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  1. I wish I could say I was, but I have a few more appts. to get to. I am hoping in 2 weeks I get a date for y surgery. Good luck on the 30th, its not long now!
  2. Lilbelly

    Freaking Out About Todays Appointment

    Let ua know how you make out today. I know I can't tell you not to be nervous, but all you can do now is go with the flow..best of luck!
  3. Lilbelly

    Crying During Preop Diet...anyone?

    Ladybandito, I like your light at the end of the tunnel! You make this sound so worth it and very promising to me. Thank you for that positive thought!
  4. Hello, I am new to the forums as of a few minutes ago. I thought I would join as I have read a few posts already! I am awaiting my date fr my lap band surgery, I met with my surgeon already and enjoyed the seminar they held at his facility. I have my first nurtritionist appt. this thurs. and then the appt. with the psychologist, then I get my date. I am nervous about it, but at the same time excited about things to come. I need words of encouragement here! I hope I am successful at this. I have been on a healthy diet for 3 weeks now & feeling great!
  5. Jean I got my ticker going, thankyou for helping me!!!!!!
  6. Lucky you Jess! Best of luck, keep in touch!
  7. YOu want to fail it, you want to have sleep apnea so your insurance will pay...
  8. I am trying to put my ticker on here and can't figure if out. Can someone help? Do I add it to my profile? http://www.TickerFactory.com/weight-loss/wc87s49/
  9. hi I may have posted in another area first, oops! I am new to this lap band stuff. I have my nutritionist appt. this Thurs., then the appt .with the psych, dr. and then see the surgeon and hopefully gt my date for surgery. I am nervous, excited and anxious... figure the more I read about all of this Lap Band stuff the less nervous I will be? I need words of encouragement, I hope I can do this! I want it badly. Can't wait to buy little clothes!
  10. Hi Colleen, I read your blog, I hope you get a surgery date for May. You sound as impatient as me lol! Once I set my mind to something I want it now! As far as I know after my psych appt. I get to see the surgeon and he makes the surgery date for me right then and there. I am so hoping for a May date. I see the nutritionist this Thurs. then the psych. the following Tues. Is this wishful thinking that I will get this done in May? How do I get one of those weight loss ticker thingys?
  11. I just found your mango Salsa recipe, sounds delish and so do thos scallops! You have no problem with your band eating either?
  12. Lilbelly

    3 More Days

    Won't you be on liquids afterwards for awhile too? Any good liquids you want to share with me I will keep in mind lol
  13. Lilbelly

    3 More Days

    Good luck with your surgery. I take it your on liquids right now!
  14. Lilbelly

    4 More Days

    Best of luck!
  15. Lilbelly


    lilbelly to be!
  16. Lilbelly

    Dale before surgery

    From the album: Dale

    Me at my pre surgery weight
  17. Your experience so far sounds promising! Best of luck! I am not banded yet, I have an appt with the nutritionist this Thurs. This is my 1st time on here!