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    DONYEIL reacted to elcee in Be Honest with yourself...   
    I didn't eat more than half of a fairly large bag of M & Ms yesterday !!!!!!
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    DONYEIL reacted to Spaness2012 in Be Honest with yourself...   
    I think at some point....we all lie to ourselves about how much we ate. When I finally got honest and started logging my food....I was mortified! Ignorance was bliss...or was it? Honesty is a big part of the process. Guilt and Shame shouldn't be! You are an inspiration to a lot of us! Thank you for sharing.
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    DONYEIL reacted to Kime-lou in Be Honest with yourself...   
    I think we all do this to an extent. I know I did - I would eat in private and sneak food. I knew what I was doing, but I was in denial about what the results would be.
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    DONYEIL reacted to Starting Over! in Is There Anyone Available To Share Pre Surgery Weight Loss Tips?   
    I began making small changes at first. I stopped late night snacking and I began to exercise. I made sure I was eating nuts protein vegetables and made one meal a protein shake. Do follow all instructions from your Dr. Prior to surgery. It is for a short period of time change your habits read instead of watching TV lift weights when you get bored instead of going for food. You can do it!
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    DONYEIL reacted to sarawray in Is There Anyone Available To Share Pre Surgery Weight Loss Tips?   
    Its been really hard for me also. What I have been doing is my fitness pal, and logging everything I eat and trying to stay in the calorie range it set for me. It has helped me quite a bit, plus you know you have to log it, so you think before you eat. That is the only thing helping me so far. will be glad for the surgery, and get this part over with. Sometimes all I eat is 2 protein shakes and soup for supper. Surprisingly I havent been that hungry and when I get hungry I just eat. Good luck and if you come up with some other good stuff let me know, ok?

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