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  1. Lose100

    I DID IT

    How wonderful. I am so happy for you!!!
  2. Lose100

    Triathlon success!

    That's great!
  3. Lose100

    List of NSVs

    That is a great idea to make a list. When I hit a plateau, I got discouraged and lost focus. But now I am back on track. If I ever plateau again, I will refer to my list. Thanks for your positive attitude. VERY MOTIVATION!!!!!!!
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  5. Lose100

    Acid Reflux

  6. Lose100

    A few more...

    Please don't compare your weight loss results with someone else's. We are lose differently. People with more weight to lose, tend to lose more in the beginning. Any weight lost is a victory. When I compared my weight lost to others, I became frustrated. My frustration lead me to fall off the wagon. I have learned a few things since being band: 1. DON'T compare my results with someone else's 2. Everybody's body is different 3. I didn't gain weight over night, therefore I can't expect to lose weight overnight 4. EVERY pound lost is a VICTORY 5. IT DOES GET BETTER!!!!! Be Encouraged!!!!!
  7. Lose100

    Need advice and encouragement

    Congratulations on starting over. I can understand your frustration. Some days I feel like I don't even have a band because I can eat a large meal without any problems. Some days, if I eat to much, my band will give me a soft stop sign (hiccups). That is when I know that it's time to stop eating. I discussed this with my surgeon last week and he said that this was normal because some days my band is tighter than other days. He said the band is not designed to stop me from eating but to help me feel satisfied. I had to realized that just because I could eat a large meal does not mean that I should!!!!!!! I had to stick to portion control and follow the rules of the band. I also had to realized that I had to get my head in the game. This is NOT a diet but a LIFE STYLE change. The band is only a tool and a tool is only as good as you work it. The most important thing is to discuss this with your doctor. Maybe have test done to make sure your band is working properly. I am proud of you. I know that starting over is not easy but YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!!!!
  8. Lose100

    A few more...

    I can see a change. Keep up the good work.
  9. Lose100

    Here's an NSV for ya.

    I went from a size 10 to a size 9. I had to replace A LOT of shoes: boots, sneakers, church shoes, work shoes. Now, I have to buy new sandals.
  10. Lose100


    I love the fact you just got up without thinking about it. It was just natural.
  11. My fear is bat wings on my arms but I'll take saggy skin over fat any day. Everybody is different depending on many factors.
  12. Lose100

    wONEderland today Yay me!!!

    Wow, congratulation!!!! Keep it up.

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