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  1. chicagochic

    Post op

    My surgery was 5.5 hours due to other scar tissue from previous surgeries. My doctor knew ahead of time that it might be a lengthy procedure so had a second surgeon on had with him. I can't believe how good I feel compared to how much work needed to happen.
  2. I had surgery on December 8th and am also struggling with the gas pain. I was off pain meds for about two days but would take it if I felt it would work against the gas. Otherwise, I'm sipping broth, flavored water and frozen sugar free pops which taste amazing. I'm not getting all my protein or liquids yet but I'm working on it.
  3. chicagochic

    Any December Sleever's?

    My surgery is the same day, December 8, 2015 in Tijuana, MX, with Dr. Lopez. I start my diet 3 days before and it is a pretty cool one. I have a shake for breakfast and dinner and a salad for lunch. I'm super excited to have this procedure done.
  4. That's so exciting. I can hear the excitement in your writing. Congrats!
  5. chicagochic

    Getting ready for sleeve

    Yes. I have to start it 3 days prior to procedure. Protein shakes for breakfast and dinner, salad for lunch. It's an awesome diet. Not as bad as I thought it would be.
  6. I am scheduling to be sleeve a month for today and am looking forward to my next journey.
  7. I was sleeved on May 30th. I'm almost 4 months out and just over 40 pounds down. I am in my second stall. The first one lasted exactly one month. This one is so far a week. I don't mind the ups and downs. I'm losing slowly compared to other May sleevers but I'm so happy with my progress. I can tolerate most anything in small amounts and have a healthy relationship with food. Except dairy! It is no longer my friend. But I don't mind at all. The picture are before, two months and four months. Can't wait to see what six months and 1 year look like!
  8. chicagochic

    Early Stall!

    I talked to my nutritionist about it. She said it was normal and not to worry. People stall anywhere from 3days to 3months.
  9. chicagochic

    Early Stall!

    I was two weeks out and hit a stall for exactly 31 days. Very frustrating! It broke 6 days ago and I have been losing a pound a day. I'm so enjoying this and hope it lasts as long as the stall did. I went from a size 20-22 on surgery date to a size 16 in two months. I love it!
  10. chicagochic


    Hey Erika and Fran! I'm also in Chicago. I live in the downtown area. I am two months post opp and down 30 lbs. I consider myself a slow loser but I'm not going to complain. I had a 5 week stall. I'm so glad it just broke! Anyway ladies, let's stay in contact!
  11. I was in a stall for one month exactly! I'm only two months out now so it was more than frustrating. It was scary. I've been averaging a half pound a day since then so just stick to your diet.
  12. I had a Greek salad with mixed greens at about 7 weeks out. Came right back up! Maybe I will try iceberg lettuce next time. I absolutely hated iceberg pre-op but I will take it over no lettuce at all.
  13. I had the single incision done through my belly button. I had no pain at all. It healed really quickly and I have no signs that I even had a procedure done.
  14. I'm so sorry you seem to be struggling here. I would suggest you seeing another therapist and getting back on the anti-depressants. Especially since we can no longer use food to give us that temporary lift. I am exactly two months out and just got back from my first vacation post-op. It was so tough because I realized just how much good food was part of my enjoyment on vacations. Part of the excitement is trying new cuisines and overindulging a bit. I found myself feeling very regretful, but only briefly. I realized that I had been walking so much and had clocked about 10k steps in just half a day! And I never even had to sit down or stop to catch my breath or pretend I was interested in going into a store just so I could take a break from walking. So it's a trade off and I will take being able to enjoy activities all day over enjoying a calorie-rich meal anytime!

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