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  1. kateywills

    Calling November 5 Through 9 Sleevers !

    I was only able to get half of it down, but it was yummy!
  2. kateywills

    What Is Everyone Eating?

    I was sleeved on Nov 7, today is my first day on soft foods, I've never been more excited to eat a scrambled egg.
  3. kateywills

    Calling November 5 Through 9 Sleevers !

    I am finally on soft foods, I am having my first scrambled egg as I type this!
  4. kateywills

    Calling November 5 Through 9 Sleevers !

    Today is my 4 week follow up, I'm hoping to progress to soft foods after today. I will update after my appt.
  5. kateywills

    Is Anyone From Northeast Ohio?

    \ My surgery was on November 7. I have mixed feelings regarding St Vincents, The surgeon was great, the surgery went extremely well. The hospital staff at night was awesome, the day staff seems rather busy and I didnt see them much. One thing that really bothered me, was about a week after surgery, I had a fever after office hours, and I called the hospital operator (as directed) to have the PA call me back, I never was called back, when I questioned this at the next visit, I found out that another patient had the same issue, with not being called back
  6. kateywills

    Is Anyone From Northeast Ohio?

    I'm from Youngstown, I had my surgery done @ St Vincents in Cleveland by Dr Ben Meir
  7. kateywills

    Buddy In Ohio

    I'm from Youngstown area, I had my surgery on Nov 7th @ St Vincents.
  8. Can you please send me that booklet too? KMWILLIAMS1009@gmail.com Thank you so much
  9. I'm 5' and my suregery weight was 270, on 11/7 ( I haven't weighed in since surgery, first post op appt is this week 11/21)
  10. Ok, I have a question, I've seen people posting about eating "dense" protein, what would be examples of that?
  11. kateywills

    Calling November 5 Through 9 Sleevers !

    I had surgery on the 7th, and I came home last night. Lots of discomfort, but doing well.
  12. kateywills

    Hey Ohio

    I had my surgery on Wed, Nov 7. It went well. I came home last night, lots of pressure but its manageable, I just need to work on sipping those fluids.
  13. kateywills

    Let's Check In November 2012 Sleevers!

    Surgery was Wednesday, it went very well, doc discovered a hiatal hernia that he repaired while in there. No real pain, just discomfort. Hospital staff is amazing, taking really good care of me, I'm up walking every hour, using my inspirometer, and sipping my fluids. The discomfort gets better by the day.
  14. kateywills

    Calling November 5 Through 9 Sleevers !

    Hi, My surgery is November 7. Im trying to get everything ready, Im nervous and excited. Just trying to figure out what I need to bring to the hospital
  15. kateywills

    Soon To Be Post Op

    Good Luck, I am being sleeved tomorrow. I will pray for you

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