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  1. You just keep telling yourself that Mis73. Newbies, like you, should be vigilant, not afraid. I'm pretty sure I said that already. Megan
  2. MeganA

    Severe Back Pain

    Hi Terri. So sorry you're having such trouble. I totally agree with everyone else- you need to go to the doctor! I do want to ask- Is the pain constant, or just once and awhile? I've had gas so badly that I felt like I was having a heart attack. I keep GasX with me at all times because the pain is so terrible and it comes on so suddenly that I can't even drive. You might try that, but GO TO THE DOCTOR, my dear. Megan
  3. I was like some of you a year or two out from getting my band. Nobody could tell me that it wasn't the best thing I ever did for myself. I just want to be clear: I am here to voice my story and my opinions about what the band did to me and to lots and lots of people I know. I had a great group of "bandsisters" when I was first banded right on this forum. NONE of them have their bands anymore. I am the last one. Please do not be in denial about the damage that the band can do. Be vigilant with your complications and please, please know that if you are out a few years and you are gaining weight back, this is the biggest complication yet. Do not blame yourself or feel shame that "you failed" again. Private message me so that you are not attacked by people that are still in the glory days of their bands. I will help you in any way I can. I wish someone would have posted something like this when I first started to have complications because I felt very much alone. This is why I am here.
  4. I've had my band for 9.5 years and next month will be revising to sleeve. I am so sad when people blame themselves for the band's faults. It isn't your fault that you gained weight back. The band does not work long term, and unfortunately, those of us out this far know that there is nothing that most people could have done to change the way it works. Megan
  5. Mis73, You and I have gone around and around before...so this is the only reply I will give to any of your posts in this thread. I've been around long enough to know that people have complications from all bands...sizes, manufacturers, etc. The Mayo Clinic, the number one rated hospital in the world no longer will place any bands. My surgeon at a University hospital will no longer place bands. If that isn't enough evidence that bands are not a great long-term solution then I'm not sure what is. Megan
  6. I am writing this post in the hopes that I help others really understand what life with the band is like. I was part of the Swedish Adjustable Gastric Band clinical trial in October, 2003. I thought I was doing a great service for the medical community, as well as hoping that I might help others that have battled with their weight find an effective treatment. From the get-go, the band was a major pain in the arse. My fills had to be done by the surgeon under floroscopy because of the study, so I got to see lots of images of my stomach. My port was very hard to find as it had flipped and tilted upwards. I had my port moved once, and after that, we decided we would just have to live with it that way. I got to my "sweet-spot" once. I lost 70 pounds. I threw up almost several times a week, even though I followed doctors orders and all of the rules. While I was at my sweet spot, I wasn't hungry or thought about food at all. This was about six months of heaven. Then, I developed GERD and could not sleep in a bed because I would throw up food in my sleep. I was sick to my stomach all the time. I missed work, social outings, etc. because I was constantly in pain. My surgeon unfilled my band and let it rest. And then I got fills, unfills, fills, unfills, etc. I never found the sweet spot again. In fact, I never fully recovered from GERD and had constant heartburn for a few years. After about 8 years, I finally decided I couldn't take it anymore. I had gained back 50 pounds, and was miserable. My surgeon unfilled me for the last time. Not, I've spent a year working with an eating disorder clinic to help me find peace with food. Now, I am ready for phase two of my WLS surgery journey. I have been fighting insurance for almost a year for a revision surgery from band to sleeve. I finally won my appeal and will have surgery on Sept. 17th...almost 10 years since my band was placed. I weigh the same today as I did the day I got my band. If anyone has questions about long-term band issues, I'd be glad to answer them. In advance, I will ignore those that attack me for coming here and talking about complications. But like I said, I would be happy to talk to you about the band and any insurance issues you might have to revise to another surgery.
  7. MeganA

    Almost 5 years since surgery

    Hi Della...here's my experience...it doesn't matter how much fill I have- everyone is different. I am as tight as I can be without having nightly reflux so I am not able to tighten my band anymore. I haven't had an adjustment in two years. But you know what- a tight band can be eaten around, too. I've learned some tricks over the past few years that I need to unlearn- no little Fluid in my band will help that. You hit the name on the head with the "healthy and sensible eating". That's the part that WW is helping with again. I don't see it as a long term thing- just long enough to reach my goal and remind me how good I feel when I eat well...that's all. It's nothing to be scared of. This is a lifelong journey not a sprint!
  8. Hello! I'm back from a long vacation from LBT. How are my old friends? Anyone still hanging around here? I am coming up to my 5 year anniversary on October 25th...and maybe I'm getting sentimental but I've been really thinking about the journey I've been on lately. I'm also back on the losing wagon because my goal was to loose 100 pounds and I've been stuck at 80 pounds for a couple of years so I've kicked myself in the butt and gotten busy. I won't write a long rambling post, but just in case any of you out there are struggling or wondering if it's all worth it- let me tell you- IT IS!!!! My life is amazingly different and wonderful. After surgery, I got myself into therapy and because I could no longer eat my feelings away- I've learned new ways of dealing with things. I got a new job, new hair, new clothes, new, awesome boyfriend, and a new life. I eat...I eat well. But I don't necessarily eat a lot. But the band is not something I think about all the time- it's just a part of me now. It reminds me it's there sometimes when I do something stupid but otherwise, it's really not a big deal. I have been struggling lately because I really want to get to my goal of 100 pounds lost by my 5th anniversary. I've only got about 23 pounds to go. I decided I needed some help so I joined weight watchers. Now, I know most of you are going to say- "But I thought I'd never have to diet again if I got the band!!". For some, that's true- for me, not so much. I need some help to get back on track with portion sizes and making good food choices. I do not look at it as a diet but just a check in. Plus, it helps to have someone to be accountable to other than myself. That's all. Again, no big deal. Enough about me- I'm curious to see how all my old friends are doing. And if anyone has any questions an old bandster like me can help with, let me know! Megan
  9. MeganA

    Jogging- need help!

    Thank you so much for the advice! I'm going to go check out that website. I need all the help I can get! Thanks again! Megan
  10. MeganA

    Jogging- need help!

    Hi there...I have started jogging a little with my walks...I just can't seem to get my heart rate up without it. I have been bitten by the jogging bug now and want to see if I can work up to running a 5 mile fun run next year in September. I figure I can do it if I have a year to train :-). Does anyone have any tips? How long should I run at first? What kind of stretching should I do? Should I even be running at 240 lbs? Any help will be much appreciated.... Megan
  11. MeganA

    Holy Cow Restriction!!!

    Babs- Ain't restriction grand? I'm glad you stuck to your guns and didn't give up!! The lapband isn't for quitters- just losers!!! Way to go... Megan
  12. Bright! How are you doing? I have been MIA for awhile and missed most of this post. I'm right where you are weight wise, if that makes you feel any better. I was down to 223 and now I'm back up to 250 after an unfill and a bunch of messing around. I finally feel like I have a decent fill again and am really going to try hard to get back to 225. I highly doubt that I will ever get past that- for all the reasons Geezer Sue and you both talked about. I was very comfortable at 225 and felt "thin". I also felt like a success. I am lucky that I have a surgeon who asks me when I feel I will be a success instead of dictating a certain weight or weight loss amount. I hope your full time college gig is working out for you. Good for you! I'm so proud of you!!!! Megan
  13. MeganA

    Don't need a new band

    Babs!!!! That's great news. I, too, feel kind of weird not knowing exactly why I have perfect restriction at 7 cc's when I was wide open at 8.5cc's in my Swedish Band...what the heck!!! But I guess the answer is that there is no clear answer. Not only are the mechanics of the band still being discovered, but our bodiy mechanics will forever be a mystery. I'm so glad you don't need a new band or to reposition your current one. You've done so well so far and worked so hard... Megan
  14. MeganA

    Good News & Bad News-NOT

    Tired old man- So sorry to hear of your problems! I, too gained weight after an unfill so I understand that frustration. I sure hope your knee feels better after the rooster comb injections. How weird is medicine these days? Best of luck! megan
  15. MeganA

    STUPID f'n band! what is WRONG!!!

    Had the endoscopy and everything looks fine! I'm very relieved. This last fill seems to be a really good one and I am no longer driven crazy by hunger. I don't want to count my chickens before they hatch but I feel like maybe I've reached a good place. What I have learned, though is that I need to maximize the opportunity and not let the band do all the work. Good choices and exercise here I come! How is everyone else doing? Shelly? Babs? Leatha? Megan

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