! Good luck.
  18. Yay October Sleevers!!! VSG 10/25/12 SW.....300 CW... 222 F/51... 5'10" From sz 22/24 2x/3x. To 16/L Hope to be at 190 by surgiversary!
  19. I think i'm going to SNAP if one more person says this to me!!!!! (regarding my 80 lb wt loss). My response has been,"not really because i didn't feel bad, before". So irritating! People assume if you're overweight you're in terrible health and feel awful all the time. It would be nice if they'd just say you look good, or that's fantastic..or something like that. Whew! Thank goodness for this RANT section! LOL
  20. Hilarious! Me too!!! My poor hubby i have actually woken him up, saying..."wake up! Roll over!! Do you have this??!?" as in, collar bone, hip bone, inner thigh bone...because i feel it on me and freak out thinking it's a tumor or something. Vsg .10/25/12 Sw 300/CW 222 F/51... 5'10"
  21. VSG 10/25/12 SW 300 CW 222 F/51 ...5'10" The dr did not set a goal but i hope to be 190 by my surgiversary date!
  22. Everyone looks AMAZING!!!! Thank you for sharing your photos!
  23. Doug..excellent post. Thank you for sharing and probaby saving a few peeps, like me.
  24. LDallas

    How tired are you?

    Good info, i will start taking a little potassium and see if it helps. I'm taking vits every day (MV, Iron, B12, Cal Cit, D). I get so tired every day and usually have to take a nap, might be only 15 mins but i go sound asleep. Before VSG i NEVER took naps. VSG 10/25/12 SW..300 CW...222 51/F 5'10"
  25. LDallas

    Considered a vet ?!

    I'm so excited to qualify as a vet!! 8 mos and 165 posts! Woo hooo! It's amazing how fast the time is passing since surgery.