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  1. You look great!!! Nice.
  2. chitowngirl

    Not going to happen....

    Usually doctors offices do not put you on the schedule until after you are approved. I would wait until you get your approval to schedule your date.
  3. chitowngirl

    NSV and an injury

    Awesome!!!! Congrats.
  4. chitowngirl

    Before and After Pics

    I'm one year post op here are some pics...
  5. You look great!!! Congrats, keep up the good qork.
  6. Wow!!!! You look great!!!
  7. You look awesome!!! Congrats.
  8. chitowngirl

    One year surgiversary!

    You look awesome!!! Congrats.
  9. chitowngirl

    Question to veterans about scars

    I am light completed and my scars are noticeable. It's just how my skin is, the scars are not big, but they are there.
  10. chitowngirl

    5 Months and at goal!

    Wow!!! Great job. You look awesome. Congrats.
  11. chitowngirl

    Well this sucks!

    Try doing crunches on an exercise ball.
  12. chitowngirl

    9 month checkup, 116 lb loss, pics

    You look awesome!!! Great job.
  13. chitowngirl

    10 months Later

    Wow!!! Great job. You look great, congrats.
  14. chitowngirl

    Proud of my wife!

    Wow that is awesome!!
  15. chitowngirl

    proudgrammy is proud!

    Awesome!!! You look great..
  16. chitowngirl

    my weight loss photos

    Good job, keep up the good work!!!
  17. chitowngirl

    Bonus surgery for sure!

    Wow talk about lucky, this surgery has saved your life in so many ways. Congrats and keep up the good work.
  18. You look great!!! Congrats.
  19. chitowngirl

    She's here!

    She is beautiful. Congratulations.
  20. chitowngirl


    Awesome!!!! Congrats.,
  21. chitowngirl

    7 months out and 125 lbs down!

    You look great!!! Congrats..
  22. Wow!!! You look great! Congrats.
  23. chitowngirl

    Trying to get family to change - A little rant

    That is really frustrating. Not only because its hard for us to resist, but also because its teaching your children bad habits. It's pretty clear that your mother and grandmother are not going to change. What you can do is keep the candy in your house and the very next morning give it away. Take it to your doctors office, give it to someone in another dept at work so it's not easily accessible to you. I even go around and give everyone a work a few pieces. Good luck and keep fighting the good fight.
  24. chitowngirl

    Scolded by an internist.

    I think your doctor may be giving you a dose of tough love. I think your doctor may be expecting more extreme results. Unfortunately not everyone has immediate drastic results. All you can do is give 100% effort. Try writing a food and exercise diary and show her. She prob just wants to make sure that your putting forth your best effort and not making excuses. Can you ride a recumbent bike, or do the elliptical? Good luck and please don't be discouraged.

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