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  1. We have almost the same stats .... Surgery date 9/17/2012 ..HW 241 CW 152 GW 125
  2. mel2643

    Jersey but not Jersey shore lol

    He is great ... His staff is so helpful .... Wish you tons of luck
  3. mel2643

    Need to Vent....

    I have almost the same stats as you and I have lost 70 lbs in 7 months ... So I think your doing great . I as well am on a stand still .... Stay positive and you'll see you will push right through it .... continue the good work
  4. mel2643


    Hiccups for me usually means I am full and can't take another bite ... Not sure if this happens to you after you eat
  5. mel2643

    Those dont fit...

    I understand perfectly ... I went from an 16/18 to a 10 bottom and from XXL to Med top and I do the same I look at the clothes like seriously this is sooo not going to fit and WALA it fits ... I can not believe I am on my way to a single digit bottom , who would've thought .... I still see the obese girl .... Hopefully one day our minds will catch up my friend
  6. mel2643

    Favorite tracking app?

    I also use my Fitness pal
  7. mel2643

    Jersey but not Jersey shore lol

    Lol ... I remember that stage it did suck ... Be careful with the pain in your chest , don't just ignore it . That's a great loss , I'm a slow loser and so far I'm down 66 in 6 months hey ill take it ... things are even slower now going into my 7 month but I'm pretty positive that I will get to goal ( another 40 lbs ) ...
  8. mel2643

    Jersey but not Jersey shore lol

    Wow .... I don't remember all that lol .... Cool ... How's it going for you ???
  9. mel2643

    Jersey but not Jersey shore lol

    Overlook Hospital ... Yours ???
  10. mel2643

    Jersey but not Jersey shore lol

    Mine is Dr Feteiah .... Are you sleeved ?? I am 7 months post op
  11. Meli0808 ...add me
  12. mel2643

    Easter Challenge

    Didn't reach goal but as of today I'm 168 , hey ill take it

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