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  1. There is some really good Info, it makes so m ugh sense. Thanks for the post.
  2. chitowngirl

    RIP livesaveremt

    Wow, this is so sad. He and his family are in my thoughts and prayers.
  3. chitowngirl

    10 Months Post-OP and Now What

    This is tricky, could it be lactose?? I know some people have problems with that. I would def see your doctor, this maybe something u related to the sleeve. Good luck and please keep us posted.
  4. chitowngirl

    Plateau From Hell.....

    Sorry my last post sent and I wasn't quite done yet. BAd habits do gradually sneak their way back in if you let them. I continue to track via MFP, yes it's annoying and it gets old, but I find it makes me accountable. The reality of it is that ignorance really bliss. I know if I didn't track, I would allow myself to believe that I'm eating less that what I am. Even when I go over I enter it, and god knows I hate looking at the red -110 calories. Processed foods are so bad. I have come to the realization that I am still a work in progress as far as eating and exercising.
  5. chitowngirl

    Plateau From Hell.....

    I hear you!!! I'm approaching my year surgeiversery, and boy is it getting rough.
  6. chitowngirl

    sti stalling but looking good

    You do look good. Keep up the good work.
  7. chitowngirl


    Congrats!!! Keep up the good work.
  8. chitowngirl


    I use assets which is a less expensive version of spans. I use the bottoms with the high waist.
  9. chitowngirl

    new friends as a vet

    I currently enrolled at a arts college and am in my last year, I definitely notice that I am making a lot more friends. A big thing for me has been actually smiling. I noticed that I am more friendly and people tend to be more receptive to me now. Facebook has always been helpful to me, my husbands cousin just invited me to join him in a running group, I think I will take him up I his offer. Take initiative and plan things, i.e, a guys night out to go check out a Beetles tribute band, hiking group, ect. And invite people make it an open invite so people you know will also bring other people. Another good idea, maybe a guys day paint-balling.
  10. chitowngirl

    One Year Surgiversary - with Pics

    You look great!!! Congrats on reaching goal.
  11. chitowngirl

    Started 'Couch to 5k today' Anyone keen?

    So I redid day 1 week 4, it really went a lot easier the second time around. Can't wait until I can run outside, I've been running on my treadmill and boredom seems to be enemy #1.
  12. chitowngirl

    Hula Cardio Class

    Sounds cool. I'll have to check I out...
  13. chitowngirl

    1 month post op pics

    Yes, can see the difference. Keep up the good work. Love the tat.
  14. chitowngirl

    Mammogram NSV's

    How awesome!!! It's the small things like things that I will never take for granted again. Keep up the good work.
  15. chitowngirl

    7 months - Pics and 124 lbs

    Good going, you look awesome!!!
  16. chitowngirl

    Miserable but happy

    Hang in there, before you know it your work day will be over. When I first went back to work I had to take a nap once I got home.
  17. I can eat about a taco and a half, authentic Mexican taco.
  18. chitowngirl

    Ladies - Your Thoughts?

    I don't mind, as a matter of fact my husband Is bald. He does shave his own head. Now I imagine if he insisted on having it done by a barber, that would bother me.
  19. chitowngirl

    Started 'Couch to 5k today' Anyone keen?

    Agghhhh.... I feel like a beast. Just finished day 1 week 4, it's starting to get a little rough. I'm going to repeat the same day tomorrow. Keep your heads up and keep on running...
  20. chitowngirl

    Vet's Forum

    Cool pic OTR. I personally feel as though I am a vet, I'm coming up on my one year surgiversery. I'm not sure that I have posted 100 post yet and I'm at 98 lb loss. I do still come visit the board everyday, but the question tend to be very relative, and many of the other topics just don't interest or pertain to me.
  21. chitowngirl

    #160 lost 1 year post op (w/ pics)

    Awesome!!!! Congrats. You look great.
  22. chitowngirl

    Sick of scrambled eggs for breakfast

    I eat boiled eggs and turkey sausage.
  23. Wow!! You look great. Awesome progress.
  24. chitowngirl


    Looking good girl!!! Congrats.

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