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    members update

    Thanks Laura for reaching out to me! I started doing the 5:2 in July, dropped 7 pounds, my scheduled got crazy and I haven't been posting. I also couldn't access the group on my ipad, but I just tried Laura's tip and it truly works!! Glad to see everyone doing well and I will get on here and post. I truly thank Georgia for even introducing this to me thru her posts. I would have never tried it.
  2. Love your birthday picture too FYE...you look amazing!!
  3. Thanks Nannie! I totally agree with what you said...glad we are in this together!
  4. Happy BirthdayFYE and Laura...I will be celebrating mine next week on the 20th!!! Like Laura, I too waited to move my ticker or even say anything on here because I wanted to see if the pounds stayed off for more than a day or came back(water weight). Happy to say I was 153 on Monday and weighed in at 149 this morning!!! I do like that the 5:2 has made me think about the fact that my body needs a daily rest from food, a period to really tune into whether I'm actually hungry or just eating out of habit and to stop having my late night snack. I will continue to give my body a 12 hr fast daily, for me that means not eating after 8pm and having Breakfast at 8am. I will drink Water during these hours if I feel I want something and am hoping this will break my late night snacking(when I say late I mean a snack at 9:30ish lol) This will truly be a lifelong journey for me. I may no longer be 230 physically, but the emotional scars are still there and will take more than one year and a 84 pound weight loss to cure. I have truly been paying more attention to what I eat and how I feel when eating it. I have been drinking a minimum of 64 oz of water since Tuesday and getting a lot of Protein in along with some carbs (need them for fuel during my workouts). Don't want to get too excited but am soo happy the scale move again.
  5. Today wasn't too bad. I did feel really hungry around 1pm today but drank some water and it passed. Today was my two a day so I burned over 1000 calories today doing my morning and evening exercise and only consumed 600 cals for the day(I went over today, was hungry but made it a good protein choice!!!) congrats to all who made it through day 2 of reduced calorie eating! Lets try it again next week!!
  6. I just keep drinking water and telling myself to stay upstairs....we can do this Laura-Ven!!! It's almost 9pm and we made it this far, bedtime will be here soon and we will be stronger tomorrow for showing some self control today!! Great job today everyone!!!
  7. Me too...I am going to strap myself to the bed at 9 lol.....
  8. I am with you Laura-Ven!! My evening snacking is hard to cut, nighttime is my witching hour too. That started way before I had the surgery!!! I did great today so far though. I ate eggs for breakfast(140), fish and a little bit of chicken(160) for lunch and dinner is chicken and veggies(200). Thought this would be a lot harder for me, but every time I started wanting to eat without thinking I just remembered that this is for 1 day and I can do is. It was also great to know i wasn't alone with this today and i wanted to be accountable to the group for actually following the plan. It does feel good to exercise some self control lol. I also went for a 4 mile run this morning and feel great only eating so few calories today!!! I will be done eating by 7pm and then nothing for 12 hours. Thanks Nannie for the information!!!
  9. Renea77

    For Distance Runners

    WTG BTB!!! You endured a lot to finish that half!!! Way to be a trooper and get your 2nd half under your belt! Love the race pic and medal. Your shirt is too awesome! The whole carb loading before a race is still hard for me to, it's tough to know how many carbs to eat to not end up with an upset tummy and needing to use the port a John during the race. I know over time as we continue running we will figure out what works for our bodies. Congrats again!!! My 2nd half for this years scheduled for September...training begins in 2 weeks! What's next on your list, now that you have 2 halfs under your belt???
  10. This is VERY exciting!! Tomorrow a group of us will be only eating 500 cals and sharing our successes.....good luck tomorrow everyone! Lets see those scales start moving again:)
  11. Thanks Nannie for the 5:2 posts. I am really thinking I'm going to try it starting next week. The scale hasn't moved in months and I work out 6-7 times a week and eat pretty well(some of my bad eating habits have been creeping back in though). I have met my original surgeons goal weight of 160( I weighed in at 151 today) and have been around 150-153 since January. I did get down to 148 then bounced right back to 150. My surgeon saw I was doing well, then he revised his goal weight for me and dropped it to 145 and for the life of me I can't make it there!!! I wanted to try to TDEE plan but am scared to death to gain weight in order to lose weight and reading Globe's posts and hearing her frustration is confirming for me that I may not want to try that right now. I have enjoyed reading the posts by Coops and Laura-Ven just about their journeys. I am a slow loser and despite it all wouldn't change a thing!! I appreciate the inspiration on this site and am determined to get to goal. It too is the dream I'm holding onto that keeps me going! Lets see if the fast diet works for me! Nannie is having some success with it!
  12. Renea77

    For Distance Runners

  13. Renea77

    For Distance Runners

    Just checking in...today I ran the 10mile Broad Street Run in Philadelphia, Pa. Was my first time competing in the event, it was a blast! I ran my best time yet!! I finished 1:46:25!!! Woo hoo!

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