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  1. lizzybeth

    Anyone from New Hampshire?

    Manchester, NH here. Surgery in July 2012. Lost 106 pounds and never felt better. Good luck to you all. If I can answer any questions, I would be happy to. I had my surgery at CMC in Manchester.
  2. lizzybeth

    Do you remember Patrick?

    I see him on FB now and then. He created our 'secret' FB group for summer sleevers. I can send him a message and tell him that y'all were asking about him.
  3. You ladies make an excellent point!
  4. lizzybeth

    What is going on with me?

    You've hit a stall. Completely normal. Just keep on your plan, drink water and exercise. The weight loss will start up again. Good luck!
  5. For me, I was put to sleep so it was easy! LOL. Seriously, they would either put you to sleep or give you something to really relax you. Here is my experience: I was placed in a super cool johnny and wheeled into endo. room. They put me to sleep for about 10 minutes (it's not a long procedure) and when I woke up, they were done! I did not have any pain, discomfort or a sore throat after - I was just groggy from the propophol for a few hours. The anticipation of it was the worst part. You will do just fine!
  6. lizzybeth

    Hypothyroid And Getting The Sleeve

    I have thyroid issues too (hashimoto's thyroid) and had a very hard time losing weight! It was a struggle!! My doctor suggested I look into WLS and was very happy when I did decide to get it done. I had surgery on July 10th and as of this morning, I am down 65 pounds. I feel great. The only thing I need to do now is see my doctor every 6 weeks for blood work. Because the weight is coming off quickly, he wants to monitor my TSH levels closely to make sure I am getting the right dosage of Levoxyl. He does not want me to go into hyper mode! I initially wanted the band and after research, decided on the sleeve. My surgeon at first tried to talk me into the full bypass but for me that was too extreme as well. I am super happy with my sleeve. Let me know if you have any questions, I'm happy to answer them. Good luck!!
  7. lizzybeth

    4 Months Out - Barley Can Eat 2 Oz...

    Thanks all for the input. I was thinking I was too tight but it seems like I am within the "normal" range.
  8. lizzybeth

    4 Months Out - Barley Can Eat 2 Oz...

    I guess it would make sence that the denser the protein the less you may need. I was afraid that I was "too tight." Thanks for your imput, it does help!
  9. I was sleeved in July, I am 4 months out. I can barley get 2 ounces of protein in at a time (things like grilled chicken and meat sometimes is only 1 oz). I can not eat more than that in a sitting (and stay full for quite a while). I was told by my NUT that I should be able to get in 4 ounces of food in at each meal. I cant! Made some beef vegetable soup tonight - could get in 4 ounces of that (1/2 cup). I can eat a 4 or 6 ounce yogurt with no problems. Is this normal? Is it the denseness of the meat that makes it difficult? Will I always have to rely on protein shakes?
  10. lizzybeth

    Hey July Sleevers!

    July 10th sleever here. Start: 256. Today: 196. Total loss is 60 pounds.
  11. lizzybeth

    Robotic Sleeve? Anyone

    My surgery was done by the Davinci Robot. I have 5 small incisions (most about 1/4 inch - one about 1 inch...where they pull your stomach out). I honestly had no pain and a super quick recovery. Id recommend it.
  12. Yes, everyone will be different. I think it also depends how how much you weigh to begin with - but I could be wrong. I had surgery on July 10th and am down 33 pounds as of this morning.
  13. lizzybeth

    July Sleevers

    A July sleever here! July 10th. Down 30 pounds, feel great, doing great and would do it again in a heartbeat!
  14. lizzybeth

    Vsg Research

    I completed the survey as well. I would be interested to see the final research too!

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