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    Ruth71 got a reaction from kiki19 for a blog entry, One Week Post Op ..yay   
    Hi guys one week ago today i had my gastric sleeve 111.5kg on day of surgery and today 106.9kg omg no hunger but i need to drink more finding that really hard. I feel great just getting used to everything emotionally hope you guys are all doing well xxxx
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    Ruth71 reacted to ChaChaBurch for a blog entry, 1St Post-Op Follow Up   
    Didn't sleep but 3 hours last night, so after DH went to work, I took myself right back to bed! Slept about another 2 then just got up.
    When I weighed this morning, it showed I had lose 15lbs since my pre-op liquid diet! I will start the "mushy/pureed" diet on Friday, and then from that point I will only weigh on Fridays. Don't want to become too obsessed with the scale just now. The Surgeon hasn't set a weight goal for me, but the NUT did ask me, when I went to see her, how much weight did I want to lose. I told her that I didn't really have a good idea yet of where I wanted to be. I want to focus more on my over all health, and not just a number given to me by a square piece of metal that I stand on. I'm thinking I'll set a goal weight in about 3 months -- we'll see.
    My follow-up with the Surgeon went great! They removed my drain (just burned a little), removed all my bandages, said the incisions looked great. They were really amazed at how well I'm feeling. Told me I had 2 more weeks before I could begin to resume my "usual duties" - riding mower, gardening, and all the other things I do around here on our little homestead.
    So, starting tomorrow, I am going to focus on smaller goals: 1) Get as much protein, liquids, etc that I can each day, and sticking with the Post-Op eating plan; 2) Learning better/healthier ways to cook - being from the South, if it ain't fried, smothered in gravy, or slathered in butter, we just don't cook it -- going to search online for some great cooking classes (via DVD's). 3) Work on increasing my activity and working out sessions. For my 50th BDay, my girls got me the Zumba fitness DVD's, and a beginner's Yoga DVD - that's that I told them I wanted. So I can start the Yoga now, but the Zumba has to wait at least 2 more weeks.
    I'm still struggling with eating enough, as I am not ever hungry - not even head-hunger pains. It's a really strange feeling, but I know that as my tummy heals, those things will start coming back.
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    Ruth71 reacted to gramaof4 for a blog entry, 4 Wks Post Op   
    Well today marks 4 wks to the day after my WLS, I have lost 45 lbs total since booking surgery date (14 lbs before surgery 31 since having the surgery).
    I have been back to water arobics now for 2 weeks, and am loving every day....3 X a week with a group of 5 - 7 ladies...all are so supportive and tell me how wonderful I look. I don't see the loss really myself, but everyone comments on my face being thinner....now what I do notice is my pants falling down....never been much for the gangster look and I think on an old lady it is probably a fashion felony to show your granny panties...SO...I dug out my skinnier fat clothes to wear.
    I have a number of my heavier friends and family tibbing my big lady clothes already....cuz I won't be in need of them any more. Yeeha.
    I am feeling really good, my knees hardly even remind me they are hurting....and for the first time in many moons, hello your all gonna laugh...I am putting my own socks on my feet...The one thing I am now feeling is a little strain on the left side (I assume where my new stomach is) when I reach across my body to grab something...or when I bend down to pick something up or when I sneeze...this is a little unconfortable but not horrid pain.
    I am now in the phase of starting to introduce real foods...I am very careful, last night we had shrimp and chicken fettecini with wheat penne pasta noodles...I know what's the use but my family will learn to eat healthier or they will lose some of the pounds they are holding as well...the new rule is eat what is served or don't eat at my house. I am tired of having to make 2 dinners after long day at work...eat what is planned.
    I still am having a real hard time getting 500 calories a day and even harder time getting over 38 g of protein and 64 oz of liquid down....no way on earth!
    Well Have a wonderful day all my loser friends and good luck to losing more!
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    Ruth71 reacted to desertmom for a blog entry, Recovery   
    Today I started the day fast.I wanted to have yogurt with protein powder but could only manage some as it was just to sweet....hehehe,a first ever for me,something being to sweet to eat.
    Went for tea with a friend and came home only at 15:00.I made a smooth protein thingy with 4 slices of turkey lunch meat which went down well.Only came home again at 19:00 and by then I had had quite a quite a bit of water but I also had a stomach and back ache like you wouldnt believe.the back ache is high up,where my bra is a little to the left directly behind the stomach ache.
    Made some liquidized,strained soup and had that.wanted a little sweetpotato liquidized and really struggled with all this.Another first for me since this surgery.I never struggled to finish even a full cup of soup before.
    I think that I should eat a little more frequently as it is only liquids,and I shouldnt be on my feet so much yet.
    My one incision is a bit wet and red and if you see what the scars look like on the outside it makes you realize it is not healed altogether on the inside yet.
    Tomorrow,I will make time to just sit every now and then.And I will take it a little easier.
    I should also start tracking my intake a little better but I am super careful at the moment and actually know exactly what I am taking in.For future reference: 100ml yogurt,half cup turkey mousse,half cup strained beef soup,sweetpotato soup made with 120g of sweetpotato and NOT ENOUGH protein.about 40g in total.The calories were about 550-600 calories for the day.I am happy with this for now.
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    Ruth71 reacted to phatdivabbw for a blog entry, Ready, Get Set.....go!   
    Monday, March 19 was a very emotional day for me. Today was my first meeting with the surgeon. I was scared, nervous, shaking, stomach pains and sweating profusely. ( It was warm on Monday.) Luckily, the Ambulatory Surgical center had complimentary valet parking. It was a blessing in disguise. As I walked to the building my legs felt like cement beams with every step I took. I glanced at the directory but already knew the office was on the second floor. I was a little thrown off because there were signs for center, west and east elevators. After getting to the secod floor I learned the office was on the west side of the building. I was 30 mins early so I sat for a minute to collect myself and mop up some of the sweat from my brow. The chairs in the lobby were snug so I figured I would be much more comfortable waiting in the doctors office.
    The girl at the desk was pleasant, Joan was sweet (Physicians Assistanct), Dr. Nusbaum was awesome and Denise was very informative in a matter of fact kind of way. Denise will be my point of contact because she handles the approval process with the insurance complany. Dr. Nusbaum calmed my fears and I feel completely safe in his hands. He explained the procedure and answered any questions I had. I didn't have many at the time but I'm keeping a journal of future questions to ask. I left the office feeling confident and ready to get my journey started. :wub:
    I was surprised that I do not need to follow a pre-op diet. I was hoping I would get to experience how it would feel to consume only liquids. I guess I will have plenty of time to do so my first week. Dr Nusbaum said I will need to stay in the hospital overnight and then after a week I can return to work.
    I have tons of tests and appointments with doctors for clearance. I've made all of my appointments and will have everything complete next week. Awesome!! Below is the list of things I have to do before my surgery can be approved by my insurance company.

    Letter of Medical Neccesity from my PCP
    Letter from my Nutritionist
    Pulmonology Consult
    Cardiology Consult
    Psych Evaluation
    Venous Doppler Lower Extremites Bilateral
    Filter to prevent Blood Clots inserted
    Trans-Nasal endoscopy

    I figure I'm on track to get sleeved mid April!

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