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    Babypink002 got a reaction from GreenTealael in REVISION   
    Hello everyone!
    I am in need of some help/guidance!
    I had gastric sleeve in 2012, out of the country, due to no insurance at the time.
    Now I feel I need a revision. I have insurance - United HealthyCare Oxford.
    Does anyone have any experience with these circumstances?
    Any help/tips would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you in advance.
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    Babypink002 got a reaction from jaime1190 in Shoe Size?   
    This is wonderful news!
    i wore my first pair of regular Nine West heels!
    Felt fantastic!
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    Babypink002 got a reaction from patkaye in 3 Days Post-Op   
    I had my surgery on 3/28/12!!
    Makes me 3 days post-op
    And I feel just fine. I had no pain after surgery, they removed the morphine by Thurs. I have very little-to no discomfort and am able to drink my liquids per day. I am very grateful for such a great recovery session
    I'm just a bit confused
    I don't know when I should be drinking. I literally feel like I'm drinking all day long!
    For example today
    830am-cup of tea
    Between 915-11 drinking Water
    I mixed 16oz of water with 2 1/2 scoops of whey Protein
    I am still drinking that
    And at 1230-broth
    I am able to keep everything down no problem
    I'm still w the protein from this morning
    Is this normal??
    I feel like a need a time line
    Any suggestions?
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    Babypink002 reacted to Liliana Arleen in March 28! The Big Day!   
    Congrats on your decision and it will be so worth it at the end and you won't regret any minute. Best of luck to you
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    Babypink002 reacted to SKCUNNINGHAM in Coming Up To One Year After Surgery   
    Becca - I am proud of you for having achieved such great success. It is wonderful to see the changes you have made in your life. Best of luck to you in your continued journey.
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    Babypink002 reacted to LilMissDiva Irene in The Official What You Will Need For Your Upcoming Weightloss Surgery Thread!   
    "I'm having surgery soon, what will I need for my hospital stay or for shortly after???"
    Okay, ladies and gentlemen, this question comes up here so much - I felt it would be a great idea to start up an official thread. My plan is once I think the list is great enough, I'm going to create a checklist for all the folks out there that will be sleeved shortly and have the above question. Then if you are around long enough and as much as I am, and someone has that question you can just lead them to this thread. Fair enough?
    Sometimes it's just nice to have everything all in the same place, kinda following the Walmart rule of thumb. They are very successful, aren't they?
    Anyway, please start with your suggestions and I'll get my MSWord fired up. I'll also start with the first suggestion:
    Comfy Pajamas, underclothes, and slippers or warm cozy socks...
    Hospital Stay Checklist.doc

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