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  1. irishmama2004

    How Rude

    It means that diabetes is so bad that it is worth advertisers spending their money to market glucometers to the general public. It used to be a disease for the very old. Now type II diabetes is taking over every age and ethnicity in this country. Because we are fat fat fat. After you have been sleeved for awhile you will start to notice how fat people really are (and at 258 I still have a long way to go) and also how much food people eat. It astounds me what my husband eats and I used to be able to keep up with him no problem!
  2. irishmama2004

    Pre-Op Diet

    My doctor was Dr. Mailapur in Huntsville, AL.
  3. irishmama2004

    Just Need To Vent

    I remember those dayso f wanting to cry so bald. I just got through it like you are--machete is a great analogy. Looking back it is so worth it. If they told me I had to go to Mars to get the test done I think I would have figured out how. Let nothing stop you!
  4. irishmama2004

    Pre-Op Diet

    Staples are for life but they are safe for MRI machines and xrays and all that. My doctor also stiches over the staple line as an added measure. Ask if your surgeon does that. Your stomach can expand a little bit but the stretchy part is taken out so it is minimal. Most people who regain do so by grazing all day. Pre-op I could eat a box of cheez-its in one sitting without thinking about it. Now, several months post-op I could probably still eat a box but it would take me all day. So just be really mindful that when you are full you do not take another bite of any food for several more hours. I eat 4 times a day with at least one of those meals being a shake and one being something like a string cheese or yogurt only. When I was pre-op that sounded crazy to me but now it just works. I know here will be a day when I really struggle with wating right but now it has just been a couple of slip ups here and there on vacation. I was told at my 2 week post-op apt that the chance of leak at that point was as close to zero as possible. My doctor leak checks with air before he closes his incisions and then does a barium swallow leak check as well. And he allows nothing by mouth until that second check is done. I can't believe how many people were allowed jello and broth before their barium swallow. Some doctors cut corners and only do one. My doctor has been doing this for years and has never ever had a leak. That says something.
  5. irishmama2004

    New, Hello

    Best of luck to you! VST is a great place to wait out the insurance process. I learned so much here when I was pre-op!
  6. irishmama2004

    Cleared For Surgery

    You will do awesome! Best of luck.
  7. THat was a really weird way to phrase it. It felt sore. The pain was about 50% less than what I thought. I never even took any of my liquid lortab once I got home. I did take toradol in the hospital nad had a PCA that I hit a few times. My gall bladder two years prior hurt about 50% more than I thought it would.
  8. I did from about day 3 post-op to about day 9. I had full control I just went a lot. I was told it was the magnesium in the heartburn medication my doctor put me on. Similar to milk of mag's effects. You can ask for a different one and maybe that will help. By the time I was going to ask my doc about it the diarrhea cleared up on its own.
  9. irishmama2004

    My Fitness Pal Friends?

    I'm an old timer...11 weeks out nad eating a full variety of food. You can friend me I'm irishmama2004 on there and on youtube
  10. irishmama2004

    Got My Date! August 17

    That is great! Congrats. No looking back now!
  11. irishmama2004

    Telling People...

    I am 11 weeks out from surgery and look like a different person. If I had not done a tell all there would be a lot of people assuming that I had surgery. I don't think the stigma is really there anymore. Most people know someone who has had it done and had good results. You will get more comments to your face but you will at least avoid a lot from behind your back. And yes, people love my updates and have been AMAZINGLY encouraging. I've gotten emails from old high school acquatainces wanting to know how to get the process started. Telling all was the best decision ever!
  12. I just made my 3 week post-op video. When I look at myself from the first video to this video I want to cry. http://youtu.be/7nCwu0o5CP8 <iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/7nCwu0o5CP8" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  13. irishmama2004

    Am I The Only One...?

    Gossip stopped bothering me a long time ago. At 342 pounds were they not gossiping about me already? We are kidding ourselves if we dont think people we genuinely love have never uttered an unkind word behind our backs. Have the surgery and tell no one and drop 100 pounds in months...now they start gossiping that they suspect you had it. I think if gossip is something that bothers you this much than you need to spend some time learning to love yourself. I do still believe that not telling people is 100% okay but either way the gossip will be there and by loving yourself you will weather this storm. Several months before my surgery a friend had RNY bypass and had terrible terrible complications that required her to go on a vent. She had told only a couple of people about her surgery. Well when news of her being in the ICU came out all people talked about was why she was being so secretive. It was sad. So I went surgery as an open book. No regrets whatsoever. My friends and family are amazing. Everyone is so supportive. If a complication had occurred I would have had a hundred prayer warriors storming the heavens for me.

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