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  1. gramaof4

    Colon Cleansing After Wls?

    What is the 5 day pouch test? Do share please!
  2. I am 6 mos. out yesterday...go look at my pre=op photo and my pic today! you will see I DO NOT REGRET NOT ONE SECOND OF IT! very little room to error,,,,and if your surgeon is trained well you will be fine....We will all keep you in our prayers Jan
  3. Surgery on Monday out of Hospital Thursday at 7 a.m. Slept most of Thursday with the occasional get up and walk walks...then Friday went to the Movies with my sister and nephew, then Saturday went to the El centro Fair and toured all my nephews entries, Sunday I went to church and flew home to Oregon ...Monday morning I drove myself home while my hubby6 slept in the passenger seat! Drove 2 hours and went to work for the remainder of the day and then it's all history from there! Work work work.... I had my surgery in Mexico and there was literally ZERO pain associated with my surgery....AMAZING my surgeon was a master and My master had his hands on him during my surgery....The Lord gave me a great surgical teram and placed his healing hand upon me....
  4. MGM....Love ya chickie...new friends can be very supportive especially when they understand and have been or are wearing the same shoes, as uncomfortable as they may be. I love my husband, but I NEED for him to love me fat or thin...not just thin... and not just on his terms.... I have not taken offense to ANYTHING anyone has written, in fact almost the exact opposite...everytime from here on out, when my hubby does something to disrespect me...I am going to think of a wild Grizzly Bear....LOL Thanks Patric...I will tell you the first real good belly laugh I have had in a flipping long time...OMG it was so funny I had to share with my friends who watch me and my sadness with how my hubby treats me. So Thank You for a well Needed laugh...
  5. gramaof4

    Too Big For Surgery?

    Dr. Aceves is a God send!!! I truly will tell you he is thourough and capable...I was 354 at surgery date! noe 4 mos. later am down 93#....Dr. Aceves is in Mexicali,,,he and his staff are exceptional and the hospital clean
  6. gramaof4

    Surgery Biggest Mistake Of Life!

    I so love Dr. Aceves' He is definately the most competent surgeon I have to say! He uses common sence which I think is lacking in alot of today surgeons....I would reccommend listening and following anything Dr. Aceves' says....The office staff Nina and Gabby are awesome to respond with ANY questions you have. I found by week 4 I was strong ALL my incisions had healed and I was only off work a total of 5 days.... This is the most wonderful thing I have done for myself in 20+ years!
  7. gramaof4


    I just got through a 9 day stall....oh how frustrating....but back on track and losing again! yeah
  8. gramaof4

    Stall Buster

    I so use the mago flavor it makes an awesome smoothie! think ill have one this morning!
  9. I am there with ya, I have lost 86# and I would fit into a smaller size pant if it weren't for "My Apron of skin" still hanging around to remind me what a slob I had become....Another 120# and I will begin to request the insurance we do have now will go in and repair a hernia i have and in the process do the tummy tuck at the same time....Maybe close to February of next year so my next summer will be simply amazing! I cannot wait it is already killing me the anticipation....but I want to lose some more of this gosh aweful weight first before I start my Quest to have it repaired, i am sure that will kill another 20 lbs. just removing the fat apron. I bought a spandex lycra type deal the goes from your thigh region and covers your breast plate that not only gives you a little shape, but it holds everything in place so it's not jiggling and wiggling around...I can even dance without causing earthquake syndrom to my body...LOL But after your post, I do believe I might try the evil djin:)......I'll let ya know if anything gives...LOL I needed a great laugh for my day....Thank you for that!
  10. I'm thinking....$60K- usa vs. $8750 Mexico....$51K different....you could make a huge down pymy on a house, buy a car, a new ward robe after surgery, remodel your home.... It is about YOU! and no one else. Good luck I had a wonderful experience...
  11. gramaof4

    Lasagna Cupcakes!

    we are taking these to a BBQ today!
  12. I went back to work at 1 week post opt. You just have to be careful with the incisions as they heal..I also went ot Mexico, Dr. Aceves...OMG he is awesome! I have had ZERO pain and ZERO complications.... I am just almost 8 weeks out and have lost 60#'s Good Luck with your surgery! God Bless
  13. you know what did it for me is take a current photo...and a before photo....side by side. I had a gal in my office who did not know of my surgery....she totally lost the reason she was there and exclaimed..."what are you doing to yourself?, you are getting so skinny" Validation! I started surgery at 354 now am 297, in just 7 weeks...I was 28W and now in a 22/24 so i'm with ya it's great....
  14. gramaof4

    Approved Yayayyayay

    Oh and by the way CONGRATULATIONS!!!! no worries it will be great, I am 2 months out almost! and I would do it over 10000 X's
  15. Amany194~ I do not have to tell you Smoking is a very unhealthy habit. You can do it....your family I am sure loves you and wants to have you around for many years to come. I am not a smoker, nor have I ever had that horrendous addiction (thank God), however, I am the daughter of a dead smoker and the wife of a former smoker. Everytime I play with my grandchildren, when I have watched my children walk down the wedding isle, I think of my father and sometimes I am mad at him, because he was so selfish about his smoking and didn't quit, and in the end left me fatherless at the age of 21 (he was 54)....I feel deprived of a father till my golden years and my children and grandchildren are depirved as well. My husband quit smoking cold turkey, and this is so true he hibernated away for many months, I never knew why....one day I was filling out papers (we were fostering a young girl) and needed to know some specifics about cigarettes...I went down to ask the questions and he then told me he had not had a cigarette in 6 months....(7 yrs now without a smoke)...That I am proud of, as we want him around for the many years for my grandbabies and our children. Now ...off my soap box....If you have made the big decision to have WLS....you are a strong brave woman...you can do it... Have you ever tried hypnosis? any bad habit can be curbed in 28 days (so they say). I am putting you in my prayers as I know you can do it .... Good luck at no smoking and with the WLS Gma of 4

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