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  1. I can't believe my day will finally be here tomorrow! I am scared, nervous and hoping I am doing the right thing. I am hoping it all works out fine of course. I so can't wait to be able to buy new clothes, new bathing suit, that will surely be the bonus! Its been tough not being able to eat with friends and family. I spent the weekend away at the beach & almost broke out in tears not being able to eat with everyone else. I will be packing my bag today, anyone have suggestions on anything special I can take with me?
  2. Lilbelly

    Surgery In 5 Hours

    Best of luck today!! We will be abe to share our post op issues if any, I go tomorrow. Yeah, so many people have said to me, you look good, why do you need surgery if you can do this yourself! They don't get it! Good luck to you too Daddyof4!
  3. Lilbelly

    Four Days To Go

    Best of luck on Monday Daddyof4~ I go the day after you! Yes, I would think you will make a smaller splash in your pool by the end of the summer I am looking forward to buying that bathing suit!
  4. I am thinking of buying the unJury non flavored powder to add it like Crystal Light or whatever is sugar free. I am getting sick of the Unjury shakes, they are thick. I do have Traders Joes chocolate protein shake thats not too bad. I was eating FF cottage cheese but now that makes me wantt to barf just lookin at it! I am Diabetic so I am allowed Greek yogurt and cottage cheese thank god. Its tough, I have 4 more days to go.
  5. Lilbelly

    17Th May Buddy

    Good luck girls! Newme214 congrats to you too! I go in Tues. May 22 and am getting nervous. I am panic stricken that afterwards I will throw up or be afraid to eat. I hope not. You give me hope Newme!
  6. Lilbelly

    May Bandsters!

    Best of luck Shy on your surgery tomorrow. Mine will be next Tues. I am so hungry!
  7. Lilbelly

    May Bandsters!

    I am getting pretty darn cranky here on this preop diet...ugh.I just found some Lipton cup a soup in my cabinet and its cream of chicken soup 60. calories, and I am having it!!!!!!!! I am sick of shakes, yogurt & jello!!!!!!!!!! I will get though this I just need to complain...
  8. Lilbelly

    May Bandsters!

    Sue, that is awesome news! That is a huge thing being able to eat that! I can't wait! I am in day 4 or is it 5 of liquids, I feel bitchiness coming over me......
  9. Lilbelly

    May 18 Surgery Date

    Congrat to you~ I am May 22~
  10. Lilbelly

    May Bandsters!

    Glad to hear your feeling ok Jackie. Sorry about the gas but its to be expected unfortunately. I bet that popcicle was like a little piece of heaven! Get plenty of rest!
  11. Lilbelly

    Please Spare Some Info

    jean, why did you get your band removed??
  12. Lilbelly

    Pre-Op Diet Ideas?

    I am using the Unjury shakes that some on here have recommended and my nurtrionist gave me a sample packet. I really like them. I ordered vanilla and chocolate. They taste like milkshakes to me too. I stick a few ice cubes in mine and sprinkle some cinamon for an added zip! My pre op liquids are for 10 days thank god! I am on day 4 today..
  13. Lilbelly

    Pre-Diabetic?? Excuse Me....

    I am Diabetic. I think it might take a week or possibly 2 days to get your results back. It all depends on how quicky your medical center is. I am hoping to lose my diabetes after I lose my weight. We will see. I am sure I will always have to be careful. Good luck at your appt. Why don;t you just ask your surgeon is he will operate on you sooner. You never know til you ask!
  14. Lilbelly

    May Bandsters!

    Mrs. Popeye, I so love the idea of those heart shape bandages! Something little like that makes one feel so special at a time like this! So glad to hear your doing well! Kathym you have May 22 as a surgery date, same as me! We are going to be Lap Band sisters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today is my 4th day of liquids, I am doing it! Not as hungry as I was on day 1~
  15. Hi all, I had my pre op appt. today, it all went great! I am ready, willing and able! Whats killing me is this liquid diet...ugh...I am hungry! I must admit, for me the first day was the toughest so far for me. I had a family reuniom to attend, there was food galore and I couldn't eat a thing! I remained strong! It was tough, I felt like crying on the way home in the car. My stomach now is growling, making all kinds of noises, its not happy being hungry.. I kept thinking my surgery was on Monday, its on Tues. ugh..... I need other hungry liquid people to give me a pep talk! I have lost 4 more lbs. but now I can't change my ticker again...
  16. Thank you grandma! Did you lose alot when you were on liquids? Looks like your losing great!
  17. Lilbelly

    Finally Banded!

    Congrats to you! Yes, you need to take it day by day, you ca do it and you will!
  18. Lilbelly


    I will stay overnigt too. I am glad thats an option.
  19. Lilbelly

    Got The "shakes"....

    Lola, mine is on May 22!
  20. Lilbelly

    Got The "shakes"....

    Lola, when is your surgery? I start liquids tomorrow. I am nervous because I am also Diabetic. I just made some SF Jello for myself to have tomorrow & I will have my UNjury shakes, they did tll me I could have LF Yogurt and non fat cottage cheese too.
  21. Lilbelly

    May Bandsters!

    I don't know! What are you eating? How long have you been banded?
  22. Lilbelly

    May Bandsters!

    Congrats to you LuvaMonte!! It should only get easier!!
  23. I am sending you best wishes & that you heal quickly and have an easy time of it all! Please report back to us so we can hear how you make out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  24. Be persistent, if you need this paperwork. I wish you the best!
  25. Lilbelly

    May Bandsters!

    KeMullins, refresh me how you put your ticker on there, I went to edit mine, they asked me for my pin# and I forgot what it was