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  1. Lilbelly

    May Bandsters!

    Shy, do you think you have nausea from the anethesia? I get like that from being put out.
  2. Lilbelly

    May Bandsters!

    I am sitting here reading everyone's posts about their up coming surgeries, I think its great! I also think like in a month we should post our pics so we can see the changes in our bodies...I am surgery bound May 22.. I can't wait. Like most of you, I haven't told anyone outside my immediate family, I do not want to hear bad things about this. I don't want to hear "you look fine, your just chubby"! No, I am a skinny girl inside all this unwanted flesh!
  3. Lilbelly

    May Bandsters!

    What is "plication"?
  4. Lilbelly

    May Bandsters!

    Hey FS4ever, we have May 22nd! Good luck, Do you start your liquid diet on the 12th like me?
  5. Lilbelly

    Acceptable Protein Shakes

    To try I bought Trader Joe's protein chocolate shake mix, its not too bad. I did order the UnJURY shakes, they are so much tastier.
  6. Jenny, I am 5'2 and currently 190. I will be banded May 22. My goal is 120! You look fantastic. Luckily my insurance is paying for this because I have high blood pressure, diabetes and sleep apnea. I have lost 8 lbs. since I made this decision to do this. Honestly I feel alot better with 8 lbs. gone. I can only imagine how good I am going to feel & look with more gone off this bod!! I think its very exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats to you girlfriend!
  7. Lilbelly

    May Bandsters!

    High five to the recent ladies who have joined!! I ordered Chocolate Splendor and vanilla Unjury, I like it! My nutritionist had given me a sample packet to try and it was good!!
  8. Lilbelly

    When To Call The Doctor???

    I think probably the more you move the more the gas will come out. I had 2 c- sections and a hysteretomy, moving is the key to getting out gas. Good luck!
  9. CT mom, I am under 200. I am yur height too. You sound so promising, thank you for that! You must be so proud of yourself!!
  10. Lilbelly

    May Bandsters!

    Hey Miss May 22nd I am right there with ya. Now I am getting nervous as well thinkin "Can I do this?"
  11. Lilbelly

    I Want To Say

    Theyv don't keep you overnite?
  12. Lilbelly

    May Bandsters!

    Hi May bandsters, I just found out my surgery will be May 22!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am thrilled! I have will start my liquid diet May 12th! I feel now like I belong here!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Lilbelly

    September 2010

    You look great, I am impressed with your pictures!
  14. Lilbelly

    I Want To Say

    Good luck Marie! May you wake up feeling well and your able to start your new journey to that new bikini!
  15. Lilbelly


    good luck ladies! I am sending positive vibes your way!
  16. I have a close friend that we always spent 1 night a week going out for drinks and dinner. I told her I can't do it anymore. I feel bad, but want to tell her the truth! Have any of you gone or going through this? I won't even go out to dinner with my hubby yet, I told him I can't handle it. I have been dieting 3 weeks now, lost 6 lbs. I don't want to ruin what I have accomplished. My hubby understands my friend thinks I am to obsessed. ugh... I am not banded yet but waiting for a date!
  17. Thanks for replying but I have told her about my choice of having surgery. She thinks I can do this without such a drastic decision by getting the lap band. I explained to her I can't. She is nervous for me. At the same point I feel a little jealousy coming from her about this and how I might look in the future.
  18. Lilbelly

    Treated Differently Now

    Oh boym I am not banded yet & I am going through this with a good friend of mine. She is thinking I am over doing this weight loss thing doing the surgery. She thinks I am obsessed now, I told her I am, how could I not be!! Her and I used to go to dinner all the time now she is going out with her neighbor for dinner and drinks. I guess I am already being shunned for trying to better myself. I am a Diabetic and so is she. I can't tell her she should be doing this too. I feel she is also jealous and I hate that! I plan to do what I need to do foe myself, I just find it hard to believe people change like this. I so can relate to this post!
  19. Lilbelly

    Spring Time Bandsters

    I hope to be banded end of May or early June, Count me into your group!!
  20. Lilbelly


    You look fantastic!
  21. Lilbelly

    Liquid Diet

    Your doing fantastic, lucky you!
  22. Lilbelly

    Pre-Op Appt Tomorrow !!!

    Think positve! Your young, you have so much ahead of you. My bmi is the same as yours. Are you scheduled for surgery yet?
  23. Lilbelly

    Then There Was 1

    I wish you all th luck in the world!
  24. Thats good to know about Trader Joe's, I have on about 3 miles away from me! I will certainly have to get some yummy things there. Do they have any shake options there?
  25. When the dr. is in there wouldn't he fix that hiatal hernia?