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  1. Hello everyone! I am in need of some help/guidance! I had gastric sleeve in 2012, out of the country, due to no insurance at the time. Now I feel I need a revision. I have insurance - United HealthyCare Oxford. Does anyone have any experience with these circumstances? Any help/tips would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  2. Babypink002

    7 Month Update W/photos

  3. Babypink002

    Dominican Republic Plastic Surgery

    Hey jasSleeve I am also going to DR fo rmy plasitics when the time comes.... I had my sleeve done in DR becuase i didnt have insurance at the time and the probablity of my insurance now coviering my plastics is slim If i get denied-- i will try every possible outlet first It it doesnt work then off to DR i go I am from there and so far have only heard of amazing things! I love my country for that!!! Lets keep in touch and help each other out What doctor have you been in touch with over there?
  4. Babypink002

    Shoe Size?

    This is wonderful news! i wore my first pair of regular Nine West heels! Felt fantastic!
  5. Babypink002

    Protein Ideas

    This is great! Thanks!!
  6. Babypink002

    March Sleevers How Are You Doing?

    I too am at a 42 lb lost since March 28 Stall for about 2 weeks I need to pick up the protein and water. Getting back on the grind!!!
  7. Babypink002

    March Sleevers How Are You Doing?

    3/28 Down 32 lbs!! I'm just confused on what to eat,,,,,
  8. Babypink002


    I'm 4 weeks post op Can I have bananas?
  9. What do you mean bites of protein? Like what?
  10. WOW!! This is great!! I will have 4 weeks in a few days, and your daily routine is perfect.. I am going to have to copy it.. I think I was eating too much. I was having something every 2 hours, and yet i never finished my Protein shakes; but i will make some adjustments and add more excercise I have done well with weightless though- i am about 28 lbs out. I will weigh in again on Sat.
  11. I am about 3 1/2 weeks out I have lost about 23 lbs. very happy I am just having a hard time with my food I don't really feel a restriction and I am afraid I am eating too much For example- Wendy's chilli- how much should I be eating? Do I eat all the onions and Beans? Also I haven't had a Protein shake in 2 days!!! I also had one muscle milk while out on the road How bad am I doing?? Help!
  12. Babypink002


    Hello, i had surgery on 3/28 and i am about 7 days out I have had no complications at all, THank GOD No pain, or discomfort. At times I wonder if anything was really done!! However, i have a question What is up with the growling in my stomach?? Does that mean i am hungry?? I havent felt hungry at all, but I am very conscience of making sure I get all my liquids and stuff in. I am on the puree stage. However, sometimes my stomach growls, literally; or it will make another weird sound. Am i hungry?I dont think its gas, but who knows I was just very curious, because sometimes it happens while im drinking or out of the blue-- like before bed or when I wake up! Anybody else??
  13. I'm 2 weeks out as well and was wondering. So just Protein and fluids, got that!
  14. This is great! I love schedules!!! I'm only 1 week post-op- so ill be saving this!
  15. I had surgery 3/28 And today had my 1 week (short by 1 day) check up---13lbs lost! I think I'm still in shock!!

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