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  1. Hey guys I've had my band for around 6 years now and at first I lost weight so fast hitting my goal weight was a piece of cake around 4 years ago I had all my Fluid removed because I was losing to much weight time went on and on I completely forgot that I didn't have any filling in my band now I've gained 60 pounds I was wondering if this happened to anyone and if getting a fill help with losing the weight all over again because I just dont wanna be so tight I cant eat but I need some restriction I'm like hungry all the time now and this year I wanna back track and get healthy again.


  2. Your doing fine! It take time but with every pound I lose I still wonder is it enough being banded in January myself I still have questions and wonders but I guess its normal my doctor waited four weeks before my first fill, and I cannot wait to get another on April 1 I feel like i am waiting on a xmas gift lol

  3. Im finishing day 5 pre op. I have been great all week. Tonight has been very hard. Its the weekend and I really am not feeling the mixture of broth with popsicles and Jello :(. I still have not been able to drink six shakes. Ive only been able to drink 3 a day. I plan to go get a massage tomorrow to keep my mind off everything. I hope next week is better.

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    I would try to stick to doctors orders as much as possible but since i am hard headed I ate all the way up to the last 24 hours and have been doing good so far I'm knocking on wood lol

  4. Hey Congrats yes today was my real first hunger day! hearing my stomach rumble was so strange to hear I did not even eat for hours just listening telling myself I could wait just a while longer. If feels like I can eat anything I have been eating applesauce and yogurt all week but I really want to eat so scrambled eggs just waiting until the 18th dr. visit to see if its ok ! What kind of things are you eating???

  5. Thanks a lot today I am 2 days post op feeling really good mild too moderate pain a little tired no real issues with the band yet currently working on trying to eat at least 3 to four times a day only been really tasting things like broth yogurt and apple sauce not that I cant eat just haven't been hungry at all working on drinking Water not thirsty at all already lost about three to four pounds surgery went really well almost no bleeding I was up and walking and eating right after I got up to the recovery room had my first fart today lol haven't been gassy or anything I hope my good streak continues!

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