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  1. shelleyrn22

    Any Shorties?

    Wow... You're all doing so awesome! I was sleeved 5/17 and since my Pre op diet (May 1st) I've lost about 25-27lbs. It's been quite a learning experience!
  2. shelleyrn22

    Syncope, Possible Seizure

    No... Everyone is working today - where I should be as well!
  3. I have taken Prozac for quite a while, but had to stop prior to surgery. Now I'm 14 days post-op and not sure what to do. Do I restart? They're capsules. Do I get on another? I'm confused. My pcp basically left it up to me. :/
  4. shelleyrn22

    Short People Success Stories?

    I'm 5'2; 11 days post op. Nothing to report yet :/
  5. As the days go by I'm beginning to wonder if my dr even did a sleeve on me. Today is day #11 and I can hardly tell any restriction the last 2 days. Have I screwed up & stretched it already??? :'(
  6. shelleyrn22

    Just Sleeved.

    Sounds like you're doing great!
  7. Wow... I had surgery on 5/17 and I just realized today how important the NSV's are. I just gotta say I LOOOOVE the new mini me - even though it's a work in progress! I've always been short n(5'2") and always felt like I was "too big for me". Make sense? I have sooo enjoyed eating and drinking out of my 1oz medicine cups, but I've gone on a shopping spree. I'm a lil over those cups - they remind me of working at the hospital. So I've bought several different baby spoons, baby bowls, baby forks, baby everything! I LOVE it! Ha! My purchase today: mini waters (8oz size - the bigger ones are just too overwhelming anymore!), but my favorite are 3oz disposable cups. My dr's office gave me one in my little care bag, and I used it already. I found them at WM by the other paper cups/plates. They are perfect. I've also bought several mini storage bowls. My boyfriend has officially banned me from buying one more dish or he's calling Hoarders. Silly lil NSV (the mini dishes, cups, etc.) but I love it... and think they're all so super cute! So... *cheers* to 3oz disposable cups! Shell
  8. True Story right here, y'all! Feel free to share your funnies!
  9. Tummy noises?? I mean I'm beginning to think there's someone or something in there trying to get out! It rolls, rumbles and even roars at times!
  10. Okay, fellow sleevers...I need some help. I have no clue how to tell if I've taken in too much, not enough or just right! I feel so many different sensations when I eat or drink anything - but not sure what they mean! I've taken in 19ounces so far today. That's a combo of clears & full liquids. Thursday was my surgery. Any thoughts, ideas?
  11. shelleyrn22


    I've cheated twice Pre-op diet... But no more (I hope!). I'm right where he wanted me to be on the day of surgery as far as weight. I am scared and continually think about the "what if's", but that's normal.... I guess :/
  12. shelleyrn22

    Pre-Op Day One

    @ canidothis - today is day 2. I'm meaner than a snake and could strike any moment. I don't mind not eating, just can't handle being hungry. :'(
  13. shelleyrn22

    Pre-Op Day One

    Day one of pre-op diet which is 3 protein shakes, sf Popsicles, and a lean cuisine for dinner. So far nobody has been injured or even threatened, but the night is still young! I know some of you have different diets and I honestly don't know what the difference is. I can do this...
  14. shelleyrn22

    South Mississippi

    I saw Dr Jenkins today! Loved him! Psych eval on Monday!
  15. shelleyrn22

    South Mississippi

    Hey Dina! I added you to FB!

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