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    Hello VST...
    So last night I was really getting down on myself because I knew it was time to challenge "me" with better eating. I've been going through a lot of emotional dramas lately and I've found that my eating habits have been downright stinking it up. Well, I'm tell you this! There's no way that can become a habit because quite literally I've gone through far too much to slip back into the old me. No way no how!!
    So last night I made a pact with myself... I have a 60 challenge coming up. It's called the Insanity! Challenge. I don't know if any of you know what this is, but here's a link if you'd like to check it out. Anyway, upon completion you send in your before and after photos to Beachbody and they will send you a prize T-Shirt with the Insanity! Logo on the front, and "I earned it" written across the back. Heck yeah!! Are you kidding me? I'm so going to wear this every chance I get this summer. I know I'm physically capable of doing it. It may be tough but I will DEFINITELY do it!!
    My motto has always been "Every day is a new chance to start over". I believe this with all my heart, and quite honestly is the sole reason I got to where I am today. My attitude always kept positive that I will get to my goal and I got here. Whatever that means... but now I'm wanting to work on my fitness level. I'm taking it to the next step now, and I'm excited about it. HOWEVER... I cannot do that if I keep eating junk! Last night I decided I needed to do the flush to get those sugar demons out of my body.
    I know some of you have heard of my Basics Bootcamp? Well, I've tried to start it a few times, but haven't really been able to grasp on. So, I needed to do something a little deeper, hardcore and unforgiving. That's right... the dreaded liquid diet. AUUGGHHHH!!! I've been avoiding this like the black death but you know what? If I don't do this I'll likely just waste more time getting back on track.
    Here I am nearly 21 hours into this. I'm doing 2 full days of liquids, which ultimately translates into a total of 62 hours without food. I'm drinking 64 Oz. per day of water, 4 - 8 Oz servings of G2, Unjury Chicken Soup 3x (which translates to my Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) and for my 3 Snacks I'm doing an Atkins Advantage RTD. *Whew*!!! Once the two days are up, I plan to do 3 days of super clean eating which every meal will consist of lean protein and green veggies. After that I'll go back to my mindless sleever rules and stick to good healthy meals.
    Right around lunch time today I already began to miss food!! I felt a little panicky and I heard that voice in my head saying "Oh it's okay... you've done good today - think about what you're going to have for dinner..." So I decided to leave a status on Facebook to get it out of my mind! I must do this!! I need to detoxify my body and brain from sugar and I'd really love to drop some water retention if I can. If not, oh well - but I have to get over this sugar.
    Wow... I feel better already getting all my thoughts out. If you're still with me (because I know I can go on forever if I really wanted to) thank you for listening and reading.